Saturday, November 08, 2008

Peeps, I'm Pooped

Wow. I am SO tired. This week has been emotionally (election) and physically (remodel) and mentally (work) draining. I know I have been a bad Bunny blogger, but I have just been so OVERWHELMED.

First, the remodel is back into FULL swing. As in Mr. Mike knocked out the wall separating the old room and new Wednesday. Siding also progressed. The bro came back and did some work. Here are some photos from the week:

Here is our old front wall, with front door and window removed, ready to knock down. Those color swishes on the wall are potential colors for the new room--we figured we could muck up the wall since it was coming down.

Here is the wall knocked down, opening the space into one giant room! This view is looking from our house into the new room. Yes, the ceiling is sagging a little but there is a giant beam there now.

This view is looking from the new room into our existing house. Yes, our house is a DISASTER. We have no living room furniture (we took it off to the upholstery place on Tuesday which was good timing since the wall came down!) and there is dust and debris and crap everywhere and everything is covered in sheets and it is, in general, a total nightmare.

New vinyl siding on the existing house. It is called Woodland Green and is a taupy-olive with a wood grain look to it.

Other side of addition with cedar siding and our three little windows.

Our guest bath with new light fixture, new faucet and painted cabinet with new hardware. We could not remodel so we "refreshed."

Our new kitchen faucet, installed by my bro. Unfortch, the new faucet made me realize how SHITTY our sink looked, so I think we are going to replace the sink with a new, inexpensive model. With new faucet, sink, cabinet hardware, paint and appliances, we will "refresh" our kitchen.

Our new front door with the new lockset. I also bought a new light fixture--it will hopefully go in this coming week since we have NO outside lights, which makes walking the girls VERY challenging. We will be painting or staining the trim around the door but we have not decided what to do yet.

So, Friday, we had our rough inspection and got the go ahead to proceed. Monday, Mr. Mike will be here hanging insulation and sheet rock and we will be cooking with gas. I bet we have this room finished before we get our new replacement windows. And after next week, all the siding will be on except around the windows.

The hubs and I spent this afternoon staining the remainder of the cedar siding to the point where I have a blister. Tomorrow, we are doing paint touch up from last weekend (YUCK) and maybe starting the master bath painting. We'll see how far we get. Have I said HOW MUCH there is TO DO?? If I think about it, I get so overwhelmed I almost want to throw up. But here's the WEIRDNESS of the day--a little titmouse (a bird) FLEW INTO THE NEW ROOM today when we were out there working on the siding and it took us hours to get him out. Seriously.

What I'm Cooking:
My brains are a pile of poop right now--I have bad CRS--so it will take the hubs to help me remember what we ate this week. Hold on....Ok, the hubs tells me that Wednesday night we ate out; Thursday night, the hubs had to work late and I went to the grocery store and decided to be gross so I had pizza rolls and a Trader Joe's limeade cocktail. Mmmm, dinner of the white trash. Last night, I went over to a friend's house for dinner and the hubs went to the inlaws. Tonight, I was gonna cook, but I was TOO tired to lift a pot, so the hubs took me out for Mexican. But TOMORROW, I am roasting a chicken so tun back in for those deets next week.

What I'm Listening To:
Right now, Book of Love by Book of Love.

What I'm Reading:
Blah! No time to read. Beach House by Jane Green is sitting by my bed, gathering dust.

What's On My Mind
Clouds tonight...

Can you tell the difference between a cirrus, cumulus, nimbus and stratus cloud?
Actually, yes. I took meteorology in college.

Have you ever seen shapes in the clouds?

How does a cloudy day make you feel?
Like curling up with a blanket and a book.

So, good night peeps. I am off to take a handful of Advil and go to bed.

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Elisabeth7291 said...

Wow!! The room is starting to take shape - that's awesome!!! And, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cedar shake! Whoo Hoo! You're making progress!