Sunday, March 29, 2009

Touching Bases

I used to have a friend who said that--touching bases. I never corrected him because I found it endearing and sorta true--after all, most of us have more than one iron in the fire at any given time, so there probably are multiple bases to touch, right??

Anywho, peeps, I totally HATE this computer stuff. It's been a month now, has it? I miss blogging, I miss my's just too hard to do it on this remote computer. I have a computer tech coming tomorrow and I PRAY he will have me up and going by the time he leaves. I got my computer back on Monday, however, I ran into issues right away trying to get everything back on. It's very frustrating.

So, as far as me, it's been a lot of the same ol', same ol'. I have read a couple of books, continue to work on the house, continue to cook awesome culinary creations. Yesterday, I cooked a big ol' pork roast and made BBQ and the 'rents came for dinner. Today, I am making the W-S Italian pot roast again. YUMS! There will be lots of catching up to do when I am back in full swing, however, I don't think I will be able to go all the way back. I promise to send a note to everyone when bunnygoround is "up and running" normally again. In the meantime, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!
Love, B

Friday, March 20, 2009

Word to Yo' Mother

Peeps! I am sorry I have not been around, but with all my computer issues, blogging is just too complicated until I get back my repaired computer and am up and running again, which I hope will be next week sometime. In the meantime, I am going to take a blogging vaca. Please don't forget about me though--and who knows??? I might post a surprise photo or two here, just to keep you going until bunnygoround is back to 110%.

Love you, miss you!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Slovenly Sunday

Yo, peeps. I have not done SHIZZ today. Well, I cleaned my house and that was about it. I decided that it had been a rough week and my day would consist of sleeping in, eating breakfast, cleaning my house, eating lunch, napping, eating dinner, watching a movie. Oh, yeah, and blogging. No work. No job searching. No stress. I have had enough of all that last week--it was a tough week and I just needed a day to relax and recuperate. So that's exactly what I have done.

So, that last time I checked in, the week was REALLY sucking. Well, Friday wasn't much better. I mean, I know it was Friday the 13th and all, but I received more disappointing news on the job front and I just felt bad and I was still stressing over my computer. I won't even go into THAT story again, but let's just say it's on its way back to HP and maybe I will have it back sooner rather than later.

Yesterday was a good day--the gloomy weather not considered--even though I felt tired and couldn't enjoy the day as much as I wished. I met a good friend for lunch and we went to the restaurant in Decatur that I have been wanting to go to FOREVER:

It's Watershed, which is owned by one of the Indigo Girls and her partners and boasts executive chef Scott Peacock who is a culinary master. Seriously simple yet delicious food focused on local, seasonal produce. Let's just say I was NOT disappointed. I started with a Dixie Belle, a cocktail made from gin, sour cherry juice, absinthe, honey and lemon. Um, YUM, ok?? We chose the butter bean hummus for an appetizer:

We had already started deconstructing the plate when I remembered to take a photo, but it was SO good. I have to find a recipe for this and make it myself. They served it with raw veggies, olives, feta and homemade pita. I seriously wanted to lick the bowl when we were done. But I didn't. I promise. Then, I chose the garlic and thyme roasted pork sandwich with fig conserve and fresh cheese. O.M.G. The pork was perfect and the figs added a nicely sweet balance to the savory spreads. I also indulged with the new potato salad with sour cream and bacon. And, yes, I forgot to take photos, but it was because I was being transported to another world. And, yes, it was a treat but I thought after the totally SHITTY week I had, I deserved a treat. And the meal was memorable and I would highly recommend the restaurant and I will go there again. When I have a job.

Then my friend and I went over the the Dekalb Farmer's Market--just a short sprint down the road--where I introduced her to the wonderful wine section and we both got our wine jones on. Well, ok, she gots her jones on a little more than me, but it was a good trip. She was astounded at the number of good wines around $8. And look at these gargantuan lemons I bought:

Seriously, they are as big as an orange. And so cheap! And I picked up this salad dressing--cannot WAIT to try:

Sounds yummy, no?? I just LOVE the DFM. If I lived closer, it would be bad. Really bad. I have now decided I cannot go longer than one month without going so anyone that wants to join in, just let me know. We can carpool.

Last night, the hubs and I went to a Linda Eder concert. She is a not-well-known but extremely talented standards singer. This concert marked our sixth time seeing her. She never disappoints.

