Sunday, December 28, 2008

Behold the Birth

Today, we worked ALL DAY situating the new room....BEHOLD:

More pics to follow later this week.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Settle In Peeps....It's A Long One

Ok, I promised an EXTRA long post, so here it is! Your belated Christmas blog. See, I am a GIVER, peeps, a giver!

Anyway, I cannot even begin to remember everything that happened this week but I will try. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Mr. Mike came and worked really hard. We now have floors! Look:

Basically, the room is finished except for a few touches. There are several things outside to be done--the stoop being the main thing. Tomorrow, I am going to touch up paint (Mr. Mike dinged the walls when installing the floors....ARRGG!), clean windows, wipe down walls, vacuum and mop, and, DARE I SAY IT, we hope to move furniture in Sunday! WOO-HOO! Don't get me wrong--there is still plenty to do--more painting, gutters, staining, hardwoods, etc. but at least the room will be done! And I pray that the entire thing may be done by the end of January, except the stonework which will have to wait until Spring.

Tuesday, my friend Bobs and I went to the ATL Zoo. I haven't been to the Zoo since I was like 5, and that was a LONG LONG time ago, trust me! Seriously long. We had it planned for weeks but it was FRIGGIN' COLD! GEEZ! It was so cold, like half the animals were not out (including the primates....ARRGG!! You know I love a good monkey!) BUT, HELL YEAH, we gots to see the pandas!!! Look:

No babies sitings, but, damn, they are cute! And, let me tell you, they can put away some bamboo, peeps.

Who freakin' knew how CUTE kangaroos are when they sleep?? Seriously.

The goats were hysterical, pooping everywhere and butting heads. I need me a goat!

I love elephants--so big but sorta graceful in their way. And they have some huge mouths!

Anyway, I LOVED the Zoo and want to go back when all the animals are, you know, OUT! I decided I should have been a vet. I love animals. Seriously. Or a zoo keeper. But I figure there is a bigger calling for vets.

Bobs and I then went to lunch at this restaurant in Atlantic Station. Here is the menu:

I just took a photo because it was a pretty Christmas menu. The food was aw'ight. I like Pueblos in Gainesville mucho better and it is mucho cheaper. Howevs' they did have this COOL artwook. Look:

There were these three panels with water flowing behind them and these diving sculptures that decreased at a slight increment all the way down the panel. It was quite riveting. I could just drink margaritas and stare at it all day.

After lunch, Bobs and I went to the Dekalb Farmer's Market which I have not been to in AGES as well and it was a zoo of a different kind! WTF were we thinking going there the day before Christmas Eve???? But we scored some good treats and wine so that's all that matters, right?? And <3s Bobs--we have fun together.

So, Wednesday, I had to work part of the day, then it was off to bros for Christmas with my fams. Food, eat, drink, yelling children, prezzies, food, drink, more yelling children. Good times, good times. Christmas day we spend at the hubs fams which is MUCHO calmer since there are no kiddos. And guess what???? I gots a W-S gift certificate from my sis in law! SO STOKED! I see a new knife in my future!

Last night, the hubs and I swapped our gifts. We went low-key this year because of the remodel. And I liked it because we didn't spend much but got lovely things! For the hubs, I bought a piece of iron for the yard and gourmet coffees and cocoas. For me, the hubs gots the following:

These soaps smell SO 'EFFIN GOOD! They are a little company in Raleigh. The hubs brought me home a lavender one a few months ago. Yum.

One of our few Christmas purchases this year. I admired this plate at the store my hubs works at, and the hubs is a good rememberer. I love some snowmen!

Every year the hubs buys me a Christmas book. Even in a year where we had no tree.

These folky angels were also admired and made their way into my stocking. LOVE!

We also bought the girls some treats. Here is the Yuletide Pud after the celebration:

So fetch! And to be fair, here's a cute pic of Pepsi and daddy:

Yeah, Pepsi, I would be scared too.

