Monday, February 09, 2009

A Ray of Monday Sunshine

Y'all--I wanted to do a new post tonight, but I am too pooped. Instead, I am provinding this ray of sunshine in the midst of all the daily doom and gloom. As I said in regards to my job search, it never fails to amaze me that in times of greatest tragedy or saddest moment, the people who come to the rescue and the true human kindness that comes to light. Enjoy and I will be back for Hump Day Holla.

The Gainesville couple who went on eBay and sold everything they own to raise money for their children's medical expenses are absolutely stunned.

One bidder--a Texas couple, actually--bought it all.

"I did have a high bidder, for $20,000," said the seller, Brittiny Peters.

Then the purchasers suddenly said -- we'll give you the money, but there's a catch.

And Brittiny instantly realized that for all that she and her husband, Gregg, gained for their young family in the deal, they are at a loss to comprehend the kindness of the strangers who won the bidding.

"They've changed our lives," Brittiny said.

The reason Brittiny and Gregg Peters were selling, on eBay, everything they own -- everything but the house itself -- was to help pay for the expensive, on-going medical care they just found out two of their three small children need.

Their two year old son, Noah, was diagnosed with autism and sensory and gastrointestinal disorders; then their seven year old daughter, Ayla, was diagnosed with a rare form of juvenile arthritis. They also have a one year old son, Eli.

Suddenly, the income Gregg was making as a tennis instructor that had provided the family with a comfortable living was barely paying the monthly bills, with nothing left for the huge medical bills that insurance did not cover.

And the winning bidders assured Brittiny and Gregg that they will honor the terms and send the money. But they immediately imposed a condition that practically knocked Brittiny and Gregg out.

"They informed us this morning that they do not intend on taking possession of the things. They're basically purchasing them and giving them back."

Brittiny took a deep breath. "And so, you know, my husband and I were a little taken aback by that."

Brittiny and Gregg objected, tried to let the Texas couple out of their obligation, but the couple insisted.

"They basically informed us that the items now belong to them and they can do what they please and that we don't really have a say in it."

The purchasers, Keith and Donnia Blair of Fort Worth, told the Associated Press, simply, "We've been blessed," and "we saw an opportunity to help."

Brittiny said $15,000 will pay their children's outstanding medical bills, and the rest will help pay for the on-going treatment they require.

"The fact that a family halfway across the country that we have never met would care about our family, and our children and their needs, it's amazing."

Brittiny and Gregg Peters, willing to give up everything for their children, can speak now of gaining intangible riches of faith and hope and new friends.

"The American people are good people. And if they see a family, a city, in crisis, they run towards that family or that city and put their arms around them, and that's the thing that's touched us most."

Now all Brittiny and Gregg want is to meet the Blairs, to thank them in person.

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