Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wild & Wooley Weekend

Well, it was a busy weekend and here it is, after 7 p.m. on Sunday. But let me fill you all in on the deets, peeps.

Yesterday, a friend and I went to the ATL for our Nominated Movie Weekend. For the past couple of years, we have chosen a few award season movies to go see in Jan. This year, we chose Revolutionary Road and Doubt. Both were very good, but I would give Revolutionary Road a slightly higher rating. I think I enjoyed it better than Doubt because it was about a married couple so I could relate. No, the hubs and mine relationship is not that 'effed up, but I think parts of it would resonate with anyone who is married.

Then, we came back to the house and ate chili, drank wine and had a nice evening. Today, the hubs and I went to family birthday celebration at my sis' home to celebrate my bro, bro-in-law and dads birthdays which were all this month. A good time was had by all--bbq to eat, homemade icing on the cake (yeah sis! it was yummers!) and Wii fun. Here are some funny photos of my nephew shoving the cake in his mouth:

These photos are a little blurry because his hand was moving so fast! He ate TWO HUGE pieces of cake in like under 5 minutes! When the fork wasn't fast enough, he just decided to pick it up and shove it in his mouth! It was too funny!

So here are some cute photos of the Pud:

SO cute! Maybe you think we only take photos of the Pud, but it's harder to catch Peppy in a photograph. Really! I swear!

What I'm Cooking:
Let's see, I am not backing up the whole week, so I will just go from Friday. Friday night, we had another one of those yummy DiGiorno pizzas with a salad. Last night, I made the yummy Publix chili, slaw and cornbread. Tonight, I am not even hungry because I had such a big 'ol lunch. Anyway, last week I did not make anything new--it was all repeat meals anyway, so you didn't miss anything.

In lieu of food photos, I thought I would post some wines I have enjoyed recently:

This is a tres yummy Italian wine that I bought at the Dekalb Farmer's market on the recommendation from this really nice British lady who is like their sommelier. I cannot pronounce it and do not know what type it was but it was good.

My friend brought this to dinner the other night--it is a Malbec which they only make in Argentina apparently. Very nice. This particular bottle was purchased at the local Publix.

This pinot was a 2/$10 special at Publix. It was aw'ight. I have had better for only a dollar or two more though.

What I'm Listening To:
Right now, Streetcar Symphony by Rob Thomas. Lovely little ditty:

We may never find our reason to shine
But here and now this is our time
And I may never find the meaning of life
But for this moment I am fine

Sorta sums up how I feel right now.

What I'm Reading:
Nothing, peeps. I have been reading a few mags but after a several book streak, I just have not gotten it together to read one again...yet.

What's On My Mind
Busy week ahead--dental appt, two lunches, a dinner with friend, trip to ATL for work--and that's just what I know about. But it is also going to be a glorious week because our new president will be inaugurated and, finally, we will be free of the last 8 years. I have hope and am optimistic that Obama will bring about change, the change we all need whether we realize it or not. I saw a great prayer today another blog poster said for Obama--I wish I had copied it, it was so beautiful. This man has a lot on his shoulders and I personally will be praying for him. This is a new day in this country. Amen.

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