What I'm Cooking:
I don't know about you, but I don't care about seeing food every again. Ever. Seriously. But we have to eat, and while there has not been much cooking going on this week, I will be next week, so tune back. And, PS, W-S classes start on JAN. 4!!!

What I'm Listening To:
Right this minute, Get Your Way by Jamie Cullum. Great British jazz talent. Young, fresh, fun.

What I'm Reading:
The Art of Keeping Secrets by Patti Callahan Henry. It was a gift from a friend and, so far, I really like it.

What's On My Mind
I have to go watch the last Dave Ramsey video so I can work on my budget for January. This year was all about the remodel, next year will be the year of living frugally because of the remodel. And you all can join me on my journey. And I am getting my fat arse back on the bandwagon. A friend and I are having a Biggest Loser competition. Should be for good fodder.

Hope this quenched your thirst for all things Bunny for a few days. Be back soon!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday you so celebrate! I am taking off a few days of blogging to enjoy the holidays with, well, many of you who read this blog, but I hope for those of you I don't see that you have a happy, blessed, peaceful, magical and safe holiday! I will be back over the weekend with an extra-long post including:

-Updates on the remodel (we are nearing completion!)
-Photos of holiday celebrating
-What Santa brought me and mine
-My day at the zoo

Until then, happy, happy, joy, joy!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's Almost 9 P.M. and I Have Not Showered Today

Does that tell you how the day has gone? Well, it should. Anyway, I did not mean to be away so many days but things picked up the end of the week with the remodel and the hubs was off Friday through today, and, well, okay I was just busy with stuff! And I am too pooped to be too clever so don't expect much from the post, peeps.

Anywho, on Thursday, I worked and had to go back to the ATL for work holiday gathering after being there on Wednesday. Driving to the ATL is SO tiring! Esp. in crap rainy weather. Then, Friday Mr. Mike showed back up and gots busy. He worked on the stoop and framed windows and the hubs painted the dormer ceiling and I caulked on my lunch hour. We were a busy team. Yesterday, the hubs and I had to run some errands, again going to the ATL, but today, we worked ALL DAY in the house--me painting trim and settling the master bedroom and bathroom, he finishing up the dormer. So here's the results of the past several days:

Master bath vanity area. See artwork in mirror.

Master bath vanity, other angle. See window and tub area in mirror.

Toilet area--no, the bath is absolutely NOT in any way, shape or form related to any love of UGA. I'm just saying before anyone asks.

The shower area--why no shower today? Because I got all skippy and threw away the old liner. The hooks also do not work--they slide through the holes. So the hubs is off as we speak to Target to get both so I can clean myself before bed.

I LOVE this--this is one of those decorative shelves which we used to have in the bedroom. I had the bright idea to use it as a shelf below this kitchen window and Mr. Mike made it happen.

This is our stoop, which is coming along. We have a real light now and stair forms. Hubs also started painting the trim around the front door.

Our new stoop light. This was a splurge for us but it's mighty purty.

We decided the stained dormer ceiling looked too unsightly so we decided to paint it the same color as the trim around the front door--the dark bronze color of the windows and cedar.

Master bedroom, angle 1.

Master bedroom, angle 2. Accessorizing still needed.

So, some progress has been made but I am TIRED. AND SMELLY. Anywho, here's a sweet Pepsi pic from earlier today:

The hubs ran out to Home Depot (imagine that??) and Pepsi jumped on top of the stack of hardwood piled in our living area to gaze intently at the front door, waiting for daddy to come home.

What I'm Cooking:
Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday night, we ate out. I KNOW! It's not very fiscally responsible of us at all. Sigh. Last night, I made Trader Joe's Mandarin Orange Chicken. Tonight, I got back on the bandwagon and made a pork roast with mashed sweet potatoes and lima beans. Here it is plated:

It was yummy, esp. since I was hungry after working so hard all day. My tums has also been a little off today so I didn't eat much until dinner.

What I'm Listening To:
Right this minute, How Soon Is Now? by The Smiths. Nothing like The Smiths when you are working yourself into a good funk.

What I'm Reading:
Still nada, peeps.

