Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Slacking

Y'all, I am being such a slacker. Seriously. I cannot get motivated to do anything and I don't know why. I think I am going through stages of grief over the death of my job. I think I am in "depression" now, hence my lack of ability to do anything. Just so you know, the other stages are Denial (this isn't happening to me--yep, was there), Anger (why is this happening to me--yep, was there, too), Bargaining (I promise I'll be a better person if...yeah, I was there), Depression (I don't care anymore--and I cannot do anything) and Acceptance (I'm ready for whatever comes). At least Acceptance is next, because this Depression part sorta sucks.
So, that said, I did not get anything done for work I needed to get done this weekend. I need a fire lighted under my ass--maybe I need to think about the mortgage coming due soon. Yeah, maybe that should do it. But for some reason, it doesn't seem to be working. Someone help me pull my head out of my ass, please. And then strike up the match.

So, let's see, yesterday I went to the ATL to have my haircut. My last haircut was a butchery of the worst kind and I was waiting for it to grow out a little so I could have another go. Not sure how I feel about this one--better than the last but the proof is in the growing out, that's for sure. Feel the top may be a little short, but we will see.

After haircut, I went to the Dekalb Farmer's Market. Peeps, I am in MAD LOVE with DFM. If you are any kind of foodie--or winey--gets yourself there. It is like a mad foodie paradise. They have EVERYTHING. Every meat, veggie, bread, cheese, grain, spice and fruit. There are things there I have never seen but want to try. There are things I have never tried and don't know what to do with. It is intoxicating. Overwhelming. And cheap! Get this:

I bought coriander at the Publix for $3.99 (jar). At the DFM, the big vat of it was $.31!! I shit you not.

Again, bay leaves at Publix were $2.99. At DFM, $.56. Amazing! Who knew spices had such a markup?? I will never buy spices anywhere again. And look what I bought for breakfast this morning:

MMMM! Strawberry-cream cheese croissants. Golly, they were so yummy. And look what I gots for lunch yesterday:

Farro salad, white bean dip (this is AWESOME--like hummus made from cannelli beans) and a very fresh French mini-baguette. It was all heavenly, I tell you. Heavenly.

So, I came home and felt so rotten that I took a little nappy. Then, I got up and procrastinated all afternoon, then dinner, then we watched a movie. Today, I got up and went walking (3 miles!) then the in-laws came for pop-in-law's birthday lunch (I made the Publix chili) and then more napping, and more procrastination, then dinner and Oscars. Now I am procrastinating by blogging. Sigh.

What I'm Cooking:
So, last night, I made Sloppy Joe's. I really don't know what possessed me--well, I do. A couple of weeks ago, I saw a recipe for Sloppy Joe Sliders in a magazine and they looked good. I don't even know if I have EVER made them for me and the hubs. But I did last night. Here they are:

They were quite good--I served them on soft rolls with mustard and cheese, sided with good 'ol Lays P-Chips and bread & butter pickles. It was a simple, yet tasty meal. I will def make again sooner rather than later.

So, this morning was the croissants, then chili for lunch, and for dinner, I made homemade chicken noodle soup. Behold:

Y'all, this shizz was GOOD. It is a W-S recipe and it was savory. It was cold today, too, so it hit the spot. And it made a TON. We had two bowls each and I still have a huge container left. Of course, I doctored the recipe a bit. You know the Bunny. Always having to make things a little more savory. I also wanted to mention a couple of libations I have enjoyed recently:

Ok, I know all my winey friends will shudder when I admit this, but sometimes I choose a wine based on the label. This wine would be one. I always wanted to try this because it was called "Red Truck." And a friend recently brought it to a dinner. And, you know what? It was aw'ight. Not the best I've had, but not bad either. Then, I had this the other day:

Damn, this was smooth. I gots it at DFM the last time I was there. It's Italian and I have no idea what it is but it has a good rating. And a friend went to Italy last summer and raved about Sicilian wines. So, I was like, ok, I'm in. Very nice. Very nice, indeed. And heady. As in "went straight to mine." I looked it up to find out more about it--here is what I found:

Feudo Arancio Nero d'Avola Sicilia IGT
Nero d'Avola is an indigenous Sicilian variety with a huge reputation. It was first cultivated only in the area of Siracusa, but has since spread all over Sicily.
CHARACTERISTICS: Red wine with a unique fruity character. Hints of red berries and cranberry. It has a deep red colour with a soft and delicate structure.
PAIRINGS: It pairs well with risotto, baked pasta, red meats, game, lamb and seasoned cheeses.

It says they also have a pinot noir--I will have to check it out.

What I'm Listening To:
Right now, Better Man by James Morrison. What a great song. He is really an amazingly talented artist. If you have not heard him, please check him out. I love his first album, Undiscovered, which this song is on. These lyrics are so great:

There was a time
I had nothing to give
I needed shelter from the storm I was in
And when it all got too heavy
You carried my weight
And I want to hold you
And I want to say
That you are all that I need
For you, I give my soul to keep
You see me, love me
Just the way I am
I said for you I am a better man
I said you are the reason
For everything that I do
I'd be lost, so lost, without you

What I'm Reading:
Still playing magazine catch up esp. my cooking mags.

What's on My Mind:
Lots going on this week, and right now, I am just trying to keep all the balls in the air while I try to figure out what my next move is and what happens next. That's part of my problem, too--you know when you have so much to do, you are sorta just paralyzed by it and cannot do anything? Yeah, that's me. Stay tuned and keep praying for me and for my to have the wisdom to make the right choices. Be good, peeps--loves you all totes! Bun


Elisabeth said...

First, I am all about choosing wines b/c of the labels. . . how do you think I found Pinot Evil? That Italian red you show here looks yummy. . . how much? With the budget process in place, I'm trying to watch how much per bottle I spend. No, I don't have a set amount, just watching. And esp. since my hubs doesn't partake (I guess neither does yours), I lessen my guilt by choosing <$ bottles.

Second, never been to Dekalb Farmer's Market. . . maybe we can do a run by on the 7th before the wine festival?

bunny said...

That Italian red WAS yummy, and I am sure it was not more than $12 a bottle. Under a tight budget myself, that is my "breaking" point. You will def have to go to DFM with me sometime--you will have a wine orgasm! :)

ctflack said...

I can't believe you have never made sloppy joes - a staple in our house. We love them. I, too, choose wine by the label and have also chosen the red truck pinot noir for the exact same reason! :)