Friday, February 06, 2009

Oy! It's been a week!

Ok, peeps, so I am pulling myself out of the funk and trying to face the future with something that looks like optimism. At least on the outside. So, you know, keep praying for me and wishing me well and all that jazz and I will try not to randomly bust out in tears. Deal?? Good. Let's move on then, shall we?

So, yesterday was a better day. I had a few good leads--maybe they will go somewhere, maybe not. I have been hustling what I my mama gave me though. Hell, I went to the grocery store today and chased down someone I used to work with to tell them I was looking and keep me in mind. Believe it or not, they know someone who is looking for freelance work and told me to send them my info! See, it pays to broadcast your misery. I have no pride. I just need to pay the mortgage. Get me?

So, last night, I spent all evening and into the wee morning hours working on preparing our taxes for my meeting with our accountant tomorrow. Now, I LOVE our accountant which is the only thing that makes the process remotely pleasant. We always get raped in the worst way because we are DINKS (double income, no kids) so we have few deductions. And, really, sometimes I think I am just working for the government when I do freelance and work full time, but I guess I don't have to worry about that anymore, huh?

So, after about five hours sleep last night, I have felt spectacular today. At least today was a better today--I was a crabby beeotch yesterday. I was pissed off at everyone and everything. And, no, it is not hormones. But that is another thing--my acne is all flared up. Couldn't be stress now, could it?

Anywho, we finally got back our dining room furniture today and it looks great, see:

I am well pleased. And it was freeish. Well, the hubs decorated his boss' house for Christmas in exchange. I am not sure who got the better deal, but ours is more lasting. We can get at least another 10 years out of this now, I think.

What I'm Cooking:
Well, Wednesday night, we had frozen pizza and a salad. Woo-hoo. Then, last night, the hubs' boss took us to dinner at Chilis. And I made a poor choice which really pissed me off because, damn, someone else was paying for it! Tonight, I decided to make Mexican simply because I wanted more of this:

MMMMM! More guac made with the W-S starter. Damn, they ought to be paying me for the promo. Think I can swing an endorsement deal for bunnygoround? And since it is Friday night, it was time for Friday Night Cocktails:

MMMMM! Trader Joe's limeade with lime vodka. This particular combo is esp. good in warmer months but I decided I needed a little pick-up and this is one of my faves. Yummers. So, for food, I made Taco Skillet which I have not made in fo'eva.

It's stupid easy--brown ground beef, mix in kidney or black beans, diced tomatoes, taco seasoning, rice and water, then, voila! Garnish as desired:

I like a sprinkle of cheese, a dash of sour cream and some green taco sauce. If anys of you wants the recipe, let's me know.

What I'm Listening To:
Right now, Hold Me Now by the Thompson Twins. Actually, this song brings back unpleasantish memories of a teenage love gone wrong. Oy. It is a great song though, with great lyrics. See:

you ask if i love you
what can i say
you know that i do
and that this is just
one of those games that we play

so i sing you a new song
please don't cry any more
and i ask your forgiveness
though i don't know just
what i'm asking it for

Sigh. If only I could know what I know now and go back to high school.

What I'm Reading:
ARG! Y'all, I just cannot get into Big Boned. And I like Meg Cabot. But I discovered it apparently one in a series and I haven't read the books before which is irritating. Yes, I am anal, but I prefer to read related books or books in a series IN ORDER. I don't know what to because I have a rule to never stop reading a book. My obsessive tendencies and my compulsive tendencies are battling!

Where in the World is Bunny?

That Bunny! Swinging from the chandeliers!

Have a good one, peeps! Be back soon!


ctflack said...

So, I am so far behind on your blog. Please forgive my lateness in responding to your posts, but I would LOVE the recipe. It looks awesome, and I am always up for easy recipes.

bunny said...

It is actually a Kraft recipe. Here is the link

I do use real ground beef though, not Boca.