Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary Baby....

Oh, peeps. This has been the WEEK OF SUCK. And I don't mean that in a good way. I will share more in a minute, but first, this happens to be an anniversary post of sorts--it is my 150th POST! Woo-hoo. I think I am actually approaching my one year anniversary of blogging--need to check on that date.

Anyway, GUESS THE 'EFF WHAT? My computer crashed on Sunday. Yes, only 5 months after the last crash, my new computer bit the dust. And not only did it bite the dust, it bit it hard. Like I think I lost all my information, hard. Yeah. So, Sunday? Not such I good day. In fact, a day that ended with me in a torrent of hysterical tears while the hubs rubbed my back.

So, the 'puter is going back to HP, though I am not sure if I really WANT another HP right now. But I also do not have the fundage to replace it so I am opting for the repair. And I swear, with the Good Lord as my witness, that if this mother 'effer PC goes down again, I am going Mac and I am never looking back. Mark my word, peeps. I am OVER Windows, Microsoft and the whole like. Fo' shizzle.

And yes, I did TRY to get my info off. Actually, a friend from high school who I reacquainted with on Facebook works for a company that retrieves data from such situations (well, that's one of the things they do). But, alas, it appears too fried to retrieve. Anywho, that was my Sunday/Monday/Tuesday. Then, yesterday....well, yesterday was just one piece of shit after another. Let's just say it was related to my looking for employment and leave it at that. Some days are just terribly discouraging and yesterday piled on top of the computer woes was more than I could take. Seriously.

In an attempt to bring some positivity to the post, I had a great night with Bobs this week, in which he won $2500. No, I am not joking. Sorry ass. Really, I am happy for him but I have not had a lot to be happy about this week in general. And yesterday I had a long, long phone conversation with another old high school friend I found on Facebook who is moving back to GA which is super duper great. And this weekend, a friend and I are going to this restaurant I have always wanted to try in Decatur and the hubs and I are going to a concert (I bought the tickets months ago when employed) so I think the week is definitely on the upswing. It better be or I am going to turn into a lush.

What I'm Cooking:
Sunday night, I made a new dish--shrimp with couscous. It was really easy and yummy--first you cook shrimps, then remove them from the pan and saute leeks, carrots, garlic and some spices:

After you cook those down, you add peas, water, couscous and the shrimp back in, cover and wait. And voila!

It was a pretty plate to--very colorful. It was even better warmed up the next day. Then, Monday night, I simply made homemade fries, a salad and hamburger steaks, although I added in this:

I actually bought it at the W-S outlet at a third of the price they have it in the store. Woo-hoo. It does make the burgers pretty tasty. Tuesday nights, Bobs came over, and I made quesidillas with yellow rice, black beans and fresh guacomole. I didn't take photos because y'all have been there and done that. Wednesday, we went out because we had some errands, and tonight, I made Mrs. Paul fillets with mashed potatoes and salad. Again, no photos because it is pretty boring.

I have taken to drinking this week though and I find these to be very good:

Really more of a summer drink but it has been pretty warm here this week, so, I just go with the flow.

What I'm Listening To:
Not a damn thing because ALL MY MUSIC IS ON MY COMPUTER! Well, not all of it, but you know. I swear, this sucks.

What I'm Reading:
I finished Whistling in the Dark (which was ok; toward the end it picked up but not much) and have moved onto The Girl Who Stopped Swimming by Joshilyn Jackson who also wrote Between Georgia and Gods in Alabama. I actually have all her books to read, and this is her newest and somehow I winded up reading it first. Maybe because a friend highly recommended it.

What's on My Mind:
I just am ready for things to be better and normal and right and for this week to end. Please God please.

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Elisabeth said...

LOVED Gods in Alabama. . .let me know how this one turns out.

Bob won $2500?!?! For some reason I thought it was $1000, which isn't bad, but $2500 is a lot better. He sucks & yes he should split it with you. Or at least take you to a mighty fine dinner.

Sorry your week has sucked. Saturday will be bette.