Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Catch Up

Yo. I cannot believe it has been so long, peeps. I am so, so sorry. This week has just been insane, and you will see why. But let's backtrack and I will catch you up on the happenings at Casa Bunny.

Last Thursday was a whirlwind, we had to take the hubs car to have the brakes replaced, and then I spent part of the day with Bobs doing some errands (since he was my ride for the brakes and all, it worked out). Friday, I had an early morning meeting, then I went to the circus with Bobs and his niece and nephew. Yeah, I know! And, no clowns got near me, so no embarrassing displays of paranoia. Here are a few pics:

The sign above the big top opening.

I loved the elephants--they are so smart and such huge but yet graceful creatures.

The tigers are beautiful animals but so intimidating. And I wondered, how do you get in the business of lion training??

The acrobats, trapeze artists and other folks were all so STRONG. It is truly incredible what they can do with their bodies. It was a fun night--I had not been to the circus in forever--and never a big outfit like RBBB.

Saturday, of course, was V-Day, but me and the hubs played it low-key and didn't exchange gifties this year because of well, you know, the financial situation. I did, however, make French toast for breakfast from some brioche I had recently purchased. I had not made French toast in forever and it was yums. Behold:

Yes, again it was my trusty IKEA grill pan. I didn't want to do nothing on the day of love though, so I decided to gather a few single friends and get together for a night of food and fun. On a tangent note, I really look down on the forced romanticism of V-Day and the way the marketing makes those without someone special feel like losers. I think somewhere I read it called "Singles Suck Day." That's wrong, so I wanted to celebrate with singles instead, esp. since I LOVE my friends. Bobs cooked most of the meal and it was awesome. We had fillet mignon, leek and sour cream mashed potatoes and green beans. And Bobs made homemade tiramisu for dessert--see:

Yeah, Bobs also made chocolate covered strawberries (my idea!). Bobs is an awesome baker. And, I think, a slightly better cook than me. And it was a great dinner and easier and cheaper than going out. Between the lemoncello shots and the Wii Carnival Games, a good time was had by all.

Sunday, the hubs and I focused on finishing painting our guest bedroom because Monday and Tuesday, we had hardwoods laid in our two remaining rooms that did not have them. We had purchased the hardwood back several months ago when we purchased it for the new room--we were just waiting to paint first. Here is our remodeled guest bedroom:

So now we have hardwoods throughout the house except for the bathrooms (which are tile). Yeah! No more shatty looking stained carpet! Though I did have a headache all day Monday and Tuesday from all the pounding!

Wednesday was pretty quiet--nasty weather, had to go to ATL for some work related matters. Speaking of work, things are looking pretty good right now on that front, but it has been hard for me juggling looking for a job, looking for work and trying to do the work I have to do. Changes in routine always take an adjustment and this one is particularly hard as I feel very unstable and there is no concrete focus right now. But I am grateful for the way things have gone so far and remain positive.

Yesterday, I was tres excited because an old friend from high school whom I have reconnected with came for afternoon wine and convo and stayed for dinner. He is someone I truly have a special place for in my heart and I have been so glad to connect again. It felt like we never missed those 20 or so years. I asked him what he wanted for dinner and he requested goulash (he spent some time in Hungary) so this is a good segueway into:

What I'm Cooking:
So, I will go backwards with cooking, peeps. Last night then, was the goulash. I had never made goulash, so I went to my trusty Williams-Sonoma and, low and behold, they had a recipe. Howevs, there were some slightly funky seasonings (not necessarily things you can pick up at the Publix) so Bobs, bless his culinary heart, went to the Dekalb Farmer's Market for Hungarian paprika and parsnips for me. Here it is:

Y'all, this is some kinda good. It is basically beef stew but the paprika and the caraway seeds give it a smokey sweet flavor that is simply divine. The hubs said he always wants me to make stew this way from now on. Actually, he said it TWICE. That is some high praise from the hubs because, you know, he's used to the awesome cooking. :) It also got the thumbs up from my world-traveling friend. So here's the link to the recipe at W-S should you want to try it yourself:

Other than that, it was a weak week of cooking--mostly because the house has been a disaster with the painting and floors. Last Thursday, we had big salad with chicken, Friday, it was soup and sandwiches, Saturday was V-Day dinner, Sunday was soup and sandwiches, Monday, we went out, Tuesday, I actually did make a pork roast in the slow cooker along with mashed potatoes and broccoli, and Wednesday, we had Publix subs. Lame-o I know, but this week, I have all kinds of stuff planned--I spent enough on groceries this last week, that's for sure!

What I'm Listening To:
Nothing right now. I am enjoying the quiet of my house, actually.

What I'm Reading:
Too busy to read anything more than a magazine or two.

What's on My Mind:
I hope this weekend is a little calmer than the past week. I need to get going this morning because I have several errands, and back home for work this afternoon. I need to get caught up and get my shizz together. Tomorrow, however, I am going to get my hair cut--it is so sad and needs some help. I promise I will get back on track though and be a better Bunny blogger. Have a great weekend! B


Elisabeth7291 said...

Floors look GREAT! Very excited for y'all!

ctflack said...

French toast! Yum! I haven't had French toast in forever. I made Eggos for Valentine's Day. French toast would have been better. :)