Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sunday of Surprises

YO, PEEPS! You didn't know where you were, did ya? Yep, I decided to mix it up a little and change the bunnygoround background and add a pic. Actually, it's the same background as before, but the "darks" version. I just wanted a change. You know, because there are NO other changes going on in my life right now or anything. HA. So, I hopes you like it and, if you don't, too bad. Suck it. (teasin')

So, it has been a pretty quiet weekend but I have LOT of photos, because I know you all are needy and all. Remember, I'm a giver. So, yesterday, the hubs and I worked around the house all day, cleaning, packing stuff away. There is still so much to do to wrap things up on the inside and outside. Last night, we went to dinner with our only couple friends which was nice. We don't have many/any couple friends because everyone our age has kiddos and that's all they tend to do. Kids, 24/7/365. I understand but, still, we don't fit that mold because, you know, we don't HAVE any.

Today, I worked all day shuffling through receipts and working in Excel, getting our shizz ready for our tax appointment next week. Joy. The hubs worked on painting trim in our guest bedroom--the last room to be painted. The plan is to paint it next weekend, then have the hardwoods put in the next week. Then, we will be pretty much done inside. By the end of February, we should have birthed this baby--and it was only about a 12 month gestation.

What I'm Cooking:
Nestle in, peeps--this is gonna be a long one. First off, last night, after dinner, our friends came back to Casa Bunny to gaze upon the new casa and I made dessert. Behold--Crockpot Cake:

This photo was early on, not done, but basically you dump cake mix, eggs, pudding mix, oil and chocolate chips all together in a crock pot and cook it for like 8 hours. It's this gooey, pudding-like cake when done. Freakin' yums.

Now, backing up, yesterday, I made the MOST AWESOME sandwich for lunch. I bought some sourdough bread and brushed it with olive oil, then layered it with turkey, tomatoes and cheddar cheese, then grilled it up in my IKEA grill pan and spread on an oozing amount of leftover guacamole. Look:

YUMS! I love a hot sandwich, and esp. paninis. I cannot afford the $99 W-S panini maker, so I crafted up my own way to smoosh the bread and leave a nice grill mark. Behold:

Yep, that's a cast iron skillet. I simply laid some tinfoil over the sandwich, then set my skillet on top. Worked like a charm. Yes, yes, I am brilliant. I decided to repeat the process today and have the hubs take photos so you could see how it was done:

Step 1: Brush one side of four slices of bread with olive oil then lay two of the slices, oil side down, in a grill pan. Layer on turkey and tomatoes, salt and pepper, then spinach.

Step 2: Add cheese and bacon (we ran out of guac, so I substituted bacon for the fat and added the spinach for more color).

Step 3: Place the other slice of bread on top, olive oil side up. Place a piece of tin foil on top, then something heavy (like a skillet or even a clean brick!). Flip when golden brown on bottom.

Step 4: Repeat the tin foil and heavy item step until golden brown on second side. Devour, but be careful not to burn your mouth.

Tonight, I marinated steaks and grilled them in the IKEA pan (yes, it is getting a workout this weekend!) and served them with roasted red potatoes tossed with olive oil and Tuscan spices and a fabulous salad of baby spinach, arugala, blue cheese, strawberries and walnuts. Behold:

Pretty! This salad is a fave. I tossed it with this:

Strawberry basil balsamic vinegrette from Target. It's tas-tee esp. when used with a salad with strawberries! Here it all is plated:

So, I think I kinda outdid myself on the cooking front this weekend, right peeps?? Yeah, I know. I'm awesome.

What I'm Listening To:
Hmmm, it was a hard choice, but the song of the day was Wonderful by Annie Lennox off her album Bare. My hubs is the one who LOVES Annie Lennox--I like her but this song is SO good. Great lyrics--a sophisticated, adult love song with just the right amount of pining and lovesickness. See what I mean:

Idiot me, stupid fool.
How could you be so uncool?
To fall in love with someone who doesn't really care for you.
It's so obscure.

But I feel...Wonderful.
Yes, I feel...Wonderful.

God it makes me be so blue,
Everytime I think about you.
All of the heat of my desire,
Smokin' like some crazy fire.
Come on here, look at me where I stand.
Can't you see my heart burnin' in my hands?
Do you want me? Do you not?
Does it feel cold baby? Does it feel hot?

What I'm Reading:
Still on Big Boned by Meg Cabot. I actually read a few pages before conking out last night.

What's On My Mind:
Y'all may remember a few posts back when I posted the pic of the girls' bunny toy. I had a funny thought that I might occasionally post a "Where in the World is the Bunny?" pic or two. You know, for kicks and giggles. So, here's what the bunny's been up to since you last tuned in:

Bunny hoping to make a break.

Pepsi and Bunny having a convo. Think it went something like: "Bun, you try to make a break for it again, and there's gonna be some 'spaining to do."

Bunny napping with the Pud.

That Bunny, she gets around. Ha. So have a good week, peeps. I am off to watch a movie--Period piece. The Duchess. Lust in bustles. Be back soon. XO, Bun

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