What's On My Mind
I am getting myself all worked up about the economy again and I think it is giving me heartburn and palpitations. And, damn, it is cold! I am going to take a LONG HOT SHOWER, three Motrin and go to bed. Tomorrow is another day.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hump Day Holla

Ok, I KNOW I should have posted yesterday BUT I waited until today because, hey, it's been a while since a Hump Day Holla! Aw'ight??? Anywho, yes, we have WINDOWS!!! BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL WINDOWS!!! Gaze upon the windows:

Inside kitchen window.

Inside bath window--it's obscure glass--SO COOL! No window treatments needed!

Inside front window, now CORRECT grid pattern.

Outside side window.

Outside front window.

Oh, and our siding is also DONE! ALL UP! They finished too late today for me to take pics, but here are a few from yesterday:

Here is the back of the house.

Here is the front of the house they finished yesterday.

It all looks SO GOOD together! Now, if we can get Mr. Mike healthy, we will be cooking with gas. Yes, he is still desperately sick, so please say a prayer for his health. But, whatever, we have WINDOWS! I know, you say, what the hell will I piss and moan about now?? Trust me, peeps, plenty. Plenty.

Anywho, that's been the crux of my excitement the past three days--windows and siding installation. And I don't care how SAD you think I am because I am HAPPY! HAPPY! JOY! JOY!

What I'm Cooking:
Monday night, I made hot roast beef sandwiches with salad and potato pancakes from the leftover mashed potatoes. They were yummers--see:

If you have never made these, they are so simple--just add finely chopped onion and an egg, and mix up and drop in a hot pan with a little oil. Cook until golden brown on both side. Then eat up! (And, um, yeah, the one in the bottom right sorta fell apart when I was flipping it--oops!)

What I'm Listening To:
Right this minute, Joy to the World by Aretha Franklin. It is AWESOME! I should check if she has a full-on Christmas album (this came off a compilation).

What I'm Reading:
Still nada, peeps.

What's On My Mind
So excited the remodel has progressed!

Be back soon--the hubs is home and we are going out for a cheap dinner to celebrate!

Monday, December 15, 2008


Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! But his name is Trent and he works for Sash & Door Contracting and this morning, on his big white truck, he delivered my five remaining windows and they are now installed! And it only took 14 weeks to get them! Let the remodel proceed! (check back later for pics)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Sampler

Peeps, I know I have been a bad Bunny blogger lately, so I am making it all up today with an extra long post and lots of pics. I may not always be on top of my game from day to day, but I always come through in the end, right, peeps??

Anywho, since I last blogged, we have had a fairly busy weekend at Casa Bunny. Yesterday, the hubs was off so we ran some errands in the a.m. We did Walmart, Home know, all the old haunts...then, we went to this cool little store in town where they have refurbed furniture. It's mostly shabby chic, which I love, you know, the whole chippy/distressed look. Anywho, here's what we gots:

Cool distressed chest for the master bedroom, in now matchy black. We are going to move my old chest out and use as a sideboard in another room. And it was CHEAP. And all the drawers work. I loves it.

Cool old wicker chair, all chippy/messy painted, again in now matchy black/tan for the master bedroom. Actually, this is Pepsi's new bed. Yes, we just bought a dog bed, really. Pepsi has to sleep UP...a security thing, I guess. Anyway, it looks super-duper in the room. Again, loves. I also bought the hubs a piece of iron for outside (his Christmas gift) and a wooden tray which I have a couple of ideas for. We will be going back there again!

When we gots home, we gots to remodeling. I worked on touching up the trim in the new room and master bath; hubs worked on cleaning and priming the outside of the deck door for painting later. Here is a photo of moi I thought was a hoot:

Have drill. Will remodel. (Actually, my bro gave me this drill. It is his old one he never used anymore, and can I tell you how TRES excited I am??? I have always wanted a drill so I can try this one on, see how much we use it, and trade up later if needed. THANKS BRO!)

