Friday, January 09, 2009

Goobers, Manners & Cheap Chardonnay

Well, peeps, it's Friday and I don't have lots to share but I wanted to keep up the pace I have set so I decided to post regardless. I guess they call it the dead of winter for a reason--there ain't nothing going on. No garden, no remodel (well, a little, but I know you all are about tired of that shizz).

So, anyway, the last few days have just been all about work and work. There is lots going on which I hope spells a little job security for now. Last night, I went to get my hair cut. I tried someone new--cheaper for the budget, closer for the gas. It is aw'ight. The proof of the pudding will come with the days to come. Then, last night I went to dinner with a friend and lunch with another friend today, so lots of friend love going on.

Tonight was grocery night and knowing I was going to blog and knowing I had jack, nor jill, to share, I decided to take my camera to the Publix and do a photo essay for the blog. The idea was "foods which should not be sold." However, the Publix was covered up like flies on shizz! Seriously! Usually it is quiet on Friday night--trust me--but there were people everywhere and some lady caught me photographing canned asparagus and gave me a look before running the other way. So, I only got two shots:

Behold the new "fusion" Jello. Now, first off, I am no Jello lover. Childhood issues + textural issues + barium enema prep pretty much ruined me off Jello. But this shizz looks nastier than the normal. Watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe? WTF? Color me puking in citrus technicolor. Seriously.

Now, this shizz just ain't right. I have never eaten it and I never intend to. You are just damn lazy if you cannot make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without having to have them mixed together. Word.

So rather than risk getting kicked out of Publix, I decided to put a hiatus on the photo essay. Maybe it will be a continuation for weeks to come since winter so far is proving to be less than interesting. However, I did get into a skirmish with the little bag boy about manners. Little shit. He was mocking the cashier for saying "please" and I was like "boy, you need to learn some manners" and he was all "what for" and I was like "cause manners will get you farther in life than many things" and he's all "un-uh, money gets you farther" and I'm all "well, you may not always have money but you will always have manners." He snorts. But guess what little shit? I gots your name and the number of the store manager. That's all I am saying. Let's see if you can conjure up a "please" when asking to keep your job.

What I'm Cooking:
Last night, as noted, I went out, but tonight we had frozen pizza and salad. For the past several weeks, they have had different frozen pizza brands on sale at Publix and, being grocery night, we have been sampling several for an easy dinner. Tonight was a home run hit, peeps:

Ok, this was YUMS. Tres tasty. And on sale. I am going back for another one or two before they go off sale. The hubs, who is spoiled by the gastronomical delights which regularly alight from our kitchen, even said "This is good." That's something right there, peeps.

What I'm Listening To:
Ok, ITunes has this cool new feature called Genius. You can click on any song in your library then click on Genius and it pulls together a playlist of similar songs. And it does a DAMN good job. Things I would never put together but go beautifully. Tonight, it pulled together a wonderfully mellow and somewhat melancholy playlist starting with Hangin' by a Thread by Jann Arden and ending with This Woman's Work by Kate Bush. That's what it is on now. It is a lovely, lovely song:

I should be crying
But I just can't let it show
I should be hoping
But I can't stop thinking
Of all the things I should've said,
That I never said
All the things we should've done,
That we never did
All the things I should've given,
But I didn't

And Hangin' by a Thread? That song make my heart ache:

When I cry, when I am sad
I think of every awful thing I ever did
When I cry, there is no love
No there is nothing that can comfort me enough
When I cry

The salt inside my body ruins everyone I come close to
My hands are barely holding up my head
I am so tired of looking at my feet
And all the secrets that I keep
My heart is barely hangin' by a thread, hangin' by a thread

I first heard this song on Veronica Mars and went and searched until I found out what it was. I loves a good melancholy song to emotionally wallow up in. Esp. on a Friday night when I am halfway through my second glass of cheap Chardonnay that I bought to make chowder with and could not let spoil. Yep.

What I'm Reading:
I finished Ask Again Later by Jill Davis. It was ok. I think it would have been better if I had been in the right mood. I started another book last night, but I am having a hard time getting into it so I am thinking I will put it aside and start something else. I long for a GREAT book. It's been a while since I read one.

What's On My Mind
Hubs is working all weekend so I am on my on. Tomorrow I will probably work on painting/home improving. Sunday is W-S class--this week is French cooking, so I am TRES excited! Crepes, peeps, crepes! Have a good one!

PS, I forgot to update about the rash! That is because it is SO much better. The cream was fairly miraculous and has done much to calm things down. I also have some backup steroids if needed, so I think this rash is on its way to gone.

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