Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Itchy & Scratchy Show

AGGG! Peeps, I have this horrible rash. Nothing untoward, but it is itchy and itchier. I think I have had an allergic reaction to some body wash. I came to this conclusion because I have had, in the past, allergic-type problems with detergents and soaps, and I just started using this wash and the rash is only on my body...but over most of my body. Needless to say, I am slathering on cream and taking antihistamines and I am SO uncomfortable. Seriously uncomfortable.

So, that is the low point of my weekend. Overall, it has been quite good. The hubs was off yesterday, today and tomorrow and while we did plan to get more done than we did, the rainy weather threw a kink into things. Yesterday, we were going to work in the yard, but went and bought a chair (pics later--we had to leave it because it was raining) and went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. If you like Forrest Gump, you should like this movie. Or if you think Brad Pitt is hot. Though, be warned, he spends half the movie as an old man.

So, today I went to the first Williams-Sonoma cooking class of 2009! Yeah! Little Jake was back and in good form. It was cast iron cooking and bread was baked, cobbler was made and garlic chicken braised. Yums. And it was a sign from God, because this afternoon, I went over to the W-S outlet in Dawsonville and they had all their Le Creuset on sale! For 40% off! Looky what I gots:

I have been COVETING a Le Creuset Dutch oven for a while. They are like the Mercedes of cast iron. However, Mercedes don't come cheap, if ya' get my drift. But with the sale and my Christmas gift certificate, it was basically FREE! LOVES TOTES! WHEE!

We also painted a little today--here is our new blood red dining room:

That's the hubs, rollin' the wall. Yeah, it's gonna take a few more coats. Red paint sucks to put on but it is pretty when it is done.

So we are settling into the new room and, most importantly, the girls have chosen favorite spots to reside. Here's Savannah, curled on the couch:

And Pepsi, curled in her chair of choice:

I think they are enjoying it more than us. Also, I had forgotten to take pics of this, but my bro helped us put up this faux tin on the sides of the cabinets by our stove and sink. They looked sorta crapola from moisture, but the "tin" looks nice:

It's plastic, but you cannot tell unless you go up and tap it. We think it looks nice and will tide us over until we can afford a kitchen remodel.

What I'm Cooking:
Last night, I grilled up this HUGE sirloin steak and served it with roasted potatoes and salad. I fired that sucker up in my IKEA grill pan (which I love) and it was quite good--just the way I like it with a slightly pink yet warm center. We only ate half of it, so tonight I made steak quesidilla with black beans and yellow rice. Not a great pic, but I took one anyway:

Also grilled up in the IKEA grill pan. If you wants one, here's the link:

I also thought I would mention a couple of favorite products I love right now. First, one of my bestest friends and beer drinking buddies found me some TommyKnocker beer--WHEE!

Again, beer brewed with maple syrup??? SHUT YOUR PIEHOLE! I think I am in HEAVEN!

This creamer is tas-tee. Like drinking a Cinnabon. That's never a bad thing, right?

I found out about Jane's Crazy Salt from a fellow blogger. It's super-duper.

What I'm Listening To:
I am still loving Leavin' by Jesse McCartney, but right now I am listening to I Don't Feel Like Dancing by Scissors Sisters. Now, Domino Dancing by the Pet Shop Boys is coming on. What a great song--check these lyrics:

I don't know why, I don't know how
I thought I loved you, but I'm not sure now
I hear the thunder crashing, the sky is dark
And now a storm is breaking within my heart.

What I'm Reading:
Still making my way through Ask Again Later by Jill Davis.

What's On My Mind
I have to figure out a way to start exercising. The hubs and I are discussing working an exercise bike into the budget. I have set a goal for the end of June and then I am going to run/walk the Peachtree this year. My first time ever. This will be a big year for me. My 40th year on this Earth will be my best.

Later, taters! Love, B


Elisabeth7291 said...

Go for the Peachtree!! It is a blast, and seriously, so many people walk it - don't even try to run it - that it won't matter. We'll be doing it again, I'm sure.

ctflack said...

At which Williams Sonoma do you take your cooking classes?

bunny said...

Mall of Georgia--if you ever want to go, let me know. I will send you the email of the classes for Jan and Feb.

bunny said...
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robin w said...

You didn't know about Jane's Crazy Salt?? Seriously??? I knew something kitchen related before you did!

bunny said...

I KNEW about JCS--I have been using it for about 6 mos to a year--I just have come to truly APPRECIATE and LOVE it recently!