To cap off my day of leisure, I decided to pull out a bottle of wine I got at the DFM earlier:

Well, it's French, had a good rating and has a sheep on the label. I was all in. And the main note is spiced cherries! What's not to love?? I will say it is tasty and going straight to my head, so let's hope dinner is done soon.

What I'm Cooking:
Alas, peeps, I have NO cooking photos! I know, it's crazy. Don't cry though, ok?? It's just been a weekend of repeats--Friday night we had quesadillas again (trying to eat up spinach and chicken), Saturday night we had sloppy joe sliders and tonight we are having vegetable beef soup with cornbread. Sorry.

What I'm Listening To:
Yesterday, I listened to the Indigo Girls all day in honor of going to Watershed, which is actually the name of one of their songs, and one of my faves as a matter of fact. Here are the lyrics:

Up on the watershed, standing at the fork in the road
You can stand there and agonize
Till your agony's your heaviest load.
You'll never fly as the crow flies, get used to a country mile
When you're learning to face the path at your pace
Every choice is worth your while

Really awesome lyrics and very fitting for me right now in my life. The Indigo Girls are one of those artists I forget how much I like until I start listening to their incredibly insightful and smart lyrics. Love them.

What I'm Reading:
Well, I finished The Girl Who Stopped Swimming by Joshilyn Jackson. It got quite good about midway through and I sorta couldn't put it down. Now I am reading another book, but a lighter chick lit read--Right Before Your Eyes by Ellen Shanman--but it has a great message: choosing between what you think is the right thing and what truly makes you happy.

What's on My Mind:
I saw this on another blog I frequent and decided to do it--make your own superhero. Here is mine:

AWESOME, no?? You can go here and make your own:

Later taters! I have some more eating, drinking and sleeping to do before the day is over!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary Baby....

Oh, peeps. This has been the WEEK OF SUCK. And I don't mean that in a good way. I will share more in a minute, but first, this happens to be an anniversary post of sorts--it is my 150th POST! Woo-hoo. I think I am actually approaching my one year anniversary of blogging--need to check on that date.

Anyway, GUESS THE 'EFF WHAT? My computer crashed on Sunday. Yes, only 5 months after the last crash, my new computer bit the dust. And not only did it bite the dust, it bit it hard. Like I think I lost all my information, hard. Yeah. So, Sunday? Not such I good day. In fact, a day that ended with me in a torrent of hysterical tears while the hubs rubbed my back.

So, the 'puter is going back to HP, though I am not sure if I really WANT another HP right now. But I also do not have the fundage to replace it so I am opting for the repair. And I swear, with the Good Lord as my witness, that if this mother 'effer PC goes down again, I am going Mac and I am never looking back. Mark my word, peeps. I am OVER Windows, Microsoft and the whole like. Fo' shizzle.

And yes, I did TRY to get my info off. Actually, a friend from high school who I reacquainted with on Facebook works for a company that retrieves data from such situations (well, that's one of the things they do). But, alas, it appears too fried to retrieve. Anywho, that was my Sunday/Monday/Tuesday. Then, yesterday....well, yesterday was just one piece of shit after another. Let's just say it was related to my looking for employment and leave it at that. Some days are just terribly discouraging and yesterday piled on top of the computer woes was more than I could take. Seriously.

In an attempt to bring some positivity to the post, I had a great night with Bobs this week, in which he won $2500. No, I am not joking. Sorry ass. Really, I am happy for him but I have not had a lot to be happy about this week in general. And yesterday I had a long, long phone conversation with another old high school friend I found on Facebook who is moving back to GA which is super duper great. And this weekend, a friend and I are going to this restaurant I have always wanted to try in Decatur and the hubs and I are going to a concert (I bought the tickets months ago when employed) so I think the week is definitely on the upswing. It better be or I am going to turn into a lush.

What I'm Cooking:
Sunday night, I made a new dish--shrimp with couscous. It was really easy and yummy--first you cook shrimps, then remove them from the pan and saute leeks, carrots, garlic and some spices:

After you cook those down, you add peas, water, couscous and the shrimp back in, cover and wait. And voila!

It was a pretty plate to--very colorful. It was even better warmed up the next day. Then, Monday night, I simply made homemade fries, a salad and hamburger steaks, although I added in this:

I actually bought it at the W-S outlet at a third of the price they have it in the store. Woo-hoo. It does make the burgers pretty tasty. Tuesday nights, Bobs came over, and I made quesidillas with yellow rice, black beans and fresh guacomole. I didn't take photos because y'all have been there and done that. Wednesday, we went out because we had some errands, and tonight, I made Mrs. Paul fillets with mashed potatoes and salad. Again, no photos because it is pretty boring.

