Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year, Peeps!

Ok, you don't have to tell me that I have been a bad Bunny blogger, but the holidays really threw me off my game. Oh boy, and then some. I mean, I kept thinking today was MONDAY. Imagine.

So, let's just recap the highlights because it has been a long week. First, yes, peeps, yes, the room is DONE! Praise the Lord! I gave Mr. Mike his final check on Wednesday, so we actually finished it in 2008. Here are some pics:

Here is the stoop. Now, it's not finished--we still need to stain the wood and paint the ceiling and doorway and remove that crappy old microwave stand. And do lots of landscaping. But you get the gist, right? That is the same rock we will be applying to the cinder block come spring, too.

The hubs had a brills idea to rock the bottom third of the column for the entry into the new room--here it is up close. Very pretty.

Here is a wider shot of the column--brills idea, hubs, brills. LOVES it!

Here is the beginning of our little keeping room. Curtains, accessories, etc. still need to be done. Actually, the curtains are on backorder, but again, you get the gist, right?

Just for comparison, here is our old house front....

And here is the new house front. Lovely, isn't it?? Damn skippy, it is.

So anyway, there's still stuff to be done. We have to paint our two other bedrooms, including trim, then move out all the furniture so we can have the hardwoods laid in those rooms. And we have to paint the new dining area and the deck door on the outside and landscape the front, which we will not finish until the spring and we get the rock work done and the cedar restained. So, it will probably be another month before the inside is done and summer before the outside is done. But, hey, we've waited this long, right??

Anyway, we had a low-key New Year's--we actually stayed up until midnight, unbelievably enough. Sorta by accident. But anyway, it was all good and I have lots of plans for 2009 peeps. Lots of plans. It's the Year of the Bunny. Well, for Chinese New Year, it's the Year of the Ox, but at Casa Bunny, it's the Year of the Bunny. Yo, seriously.

What I'm Cooking:
YO! Sunday the W-S Cooking classes start back! I have missed Little Jake! I am SO STOKED! STOKED I tell you. I have been a lazy cook over the holidays. For example, tonight we had frozen pizza and salad BUT it WAS grocery night, so don't judge, ok? Anyway, I have all kinds of good things planned for the week ahead--I just hope I can remember to take pics....I have gotten out of habit.

What I'm Listening To:
Ok, so I am OBSESSED right now with Leavin' by Jesse McCartney. Ok, I know it is kinda old and super Cheddar pop, but it has the best groove. Seriously. And you gots to love these lyrics:

No more makin' you cry, no more gray skies
Girl, we flyin' on the G5 G5
And we're leavin’, never lookin' back again
So, go on shawty and tell him you found a new man
The one who’s so so fly, the one that keep you high
Have you singing all night night night

So insightful, so touching, so....lyrical. Just so you know, I looked up "shawty" on and it says "A term originating in Atlanta that, in the beginning, referred to a short person or child, but the span of the word has grown to include any and all people, especially a girl that is attractive; it is mostly used as a term of endearment to others or just a way of addressing someone, like 'Wassup Man,' instead of 'Man', shawty is used." OR "Fine ass woman, or your girl."

So there is your daily vocab lesson. See, my blog is all educational!

What I'm Reading:
Ask Again Later by Jill Davis. Simple chick lit pleasure.

What's On My Mind
I have ONE MORE DAY before I start Biggest Loser with Bobs. We are doing a competitive diet thing. Six months is our first goal. And the hubs and I also started our Dave Ramsey budget today. So, I have good feelings about 2009. Even though the world around doesn't look so bright some days, I am trying to be more optimistic.

So, I will be back later with weekend deets. Be good and good night!

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Elisabeth7291 said...

LOVE the new stoop! Scott (and me, he just keep pestering me. . .) is dying to come see the remodel, so let us know when we can drop in!