Friday, January 16, 2009


I thought this week would NEVER EVER NEVER end! And just about everyone else I know felt the same. WHAT was it? Severe delayed holiday backlash? The full moon pull? And the length combined with physical, mentally and emotionally stressors which kept PILING up....well, it about broke me.

So, I apologize for being a bad Bunny blogger...and I was doing so GOOD! I will give you the 2 minutes wrapup...Monday I don't remember, Tuesday was American Idol and The Real Housewives of Orange County, Wednesday I had to go to ATL for work and we had Mexican and got groceris and more American Idol and Top Chef, and yesterday, a friend came over for lots of wine and conversation. So, yeah, in between the misery of the week was lots of reality tv and alcohol--my two favorite escapes.

I do have some stuff going on this weekend and I gots a new camera phone today so I will be sure to take pics and be back Sunday with a big 'ol post. Until then, keep it in the road and between the rails! Love, B

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