Saturday, March 07, 2009

Playing in the Dirt Again

Yo, yo, peeps--I can barely type I am so sore. The hubs and I worked in the yard the better part of the day and I hurt in places I did not know I had. Seriously. It was a beautiful day too--70ish and sunny, nice breeze. Crazy that last Saturday it was 40ish and then SNOWED on Sunday. W.T.F? Yeah, and global warming is just a "created" concept meant to dupe us all. Hmm.

Anywho, our yard was a total trainwreck. We basically have not done one thing in it since like last August. With the remodel, and then, you know, winter, it was a little impossible to do anything. My vegetable garden needed to be cleaned out and the leaves needed to be raked and just about everything needs to be cut back or pruned. The great thing about working in the yard, however, is that you can spend half a day and make a major impact. The hubs got all the leaves up in the front, while I pruned out the back. Yeah, I love cutting shit down. Look at this:

This spindly mess is the remains of the ginormous lantana off our deck. That thing is huge. But I gots the pruner and the clippers and trimmed that thing BACK. Way back. See:

Nice, right?? Yeah, well, I have a few cuts and scratches but I got 'er done. Yep. Sure did. I also cleaned out my veggie garden in prep for planting, hopefully next month, and look what I discovered:

Carrots, y'all!! Tiny, tiny carrots, but carrots! Remember, I planted some carrots last fall, but I didn't think they did anything. Well, they didn't do much, but this discovery makes me want to try again. I am going to order some seeds soon--I will post my selections for this year soon. I think I am going to branch into some cherry tomatoes and maybe some different varities of veggies just for kicks and giggles. Here is just some pretty garden pics:

I love the old-fashioned jonquils (and I prefer jonquils to daffodils). Here is an upclose:

This variety has the ruffled-edged center. I also love the jonquils with the double centers. Pretty.

So, tonight, the hubs and I have a movie and tomorrow, I am going to a W-S cooking class again. Finally. After birthday and snow and all. Tomorrow is Family Fare--biscuits, sloppy joes, meatloaf. Yum. Of course, we spring forward tonight and I will not be in a hurry to get out of bed in the morning. Damn skippy.

What I'm Cooking:
Let's see...Thursday night, I went out to dinner with a friend. Then, last night, I made a Publix Apron Recipe--Asian Beef or something like that. It was quite good though--flank steak marinated in the Publix Asian dressing then cooked and Japanese veggies added. Here it is plated:

Yeah, I will probably make this again. It would be good with chicken or shrimps too, I think. Tonight, I had these chicken enchiladas I bought the other day at Walmart. Yes, that's right. Walmart. They make fresh-to-take-and-cook entrees which you can get in the deli. Some awesome looking pizzas. And these great looking enchiladas. For like, $5. Can't beat that with a stick. Here they are:

Unfortch, they sorta all fell apart when serving so it wound up a huge 'ol heap. But I served with some black beans and it was yummers. Of course, I was so hungry, just about anything probably would have been yummers but it was damn good.

What I'm Listening To:
Jason Mraz. Again. Right now, it is Tonight, Not Again. So good, peeps. So good.

What I'm Reading:
Well, I am still reading Whistling in the Dark and while I don't love it, it's not so bad that I am going to stop reading it. Ok, so that's my verdict.

What's on My Mind:
New meme! That's My Answer--one simple question and one answer!

Who was your last official visitor and when were you last a visitor yourself?
My last official visitor was a contractor who came to go over a bid for some work on our house. I was last a visitor to Bobs for dinner and American Idol.

Well, that's it peeps. I have to go make a STRAWBERRY COBBLER. Yes, I am. Jealous, aren't you? You should be. Come back soon to drool over the photos. Loves, the Bun


Elisabeth said...

I want a day to play in the dirt... I did enjoy the patio a good bit this weekend, though, which was nice. But sitting out there make me want to make it pretty. On a related note, I think the bunnies have been taking liberties with my lilies that your hubby give me. Does he have this issue?

bunny said...

Bunnies do not eat lillies--I should know! :) I will ask the hubs and let you know.