I have taken to drinking this week though and I find these to be very good:

Really more of a summer drink but it has been pretty warm here this week, so, I just go with the flow.

What I'm Listening To:
Not a damn thing because ALL MY MUSIC IS ON MY COMPUTER! Well, not all of it, but you know. I swear, this sucks.

What I'm Reading:
I finished Whistling in the Dark (which was ok; toward the end it picked up but not much) and have moved onto The Girl Who Stopped Swimming by Joshilyn Jackson who also wrote Between Georgia and Gods in Alabama. I actually have all her books to read, and this is her newest and somehow I winded up reading it first. Maybe because a friend highly recommended it.

What's on My Mind:
I just am ready for things to be better and normal and right and for this week to end. Please God please.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Playing in the Dirt Again

Yo, yo, peeps--I can barely type I am so sore. The hubs and I worked in the yard the better part of the day and I hurt in places I did not know I had. Seriously. It was a beautiful day too--70ish and sunny, nice breeze. Crazy that last Saturday it was 40ish and then SNOWED on Sunday. W.T.F? Yeah, and global warming is just a "created" concept meant to dupe us all. Hmm.

Anywho, our yard was a total trainwreck. We basically have not done one thing in it since like last August. With the remodel, and then, you know, winter, it was a little impossible to do anything. My vegetable garden needed to be cleaned out and the leaves needed to be raked and just about everything needs to be cut back or pruned. The great thing about working in the yard, however, is that you can spend half a day and make a major impact. The hubs got all the leaves up in the front, while I pruned out the back. Yeah, I love cutting shit down. Look at this:

This spindly mess is the remains of the ginormous lantana off our deck. That thing is huge. But I gots the pruner and the clippers and trimmed that thing BACK. Way back. See:

Nice, right?? Yeah, well, I have a few cuts and scratches but I got 'er done. Yep. Sure did. I also cleaned out my veggie garden in prep for planting, hopefully next month, and look what I discovered:

Carrots, y'all!! Tiny, tiny carrots, but carrots! Remember, I planted some carrots last fall, but I didn't think they did anything. Well, they didn't do much, but this discovery makes me want to try again. I am going to order some seeds soon--I will post my selections for this year soon. I think I am going to branch into some cherry tomatoes and maybe some different varities of veggies just for kicks and giggles. Here is just some pretty garden pics:

I love the old-fashioned jonquils (and I prefer jonquils to daffodils). Here is an upclose:

This variety has the ruffled-edged center. I also love the jonquils with the double centers. Pretty.

So, tonight, the hubs and I have a movie and tomorrow, I am going to a W-S cooking class again. Finally. After birthday and snow and all. Tomorrow is Family Fare--biscuits, sloppy joes, meatloaf. Yum. Of course, we spring forward tonight and I will not be in a hurry to get out of bed in the morning. Damn skippy.

What I'm Cooking:
Let's see...Thursday night, I went out to dinner with a friend. Then, last night, I made a Publix Apron Recipe--Asian Beef or something like that. It was quite good though--flank steak marinated in the Publix Asian dressing then cooked and Japanese veggies added. Here it is plated:

Yeah, I will probably make this again. It would be good with chicken or shrimps too, I think. Tonight, I had these chicken enchiladas I bought the other day at Walmart. Yes, that's right. Walmart. They make fresh-to-take-and-cook entrees which you can get in the deli. Some awesome looking pizzas. And these great looking enchiladas. For like, $5. Can't beat that with a stick. Here they are:

Unfortch, they sorta all fell apart when serving so it wound up a huge 'ol heap. But I served with some black beans and it was yummers. Of course, I was so hungry, just about anything probably would have been yummers but it was damn good.

What I'm Listening To:
Jason Mraz. Again. Right now, it is Tonight, Not Again. So good, peeps. So good.

What I'm Reading:
Well, I am still reading Whistling in the Dark and while I don't love it, it's not so bad that I am going to stop reading it. Ok, so that's my verdict.

What's on My Mind:
New meme! That's My Answer--one simple question and one answer!

Who was your last official visitor and when were you last a visitor yourself?
My last official visitor was a contractor who came to go over a bid for some work on our house. I was last a visitor to Bobs for dinner and American Idol.

