Sunday, November 23, 2008

Simply Sunday

Yo, peeps....I have a limited window of time and thought I would post a quick one since I have been a bad Bunny blogger this week. There has been progress this week on the remodel, but not much of the visible kind, if that makes sense.On Wednesday, we had hardwoods put in our master bedroom. Here's a pic:

We busted our butts getting it painted last Sunday so they could put in the hardwoods. We also are having our nightstands and headboards painted which we should get this week. Then, it will be laying the new rugs, hanging the new curtains and, maybe getting the new window this week, and we will be done for THAT room.

Yes, on a tangent, SUPPOSEDLY our windows are in route and, IF they come, and IF they are right, they will be installed Wednesday. Hopefully, the grill for our big window will come as well. However, the other day, we realized we were missing the dentil shelf on our door....there were SO MANY things wrong with the order at first that we overlooked it. So now we have to inquire about THAT as well.

Anyway, Friday, I took off and the bro came and we caulked and puttied and sanded and repeated. Not pic worthy, trust me. I finished touch up painting the bedroom and dining area...I have given up the idea of perfect and am settling for ok enough. Yesterday, they came and stipled the ceiling in the new room but THERE IS STILL SO MUCH PAINTING TO DO! WITH GOD AS MY WITNESS, I WILL NOT PAINT FOR AT LEAST 5 YEARS! I SWEAR! So, yesterday, we had a TON of errands to do and did not get much done, but this morning, we started painting the room. Here are pics:

Yeah, so it's orange. Gingerbread to be exact. It's bold. I think once everything gets in there and we have window treatments and such it's going to be quite pretty. The hubs says you only live once and why live in a beige world??

So not much else to tell. I could bore you about getting into a pissing match with the paint Nazi at Home Depot. I could tell you how I have ruined my hands sanding and caulking and painting. I could tell you lots of things but I am running out of time because I am going to the Falcons game today with my new BFF Bob so I gots to go get ready soon.

What I'm Cooking:
Actually, even with the remodel, I have been cooking. I have made pork roast with sweet potatoes and lima beans this week as well as white chicken chili and slider burgers. I also made special breakfast this morning...I broke out the ebelskiver pan! Here's pics:

Here are the pancakes with filling...I did pumpkin butter mixed with cream cheese.

Here they are turned...they are golden crispy outside, yummy on the inside.

Here they are the third batch, I had about gotten it right. Like flipping pancakes, these take practice and the bad thing is having to wait between batches! They are TRES yummy though.

What I'm Listening To:
Ok, I am going to admit that I like that new Beyonce song, Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It). What????? It's got a catchy beat!!!!

What I'm Reading:
Nada. Well, some mags....Rachel Ray, Everyday Food, Entertainment Weekly. Oh, wait! I did "restart" Beach House by Jane Green yesterday!

What's On My Mind
So much to do peeps. I am just praying and focusing on getting the majority of all this remodel stuff done by the end of the year, but even then, there will be stuff to do. Sigh. Oh well, at least it is coming to a conclusion.

Tune back later for Falcons pics! And more remodel pics!

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