Sunday, March 15, 2009

Slovenly Sunday

Yo, peeps. I have not done SHIZZ today. Well, I cleaned my house and that was about it. I decided that it had been a rough week and my day would consist of sleeping in, eating breakfast, cleaning my house, eating lunch, napping, eating dinner, watching a movie. Oh, yeah, and blogging. No work. No job searching. No stress. I have had enough of all that last week--it was a tough week and I just needed a day to relax and recuperate. So that's exactly what I have done.

So, that last time I checked in, the week was REALLY sucking. Well, Friday wasn't much better. I mean, I know it was Friday the 13th and all, but I received more disappointing news on the job front and I just felt bad and I was still stressing over my computer. I won't even go into THAT story again, but let's just say it's on its way back to HP and maybe I will have it back sooner rather than later.

Yesterday was a good day--the gloomy weather not considered--even though I felt tired and couldn't enjoy the day as much as I wished. I met a good friend for lunch and we went to the restaurant in Decatur that I have been wanting to go to FOREVER:

It's Watershed, which is owned by one of the Indigo Girls and her partners and boasts executive chef Scott Peacock who is a culinary master. Seriously simple yet delicious food focused on local, seasonal produce. Let's just say I was NOT disappointed. I started with a Dixie Belle, a cocktail made from gin, sour cherry juice, absinthe, honey and lemon. Um, YUM, ok?? We chose the butter bean hummus for an appetizer:

We had already started deconstructing the plate when I remembered to take a photo, but it was SO good. I have to find a recipe for this and make it myself. They served it with raw veggies, olives, feta and homemade pita. I seriously wanted to lick the bowl when we were done. But I didn't. I promise. Then, I chose the garlic and thyme roasted pork sandwich with fig conserve and fresh cheese. O.M.G. The pork was perfect and the figs added a nicely sweet balance to the savory spreads. I also indulged with the new potato salad with sour cream and bacon. And, yes, I forgot to take photos, but it was because I was being transported to another world. And, yes, it was a treat but I thought after the totally SHITTY week I had, I deserved a treat. And the meal was memorable and I would highly recommend the restaurant and I will go there again. When I have a job.

Then my friend and I went over the the Dekalb Farmer's Market--just a short sprint down the road--where I introduced her to the wonderful wine section and we both got our wine jones on. Well, ok, she gots her jones on a little more than me, but it was a good trip. She was astounded at the number of good wines around $8. And look at these gargantuan lemons I bought:

Seriously, they are as big as an orange. And so cheap! And I picked up this salad dressing--cannot WAIT to try:

Sounds yummy, no?? I just LOVE the DFM. If I lived closer, it would be bad. Really bad. I have now decided I cannot go longer than one month without going so anyone that wants to join in, just let me know. We can carpool.

Last night, the hubs and I went to a Linda Eder concert. She is a not-well-known but extremely talented standards singer. This concert marked our sixth time seeing her. She never disappoints.

To cap off my day of leisure, I decided to pull out a bottle of wine I got at the DFM earlier:

Well, it's French, had a good rating and has a sheep on the label. I was all in. And the main note is spiced cherries! What's not to love?? I will say it is tasty and going straight to my head, so let's hope dinner is done soon.

What I'm Cooking:
Alas, peeps, I have NO cooking photos! I know, it's crazy. Don't cry though, ok?? It's just been a weekend of repeats--Friday night we had quesadillas again (trying to eat up spinach and chicken), Saturday night we had sloppy joe sliders and tonight we are having vegetable beef soup with cornbread. Sorry.

What I'm Listening To:
Yesterday, I listened to the Indigo Girls all day in honor of going to Watershed, which is actually the name of one of their songs, and one of my faves as a matter of fact. Here are the lyrics:

Up on the watershed, standing at the fork in the road
You can stand there and agonize
Till your agony's your heaviest load.
You'll never fly as the crow flies, get used to a country mile
When you're learning to face the path at your pace
Every choice is worth your while

Really awesome lyrics and very fitting for me right now in my life. The Indigo Girls are one of those artists I forget how much I like until I start listening to their incredibly insightful and smart lyrics. Love them.

What I'm Reading:
Well, I finished The Girl Who Stopped Swimming by Joshilyn Jackson. It got quite good about midway through and I sorta couldn't put it down. Now I am reading another book, but a lighter chick lit read--Right Before Your Eyes by Ellen Shanman--but it has a great message: choosing between what you think is the right thing and what truly makes you happy.

What's on My Mind:
I saw this on another blog I frequent and decided to do it--make your own superhero. Here is mine:

AWESOME, no?? You can go here and make your own:

Later taters! I have some more eating, drinking and sleeping to do before the day is over!

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