Well, that's it peeps. I have to go make a STRAWBERRY COBBLER. Yes, I am. Jealous, aren't you? You should be. Come back soon to drool over the photos. Loves, the Bun

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Hump Day Holla

Y'ALL! How long HAS it been since the last Hump Day Holla?? I know, I have missed it too. And to make sure this one has just the right touch of some-in-some-in, I decided to have a little cocktail while writing:

Ok, WHY did none of you tell me how good Guinness was?? Yeah, it's pretty yummers. Like beer-coffee if that makes sense. You know. Dark and bitter. LOVES for a mainstream beer. Next, I have to try a black & tan. But, I will admit, that shizz on the front is correct--the stouter the beer, the colder it must be served. And that weird little plastic "rocket" inside sorta freaked me out--I thought I was gonna get to sue the first time. I was like "holy shit, they left some foreign plastic object in my beer!"

So, let's see, yesterday was pretty busy. Lots of things perking for the Bunny, but unfortch, nothing is coming out the oven yet. Everything is still half baked, if you get my culinary alliterative drift. Anywho, last night, the hubs brought home our repainted rocker from work--look:

I bought this rocker years ago--pre-marriage--at a flea market. It is well made and sturdy and awesome. I also painted it white over about 1 million other layers of paint. So the hub's boss stripped it, painted it olive, and crackled it. It looks super-duper in our new rooms.

I also got my new eye glasses yesterday. About a year ago, I ordered some glasses off the Internets. Big mistake. I totally 'effed up the prescrip, so I had new lenses put in the frames. Then, last week, the frames broke. Sigh. Oh well, lesson learned there. I will take a photo later and post so you can see. You know, when I have on some makeup. Cause the Bunny is vain.

So, today, we got two free gifts in the mail, both doggie related. The first was this:

This is called the Pet Loo. It's a indoor backyard. So your pet can pee on it inside. It's this big plastic pan, covered in astroturf. Who the hell comes up with this shizz, you say? Well, actually, an Australian vet. Those crazy Aussies! Don't know if we can get the girls on board with this, but it would be great. Right now, I have to worry about where to store the dang thing. With Savannah's recent issues, however, this might come in handy. Next was this:

Y'all. This canvas portrait made from a photo of the girls is super-duper. We are going to hang in a place of prominence at Casa Bunny. No lie.

What I'm Cooking:
Last night I went to Bobs for Mexican and margaritas and AI watching. Bobs made some fabulous home-concocted mango margaritas--and he took a photo--but HE DID NOT SEND IT TO ME. BOBS. Wake up. Well, they were scrumptious and you will have to imagine how pretty they were.

Tonight, I just made jarred sauce spaghetti, but y'all, I used this new sauce and it was yummers. Here it is:

Peeps, this shizz is trey pricey--like $6 a jar--at the Publix but it was on sale a few weeks ago BOOF (buy one, one free) and I always wanted to try it so I bought one. This stuff is GOOD. Like Italian restaurant good. I jazzed it up with a little Italian sausage and served with winter salad (mixed greens, dried cherries, walnuts and blue cheese) and bread. Here it is:

I know, it's not anything terribly special, but it was yummers.

What I'm Listening To:
Right now, I have on repeat Follow Through by Gavin DeGraw, another of my favorite singer-songwriters. This song is how I feel about friendship. Great lyrics:

Oh, this is the start of something good
Don't you agree?
I haven't felt like this in so many moons
You know what I mean
And we can build through this destruction
As we are standing on our feet

So, since you wanna be with me
You'll have to follow through
With every word you say
And I, all I really want is you
You to stick around
I'll see you everyday
But you have to follow through
You have to follow through

This song is simply awesome. LOVES every word. Like poetry. I would say it's one of my top five songs from recent years. Yeah. That good.

What I'm Reading:
I gots in some reading time the other night. oo, yeah. Still don't know if I am loving this book, so I am reserving judgment.

What's on My Mind:
I am all into the "Give Me Five" thing, so here's another:

Give Me Five Staples on Your Grocery List Besides Milk, Bread and Eggs:
Well, I am going by our Publix list, not Trader Joe's, or Sam's, or Walmart, or Mexican grocery.

1) Fruit: the hubs eats lots of seasonal fruit. Apples, citrus. I like berries.
2) Coffee-Mate Liquid Creamer: Um. We practically drink this. If you read this blog, you already know that though.
3) Yogurts: The hubs eats yogurt every morning. I like it but tend to eat it more in the warmer months.
4) Coke Zero: Our diet drink of choice.
5) Tortilla chips: Because each week usually involves some form of Mexican cuisine it seems.

