Saturday, December 06, 2008

Bad Bunny Blogger

Ok, peeps, I know I have not been a friends of the Internets this week, but I have been busy and not felt that great and blah, blah, blah. The last day I was here was Tuesday, so I will try to catch you up since then.

Unfortch, not much done on the home remodeling front this week. Well, sorta. It's been so cold and wet and yucky...not good remodel weather. Thursday, Mr. Mike came and hung our beadboard ceiling and ceiling fan and did some little finishing things--door on closet, can light surrounds, switch plates, etc. Then, we got our bed back on Thursday night, so we are slowly getting our bedroom back to normal. I don't want to take photos until it's all done so you will just have to wait in anticipation! ha Tomorrow, the hubs and I are planning on FINALLY painting the master bath. And I am PRAYING--and please pray with me--that our windows come this week. Seriously, peeps, if they don't come, and are right and ready to install, I think I will lose my ever-loving mind. I am SO SO SO SO ready to be done with this. Please, God, please, before Christmas.

So, Tuesday, I had lunch with my former boss and dinner with a current bestest friend. Then, Wednesday, I don't think I did much of anything but hunker down and work hard and try to keep warm. It has been so cold the past month! Coldest Decemeber I can remember for several years. Hell, it snowed on Monday! Here's the pics (I forgot to post last post):

This was taken from my truck as the hubs and I were leaving Monday to go to the movie.

Thursday, the hubs took off and did some errands and worked in the new room that afternoon, after Mr. Mike left. Thursday evening, we went to see the new Bond movie with a friend--it was aw'ight. The first one was better. This one left you hanging at the end which pissed me off a little. But Daniel Craig is one hot Bond. See:

Even dirty, he's hot. And it was hard to find a photo where he's not dirty in this movie. No good sex scenes either. And the girls were a little young. I hope that they choose a love interest next time more in line with his age.

So, yesterday, I had to go for my annual physical. EKG, tootie poke, boob squeeze, the whole enchilada. I also had a flu shot which made me feel a little yucky today. I always seem to feel a little yucky after getting the flu shot. I hope I shake it off soon.

Today, I did errands, took a nap (to help alleviate the yuckiness) and then worked on freelance work. Woo-hoo. Excitin'. Anyway, to round out the post, here's some cute pet pics:

Last night, KK jumped up into this old microwave cart we have with all our paint on it. It was a funny moment, captured forever on film!

We had our old bed pillows in the living room to rest on while watching TV, and Savannah decided to nestle down in them to nap. She is the princess after all!

What I'm Cooking:
Wednesday, I decided to get back to Betty (Crocker, that is) and made a pot roast in the crock pot, HOMEMADE mashed potatoes with lots of butter and half & half and lima beans. I forgot to take pics, but it was yums, esp. the potatoes. I forgot how awesome good homemade mashed potatoes are. Thursday night, we went out before the movie; last night was groceries so we had Publix subs.

Tonight, I roasted a chicken and made butternut squash risotto (the Target ones I have featured here before) and broccoli. I did not take a photo because I figured you have had enough photos of my roasted chickens, but it was as yummy as the rest were. Publix has been having this sale for weeks with their chickens at .99 lb, so it is a cheap meal and I use the leftovers to make chicken salad for lunch.

What I'm Listening To:
Right this minute, Christian music. When I used to work in an office, the only station we could pick up was The Fish. I started liking some of the music quite a bit. I esp. like Third Day, Jeremy Camp and Mercy Me. When I want to be mellow, it's one of my choices.

What I'm Reading:
I finished The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan. It was great--I would highly recommend. Next, I am going to work on The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. I want to set me and the hubs up on a new budget with the new year. We need to get this remodel paid off as quick as we can and get our savings perking again.

What's On My Mind
I know I have said this a million times, but I am ready for my life to be back to normal and settled and simple. I long for a couch and free Saturdays and Sunday that are not consumed with painting. I would even relish cleaning my house again, which I basically cannot do well or at all right now. Please, God, please, let our windows come this week so we can finish this thing before Christmas!

G'night, peeps!

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Elisabeth7291 said...

Scott & I went to see The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas & it was FANTASTIC. . . so well done. It made me wish I still taught HS so that I could teach it along side Night.

Nothing says "Christmas" like a good holocaust flick! :)

We're anxious to see the house!