Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Sampler

Peeps, I know I have been a bad Bunny blogger lately, so I am making it all up today with an extra long post and lots of pics. I may not always be on top of my game from day to day, but I always come through in the end, right, peeps??

Anywho, since I last blogged, we have had a fairly busy weekend at Casa Bunny. Yesterday, the hubs was off so we ran some errands in the a.m. We did Walmart, Home know, all the old haunts...then, we went to this cool little store in town where they have refurbed furniture. It's mostly shabby chic, which I love, you know, the whole chippy/distressed look. Anywho, here's what we gots:

Cool distressed chest for the master bedroom, in now matchy black. We are going to move my old chest out and use as a sideboard in another room. And it was CHEAP. And all the drawers work. I loves it.

Cool old wicker chair, all chippy/messy painted, again in now matchy black/tan for the master bedroom. Actually, this is Pepsi's new bed. Yes, we just bought a dog bed, really. Pepsi has to sleep UP...a security thing, I guess. Anyway, it looks super-duper in the room. Again, loves. I also bought the hubs a piece of iron for outside (his Christmas gift) and a wooden tray which I have a couple of ideas for. We will be going back there again!

When we gots home, we gots to remodeling. I worked on touching up the trim in the new room and master bath; hubs worked on cleaning and priming the outside of the deck door for painting later. Here is a photo of moi I thought was a hoot:

Have drill. Will remodel. (Actually, my bro gave me this drill. It is his old one he never used anymore, and can I tell you how TRES excited I am??? I have always wanted a drill so I can try this one on, see how much we use it, and trade up later if needed. THANKS BRO!)

Now, for pet pics. The girls got grooms on Friday, so here is Savannah in her newly sleek splendor:

The groomer lady, however, did not cut their hair around their ears short enough so they look a little weird. Not happy. May have to look AGAIN for another groomer. Anyone have any suggestions????

Later, I caught KK sleeping in the guest bedroom on the mess of a pile of clothes and linens I have been letting accumulate. Like she cared:

At least the cat has good taste--she was sleeping on my Burberry scarf!

Today, the hubs had to work, so I worked on some freelance stuff this morning and afternoon, running out in between to finish a little Christmas shopping. I am almost done--I am still looking for ornaments for my nephews and niece and have not found the right thing yet. Well, not really. I found an ornament at Pier 1 but they have not yet marked it down enough. I will bide my time another week, then I am going to have to move on.

On last thing, can I TELL you HOW MUCH I love my down vest from Land's End??? They were on sale a few weeks ago for $19 and free shipping so I bought one. DAMN! That thing is toasty! I chose Spice Brown:

Yes, I probs looks like the Michelin man when I have it on, but I don't care. It's my current favorite thing.

What I'm Cooking:
I have been on cooking fire, peeps!! Last night, I decided to make a down-home dinner: cube steak with gravy, homemade whipped potatoes and butter beans. Let me tell you, those potatoes were HELLA GOOD:

Like a cloud from heaven, if clouds from heaven were full of butter and half & half. Here it all is plated:

Makes you drool, don't it? It was mighty tasty too. This morning, the hubs asked me to make ebelskiver (see photos here: Then, tonight for dinner, I made the first batch of veggie beef soup and cornbread. Gaze upon the goodness:

Why first, you say?? Because there will be many more to come. Again, soup + winter = me happy. This soup was a new recipe from W-S. You can print it here: It was very good and easy to make, so I will be making again. Soon. And here's the cornbread:

I can MAKE some cornbread, if I do say so myself. I learned from my Grandmother, so I do it old-school style...cast iron skillet coated in Crisco, white corn meal mixed with corn oil and buttermilk. By hand. It never disappoints. It just clogs arteries.

What I'm Listening To:
Right this minute, Linda Eder's Christmas album, Christmas Stays the Same. Guaranteed, the BEST Christmas album you've never heard. So go buy it.

What I'm Reading:
Argg, I never started anything the other night! I read Entertainment Weekly instead.

What's On My Mind
Remodel, blah, blah, blah. Lots to do this week, blah, blah, blah. Oh, yeah, and I hope you all love me again for this post! Have a good one!

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