Well, later taters--gots to get some beauty sleep. B

Monday, March 02, 2009

You and I Both

Yo, yo, yo, peeps! Look at me--back on a blogging schedule. I promised I would try to do better and here I am, doing better. Woo-hoo. Kudos to the Bunny.

So, remember how I said it was so nasty here on Saturday? Well, yesterday, it was tres nastier, if that is possible. Cold, rain, and snow. Yes, snow. That would be March in like a lion I think peeps. So, I am sure you have all seen the photos, but here are mine:

This is the hubs head after he came in from walking the girls. It was like gigantic snow dandruff. And here is our backyard:

Actually, it was the perfect snow--pretty falling, then melting right away. Anyway, I suppose the excitement is over except our shady deck is a solid sheet of iciness.

So, yesterday, we hung around the house and hung pictures. We are still putting on the finishing touches to everything. I will post more pics soon, I promise. Last night, we watched Burn After Reading which was pretty good, overall. If you are a fan of the Coen bros. Dark, pretty dark, but funny.

Today has been quiet. We had to take Savannah to the vet because she took to peeing in the house over the weekend. We thought maybe her diabetes was acting up, or she had a UTI. But guess what? It's neither. She had the best blood curves she's had in a while. No UTI. Sigh. I think she just hates us.

What I'm Cooking:
Yesterday for lunch, I made open-faced turkey and gravy sandwiches with cranberry relish and salad. It was pretty yums, actually:

The turkey and gravy was this pre-packaged thingy from Sams, the relish from W-S. I love an open-faced sandwich. I don't know why. I guess cause there is something strange and yet fancy about eating a sandwich with a knife and fork.

Last night, I again made the goulash. It was good goulash weather, I tell ya. Because the hubs did not know what leeks and parsnips looked like, I thought I would educates those of youse who did not know what they looked like either. So here:

Yeah, leeks are pretty much just gigantic green onions. With lots of dirt on them. You have to rinse them fo'eva. Like fresh spinach.

And parsnips are like an odd baby from a marriage of a turnip and a carrot. And I am not sure what they are good for...let me check....ok, according to Wikipedia, "The parsnip is richer in vitamins and minerals than its close relative the carrot. It is particularly rich in potassium with 600 mg per 100 g. The parsnip is also a good source of dietary fiber." Well, there you go. Eat up.

So, tonight was pizza Friday on Monday. Yeah, I am crazy that way. It's just how I roll. We tried a new offering:

Here it is cooked:

Like I do, I jazzed it up with a little fresh ground pepper, $10 salt, drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle of freshly grated Parm. Yeah. That pretty much makes just about anything better.

What I'm Listening To:
For some reason, this weekend I got a hankering for Jason Mraz, so I dug out his debut album--Waiting for My Rocket to Come--which I lurves, lurves, lurves. I, mean, it is an album I can listen to all the way through and pretty much every song is great. At least very, very good. He has had two albums since then, but this remains my fave. So many great songs, but I think my fave is You and I Both:

Cause you and I both loved
What you and I spoke of
And others just read of
Others only read of the love, the love that I love

Also loves On Love, In Sadness. And Sleep All Day. And Remedy. Great songwriter, great lyricist, great singer. Loves.

What I'm Reading:
I actually am planning on going to bed early so I can get in some quality reading time tonight. Woo-hoo.

What's on My Mind:
Ok, peeps, I just realized I totally gave up the meme thing when I was purusing back through posts today. Rather than beat myself up, I will just say that this area may be a meme, may be a "where is the bunny," may be my latest rant. Who knows? It will just be the Bunny Surprise. Today, I decided I would do a meme: Give Me Five.

Give Me Five Movies You Have Rented Recently
Well, since we have Netflix, this will be easy:
1) Burn After Reading: See above. Dark comedy. Entertaining enough, some snickery laughs.
2) On A Clear Day: British dramedy about a 50-something who decides to swim the English channel after he is "made redudant" (laid off). Really liked this movie. Funny, touching, great acting.
3) Ghost Town: Ok movie, but I do love Ricky Gervais.
4) The Duchess: Made me remember why I don't esp. like Keira Knightly. Nice costumes though.
5) Little Children: Intriguing look at selfish suburbanites.

So, that's it. Gots to get done so I can go READ. Be back for the Hump Day Holla.