Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Great Brum Quest

Lordy, peeps, I is tuckered. Actually, that is Tuckered, with a capital T. Long weekend, lots to do, too little sleep. So let me catch you up.

Yesterday, I actually slept in a little then gots up and ran a few errands and came home to finish touch up painting the new dining area and trim. Here it is, all done:

Now we just have to get our furniture back and accessorize and that will be one more room down. Next, we have to clean out and paint the guest bedroom then have hardwoods put down in that room and the office. THEN, I THINK we will be done.

Last night, I made an awesome supper (see below) and we watched Into the Wild which was not what I expected and not bad but not riveting and it did not end like I expected.

Today, I gots up and went to W-S cooking class with Bobs. Today was French cooking and Little Jake made crepes and French onion soup. Yums. Will be trying my hand at both of those. Then Bobs and I decided to go on a quest for a Brum. In case you don't know what a Brum is, it is a Dirt Devil electric broom. He had bought one at Target for $17--it is regularly $69! So, we go to one Target but it was only on sale for $48, so we head for the Target where Bobs got his and, score!, a Brum for $17! Woo-hoo! But you know Bunny's life can never be that easy, right??? So I get home and get my Brum out to charge it, and it's been used! It's dirty and dusty and parts are missing. So I decided to take on back to the Target near our house to swap it. Guess what? Yep, no Brum. So, in tears for fatigue and general pissyness, I call Bobs who volunteers to drive me to yet ANOTHER Target to see if they have it. And, score x2! They had several and even though it was not on sale for $17, they did an even exchange. So I <3 Bobs for being my Brum seeker and hope I loves my Brum, esp. since we will now have hard surface flooring throughout our house. Behold the Brum:

So, that was my Sunday, then home to clean the house a bit and cook dinner. Aren't you terribly jealous about my jet set, exciting life????

What I'm Cooking:
Publix had chuck roasts on sale this week so I bought one but then could not decide what to do with it, so I went to the W-S website yesterday and found a recipe for Italian pot roast. Y'all! That was freakin' yums! Red wine, plum tomatoes, oregano, garlic, cooked long and slow in the Crock Pot. Looks:

And it SMELLED fabulous while cooking. Here it is plated with some Parmesan smashed potatoes and steamed broccoli:

Seriously good stuff right there, peeps. Seriously good. If any of y'all want the recipe, let me know or go to the W-S website and type in "Italian pot roast." Tres easy, too.

Yesterday for lunch, I gots creative--I had leftover yellow rice and tortillas and this:

So I made chili-cheese burritos with rice. And this chili was great. Trader Joes. They never disappoint. Ok, very, very rarely disappoint.

What I'm Listening To:
God Only Knows by The Beach Boys. Simple, lovely, catchy little sing-along tune. Great, unusual wedding song too.

What I'm Reading:
Nothing yet--no time to read this weekend.

What's On My Mind
I gots to go now--the Golden Globes start in like 5 minutes and I have to get my jams on and get a glass of wine and settle in for the show. Have a great week and I will be back soon!

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