Friday, December 26, 2008

Settle In Peeps....It's A Long One

Ok, I promised an EXTRA long post, so here it is! Your belated Christmas blog. See, I am a GIVER, peeps, a giver!

Anyway, I cannot even begin to remember everything that happened this week but I will try. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Mr. Mike came and worked really hard. We now have floors! Look:

Basically, the room is finished except for a few touches. There are several things outside to be done--the stoop being the main thing. Tomorrow, I am going to touch up paint (Mr. Mike dinged the walls when installing the floors....ARRGG!), clean windows, wipe down walls, vacuum and mop, and, DARE I SAY IT, we hope to move furniture in Sunday! WOO-HOO! Don't get me wrong--there is still plenty to do--more painting, gutters, staining, hardwoods, etc. but at least the room will be done! And I pray that the entire thing may be done by the end of January, except the stonework which will have to wait until Spring.

Tuesday, my friend Bobs and I went to the ATL Zoo. I haven't been to the Zoo since I was like 5, and that was a LONG LONG time ago, trust me! Seriously long. We had it planned for weeks but it was FRIGGIN' COLD! GEEZ! It was so cold, like half the animals were not out (including the primates....ARRGG!! You know I love a good monkey!) BUT, HELL YEAH, we gots to see the pandas!!! Look:

No babies sitings, but, damn, they are cute! And, let me tell you, they can put away some bamboo, peeps.

Who freakin' knew how CUTE kangaroos are when they sleep?? Seriously.

The goats were hysterical, pooping everywhere and butting heads. I need me a goat!

I love elephants--so big but sorta graceful in their way. And they have some huge mouths!

Anyway, I LOVED the Zoo and want to go back when all the animals are, you know, OUT! I decided I should have been a vet. I love animals. Seriously. Or a zoo keeper. But I figure there is a bigger calling for vets.

Bobs and I then went to lunch at this restaurant in Atlantic Station. Here is the menu:

I just took a photo because it was a pretty Christmas menu. The food was aw'ight. I like Pueblos in Gainesville mucho better and it is mucho cheaper. Howevs' they did have this COOL artwook. Look:

There were these three panels with water flowing behind them and these diving sculptures that decreased at a slight increment all the way down the panel. It was quite riveting. I could just drink margaritas and stare at it all day.

After lunch, Bobs and I went to the Dekalb Farmer's Market which I have not been to in AGES as well and it was a zoo of a different kind! WTF were we thinking going there the day before Christmas Eve???? But we scored some good treats and wine so that's all that matters, right?? And <3s Bobs--we have fun together.

So, Wednesday, I had to work part of the day, then it was off to bros for Christmas with my fams. Food, eat, drink, yelling children, prezzies, food, drink, more yelling children. Good times, good times. Christmas day we spend at the hubs fams which is MUCHO calmer since there are no kiddos. And guess what???? I gots a W-S gift certificate from my sis in law! SO STOKED! I see a new knife in my future!

Last night, the hubs and I swapped our gifts. We went low-key this year because of the remodel. And I liked it because we didn't spend much but got lovely things! For the hubs, I bought a piece of iron for the yard and gourmet coffees and cocoas. For me, the hubs gots the following:

These soaps smell SO 'EFFIN GOOD! They are a little company in Raleigh. The hubs brought me home a lavender one a few months ago. Yum.

One of our few Christmas purchases this year. I admired this plate at the store my hubs works at, and the hubs is a good rememberer. I love some snowmen!

Every year the hubs buys me a Christmas book. Even in a year where we had no tree.

These folky angels were also admired and made their way into my stocking. LOVE!

We also bought the girls some treats. Here is the Yuletide Pud after the celebration:

So fetch! And to be fair, here's a cute pic of Pepsi and daddy:

Yeah, Pepsi, I would be scared too.

What I'm Cooking:
I don't know about you, but I don't care about seeing food every again. Ever. Seriously. But we have to eat, and while there has not been much cooking going on this week, I will be next week, so tune back. And, PS, W-S classes start on JAN. 4!!!

What I'm Listening To:
Right this minute, Get Your Way by Jamie Cullum. Great British jazz talent. Young, fresh, fun.

What I'm Reading:
The Art of Keeping Secrets by Patti Callahan Henry. It was a gift from a friend and, so far, I really like it.

What's On My Mind
I have to go watch the last Dave Ramsey video so I can work on my budget for January. This year was all about the remodel, next year will be the year of living frugally because of the remodel. And you all can join me on my journey. And I am getting my fat arse back on the bandwagon. A friend and I are having a Biggest Loser competition. Should be for good fodder.

Hope this quenched your thirst for all things Bunny for a few days. Be back soon!


Elisabeth7291 said...

Glad you like the book. . . keep me posted. I am into the 2nd, but haven't taken much time for reading. Who are you doing "biggest loser" with? I NEED to get my S@#$ together & get with a program to. And, we're about to do the budget, too. We can share "cheap" secrets.

bunny said...

I finished the book--I really like it--very much like Siddons in tone but everyone lives! (ha) I am doing the Biggest Loser with Bobs. He is super competitive so it will be good! We are setting up our DR budget tonight--it will begin with the paychecks Friday!