Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hump Day Holla...Of Sorts

Well, peeps, I can finally say what I have been wanting to say for almost two weeks--the economic tragedy has hit Casa Bunny as my position of employment has been "eliminated." As for the Bunny, my emotional pendulum swings wildly between feeling like everything is going to be ok and dire weepy depression.

Most of you know the story, but two years ago I left a job with a really good salary, really good benefits and stability to do something I thought I had always wanted to do. I enjoyed my job, but here I am, without it. And a mortgage. And a home equity loan. And a diabetic dog.

I won't say I didn't see it coming, but I did keep hoping for the best, as most people are want to do. However, seeing the train coming does not stop it from hurting when it hits you. I truly feel everything happens for a reason, and I pray that the Lord know what He is doing and that reason will have a positive outcome, because the Devil and his mistress, Fear, are a mean, spiteful duo. They pick and eat away at you, trying to destroy your faith, when they know faith is all you have.

I will comment on a few things: It is so true that when the chips are down, you see who your true peeps are. I will say I have been surprised by some of those who have offered help, and by some of those who have 110% simply ignored my news. Not even a "sorry." I will remember it too. Don't get me wrong--I am not talking about those who did nothing--I will forgive them (eventually), but I will always be grateful for those who lent a hand, a prayer or a good thought.

Also, for the record, I am tired of everyone saying it will "be alright" and telling me how fabulous/talented/awesome I am and I will surely find a job. Well, while that middle part is right, the first and last are not necessarily true. There are lots of fabulous/talented/awesome people who have lost their jobs, too, and are out there looking. And there's not a lot to look at. And, not to be a beeotch, but that doesn't make me feel better. Wanna make me feel better? Buy me a beer. Or two.

On the upside, I have some freelance projects that should at least keep us in peanut butter for a few months. But it just sucks, peeps, it just sucks. And not even the job so much as simply feeling let down that I took a chance, for once in my life I took a chance, filled with hope and excitement, and it failed.

So, I don't even know how many of the dozen people I invited still read this blog, but if you do, thanks. Now, I am going to go cry through Top Chef.

Later, B


Elisabeth7291 said...

Just don't get the peanut butter that is on crackers... eat the kind that comes straight from the jar! ;)

bunny said...

Right! Because adding samonella on top of everything else would be bad, wouldn't it?? ;)