Now, for pet pics. The girls got grooms on Friday, so here is Savannah in her newly sleek splendor:

The groomer lady, however, did not cut their hair around their ears short enough so they look a little weird. Not happy. May have to look AGAIN for another groomer. Anyone have any suggestions????

Later, I caught KK sleeping in the guest bedroom on the mess of a pile of clothes and linens I have been letting accumulate. Like she cared:

At least the cat has good taste--she was sleeping on my Burberry scarf!

Today, the hubs had to work, so I worked on some freelance stuff this morning and afternoon, running out in between to finish a little Christmas shopping. I am almost done--I am still looking for ornaments for my nephews and niece and have not found the right thing yet. Well, not really. I found an ornament at Pier 1 but they have not yet marked it down enough. I will bide my time another week, then I am going to have to move on.

On last thing, can I TELL you HOW MUCH I love my down vest from Land's End??? They were on sale a few weeks ago for $19 and free shipping so I bought one. DAMN! That thing is toasty! I chose Spice Brown:

Yes, I probs looks like the Michelin man when I have it on, but I don't care. It's my current favorite thing.

What I'm Cooking:
I have been on cooking fire, peeps!! Last night, I decided to make a down-home dinner: cube steak with gravy, homemade whipped potatoes and butter beans. Let me tell you, those potatoes were HELLA GOOD:

Like a cloud from heaven, if clouds from heaven were full of butter and half & half. Here it all is plated:

Makes you drool, don't it? It was mighty tasty too. This morning, the hubs asked me to make ebelskiver (see photos here: Then, tonight for dinner, I made the first batch of veggie beef soup and cornbread. Gaze upon the goodness:

Why first, you say?? Because there will be many more to come. Again, soup + winter = me happy. This soup was a new recipe from W-S. You can print it here: It was very good and easy to make, so I will be making again. Soon. And here's the cornbread:

I can MAKE some cornbread, if I do say so myself. I learned from my Grandmother, so I do it old-school style...cast iron skillet coated in Crisco, white corn meal mixed with corn oil and buttermilk. By hand. It never disappoints. It just clogs arteries.

What I'm Listening To:
Right this minute, Linda Eder's Christmas album, Christmas Stays the Same. Guaranteed, the BEST Christmas album you've never heard. So go buy it.

What I'm Reading:
Argg, I never started anything the other night! I read Entertainment Weekly instead.

What's On My Mind
Remodel, blah, blah, blah. Lots to do this week, blah, blah, blah. Oh, yeah, and I hope you all love me again for this post! Have a good one!

Friday, December 12, 2008

If It Ain't One Thing...Well, You Know

Yo, yo peeps! It's been a long ass week and my ass is dragging lower than my boobs without underwire, so let's get on with this because I swears I am getting in bed early tonight.

Since we last met here, NOTHING has been done on the remodel. Yeps, NADA. See, Mr. Mike probably has pneumonia...wouldn't you freakin' know it??? But, as far as I know, we are still on track to get the windows on Monday. And I was really hoping....really, really hoping....that we might be DONE by next weekend. But, alas, if Mr. Mike ends up in the ICU, that won't be happening. I guess I will have to set my sights on New Year's now.

This week has been cold and dreary, and though we desperately need the rain, I wish I had been able to enjoy the rain more. What, you say? Yes, by snuggling on the couch. My plastic covered couch. Well, I might as well stop whining. At least, maybe, we will get our master bath and bedroom done next weekend. Maybe.

Other than that, there is not a lot going on at Casa Bunny. I had great aspirations to do lots tonight, but in the end, after working late, going to get groceries and several other housekeeping things, I figured the best thing for me was blog and bed. Yep, get rested for another weekend of painting (just touch ups this weekend! whee!) and freelance work and maybe, if we're lucky, I can work in to start working on the budget. Don't you wish you were here??

What I'm Cooking:
Wednesday night I went to dinner with a friend, and last night, I went to a friend's for dinner. I know, I know, but it's that time of year! Tonight, I warmed up the last of the black beans and yellow rice and made spinach and mushrooms quesidillas. Pretty good, if I do say so.

