Thursday, April 09, 2009

Crazy is as Crazy Does

It's been a crazy week, peeps, so I thought I would remark on the craziness. Let's start with Tuesday. Tuesday IT SNOWED. IN APRIL. Here's the proof:

That would be the accumulation on my sweater sleeve. I tried to take photos of it coming down hard but they didn't turn out so good 'cause it was more like frozen rain than flakes. But snow. And today it is 70 degrees. Why doesn't everyone have pneumonia?

Anyway, because the weather was so crappy, the hubs and I spent Tuesday morning doing errands and I spent Tuesday afternoon doing some work while he worked around the house. Pretty low key stuff. I have been "regrouping" this week and trying to focus on getting my work and leads in order for more work. Tuesday night, the hubs had to run to the Publix and, bless his heart, he gots me another bag of Starburst Jelly Beans (after I posted about them here) and I found a mutant one in the bag. Look:

Freaky. Actually, I think two just grew together but it looks a little freaky none-the-less. I put a "regular" bean beside it for comparison. Didn't want you to miss the freakiness and all.

Wednesday, we decided we would paint our foundation that is not being covered by rock. Casa Bunny is built on a steep slope and one end of our house has A LOT of exposed concrete block. Not terribly attractive, but we really cannot afford to do anything with it right now but paint it. So we decided to paint it the same color as the cedar shingles to coordinate with the new siding and in hopes the dark color would make it look less huge. Here's before:

Nice khaki tan color. Here's after:

Dark bronze (a dark, ashy brown). It took FOREVER to paint. Somewhere we got the notion this project would be easy--it was easy last time, but the color was light. This time, it took ALL DAY. And I hurt everywhere today. Shoulders. Hands. Butt. Thighs. So I guess if nothing else, it was good exercise. We like it, which is good 'cause it ain't never changing unless it gets rock put over it. Ever.

So, I had hoped to post a Hump Day Holla post last night, but I was bone weary. I was asleep on the couch at 9 p.m. and took two ibuprofen and went to bed. And slept like the dead. Today, I gots my hair cut--I am trying another new person and see if they can do anything with my curly locks. Sigh. It's been so hard finding someone nearby that can cut it worth a damn and doesn't charge a lot.

Then, I had lunch with my moms, sis and her boys. They were in rare form. They are at that fun age where they like to talk about poop, farting and belching. Ha. Loves it. And I broke out my new orange shoes today, for the first time. Yep. Orange. See:

I have had them for a while and had considered returning them with the job situation and all, so I had not worn them. But I thought, what the hell? They were affordable, they are paid for and they make me happy. And I can use some happiness these days, peeps. If nothing else, they make me think of my Grandmother, whose favorite color was orange. Thinking of her when I wear them and knowing she would love them definitely makes me happy.

What I'm Cooking:
Tuesday night, the hubs requested I make this panini, which was a recipe in Southern Living:

It is turkey with strawberries, red pepper jelly, fresh basil and brie. It was quite yummy. The flavors all complemented one another without being overpowering. I will make this again. Then, last night, I tried another new recipe from Rachel Ray--peas and penne:

First, you puree peas, mint, parsley and ricotta together. Yeah, it looks like baby poop, but stick with me.

Then, you sautee shallots, and add wine and the remaining peas.

Next, you mix cooked penne with the puree, then gently add in the saute. I topped it with a little grated parm and bacon. It was good, but very pea-y. The hubs LOVES peas though, so he was all about it. Will I make again?? Hmmm. If the hubs requests it, I will.

What I'm Listening To:
Home by Daughtry. Sorry. I loves that song (though it was a wee bit overplayed).

What I'm Reading:
Have not started a new book. Trying to catch up on magazines.

What's on My Mind:
I decided to do a meme again, peeps. Here's today's topic:

Pick 3 different memories you had from kidhood (they can be good, bad, or indifferent) and tell us about them.

1) When I was 3, my siblings and I were spinning around and around to music and I fell, hit the corner of a table and busted open my head. I had to go to the ER and have stitches. I still have the scar, though it has faded and "moved" up my forehead as I have grown. I think that is my earliest memory.

2) When I was 6, I was very sick--I think I had pneumonia or something close to it. I had been wanting this Raggedy Ann doll from a local store, but we were not rich by any means, so I thought I would never get it, but my mom went and bought the doll for me. I still have her. She reminds me how parents will do what they have to do to make their children feel better and be happy. And how much my parents love me.

3) My dad is a truck driver and I always felt special when I was allowed to go on trips with him. They were always close locations, and I always had to hide in the sleeper until we were out of town, but I loved it. Talking on the CB. Honking the big horn. Eating in truck stops. My dad was home so seldom, but I was glad to spend that time with him in "his world."

That's it, peeps. Tomorrow, I go to file for unemployment. Whee! I will have to report back on that this weekend. Later, and have a good one. Loves, B

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Elisabeth said...

Great Post!

First, love the color on the foundation! Projects like that always take longer than you think / hope, but yes, good exercise.

Second, both recipes sound delicious! I think I'll try them... send or post the pea recipe - I love English peas.

Third, great memories. In the end, those are the things that count. Thanks for sharing.