Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Where the Hell Did the Past 4 Days Go?

I hate holidays. The time becomes a whirl and you are sucked into the suspended time zone of nothingness and before you know it, it's a week later and you wonder what the hell happened. Yeah, so that's where I am now. All of a sudden I seem to have 3000 work deadlines and all these other pressing matters and I don't understand why. And Christmas is next. WTF, peeps??? Seriously.

Anyway, Saturday was dreary, dreary. I worked all morning on some volunteer PR work for the Good News Clinics. Then, in the afternoon, guess what I did??? Painting!!! Can you believe it??? Neither can I! The good news? I think all the painting, for the most part, in the new room is DONE. Well, all the walls and trim. There is a little touch up which needs to be addressed but overall it is good to go, peeps. Or at least that is what I am saying.

Saturday night, we watched our first holiday movie and it was a dud. It was supposed to be this African-American comedy but was really more of a dramady. And we coulda watched Elf. I LOVES ME some Elf. "Santa! I know him!" Good stuff, peeps, good stuff.

Sunday, I went and had lunch with the 'rents cause it was moms b-day. We went to Cracker Barrel which is always good eats, right?? Then, moms and I went to Target and Kohls where I bought me some undershirts and a wooden spoon. Don't even ask. And, no to my deviant minded friends, it is NOT to dress up like a wife beater and spank the hubs (though that could be fun!) :O

Yesterday, I took off because it was the hubs b-day. I got up and made him eberskivel (the little filled pancakes) and then we went to see Four Christmases (which was pretty funny), went to eat Thai for dinner, and went to Lake Lanier Magical Nights of Lights (which was pretty but overpriced).

How's the remodel, you say? Well, PEACHTREE WINDOWS AND DOORS STILL SUCKS! Yes, you are right, we DID NOT get our windows, AS PROMISED, AGAIN this week. Un-be-liev-able. Seriously. So we are to the point where Mr. Mike can finish up a few things but the stoop cannot be done until the siding and the siding cannot be done until the windows and it is cold and blah blah blah. Lord, please give me perserverance. Seriously. Again, I am OVER the remodel now and just want my house back. WAIT!!! I have a lawyer friend now!!! Maybe I can sue!!

What I'm Cooking:
Saturday night, I made this awesome chicken and corn chowder! Here is the pic:

It is a Williams-Sonoma recipe--chicken, corn, peppers, potatoes, wine, cream--YUMS! Sunday, we just had soup and sandwiches. I love soup in the winter--it is easy, filling and just hits the spot. I can--and we do--eat it several times a week.

What I'm Listening To:
Right this minute, C'mon N' Ride It (The Train) by Quad City DJ's. Yeah, don't ask. But it is an AWESOME work out song! Oh, and my poor Pepsi snore. She has a respiratory infection. It's bad. She coughs like she's hacking up a lung.

What I'm Reading:
I have started The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan. Awesome book about the true tale of the author who was diagnosed with breast cancer at 36.

What's On My Mind
I have been mulling around about going back to school and starting another career--teaching, medical tech/nurse or paralegal/lawyer. I know it is crazy...maybe I am going through a mid-life crisis...

Later taters! Love, the Bun

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ctflack said...

I think you need to be thinking about starting a PR/marketing firm with us instead of changing your career! :)