What I'm Listening To:
Right this minute, This is Christmas by Luther Vandross. I have already waxed on here about my Luther love, so I won't bore you again with the deets.

What I'm Reading:
I am finished with Dave, but don't know what I am moving onto next. I will decide tonight though because I plan on reading a little before sleep.

What's On My Mind
What the hell is wrong with people that they would mistreat a dog so badly that its hind legs would mat together? (yes, this is a true story--thank God, the dog is fine now). Should I buy that sideboard/dresser for our new room or an exercise bike? Should I take Nyquil before bed or just drink a glass of wine? Why can I not remember to take photos for the blog?

Later, peeps--have a good one!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Fa La La La La

That is about as much holiday spirit as I have peeps. I am sad about it too. I really love Christmas but the remodel has sort of taken over everything including the holidays. Every few days, I realize it is so close to Christmas, but you cannot tell it at our house. We just have to get through this and then live our lives next year.

Anywho, the remodel is rocking on. I decided to go ahead and take some bed and bath photos for fun and to have something to show. So here they are:

Here is our bathroom, painted. It is a soft dove grey called Lazy Grey. It looks a little institutional here, but the bro came today and put up our bath lights and when the window gets in and we put up the new linens, it will be stunning. I am sure of that.

Here is our bedroom. Now instead of denim/red/yellow it is black/red/tan. We still have curtains to put up (waiting for the windows!) and some other touches but this is the general drift. It has been a little weird getting used to something different but I do like it. The comforter set is American Living at JCPenney which is made by Ralph Lauren. Good ol' Ralph. Always knows how to spin some fabric.

Bro also switched our light fixture and hung the curtain rod over our new big window. Tomorrow, Mr. Mike is supposed to come back and do a few interior things. Next week, I hope our windows go in Monday, then the rest of our siding. There are lots of details still though--painting door frames, painting more trim, painting paint (ha! seeing if you were paying attention!), touching up floors, a deep cleaning of everything, painting furniture. Yes, lots of painting. I will be surprised if I have any brain cells left when this is over. And I am tired, peeps. So, so tired.

So, I posted those cute pics of Savannah and KK the other day, so today I took a cute pic of the Pepster:

She is so cute, curled up in the chair. I obs took this from above.

What I'm Cooking:
Sunday night, I made this Old El Paso taco casserole and I made a big pot of black beans (from dried beans) and yellow rice on the side. It was all yummy, but unfortch, I forgot to take pics. I have been having a total mental block about the food pics.

Last night, I made chicken tenders, a salad with pecans, dried cherries and blue cheese and roasted potatoes. All stuff that needed to be eaten up, but I did put a Bunny spin on the taters. I used these:

I wouldn't usually spend the extra $$ to buy these but they were BOOF (buy one, one free) at Publix like 2 months ago. They were going off date this week so I needed to cook them. I decided to cook up some chopped bacon and saute with diced onion, then tossed the potatoes in the skillet until they were golden. See:

Yum. I was going to add some blue cheese but decided to put that on the salad instead. Tonight, I made Italian Pasta and Bean soup (a W-S recipe) which was ok. I think it will be better tomorrow. Again, I forgot to take pics!

What I'm Listening To:
Right this minute, Keane. I am feeling melancholy and nothing says melancholy like some Keane.

What I'm Reading:

I am still working on The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. And I am digging it. I also got these DVDs:

Come Jan. 1, the hubs and I are going all in with Dave. I tell you, I really want to get this remodel debt paid down asap. I don't want it looming over my head for 10 years. Why tell you, you say? Well, because peeps, when I decline dinner out and instead invite you to my house (hell, I want EVERYONE to see if anyway!) or cannot go on vacation or finance some other monetary expenditure, I hope you will remember why and praise me for it. It's gonna be hard, but I think we can buckle down and do it.

What's On My Mind
I am stressed out because I have so much to do, but I just have to stop and tell myself that it will get done, one way or another, sooner or later. I just feel very overwhelmed today. Everyday, really, recently.

Later taters!