Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Madness

You may have noticed I changed my profile photo--it is now me as the paint princess, holding my magic wand, also called a roller. I feel like it has been surgically attached to my forearm and a brush to the other. After this is all done, if I say anything about painting for at least 5 years, you will know I have totally gone off my rocker and call the paddy wagon pronto. It's sorta like have to forget the pain before you can consider going down that road again.

So the hubs was all like "the new room doesn't seem so big now." W.T.F.??? Seriously??? I bet you are feeling every 288 square feet++ of that tonight sweetie. Yes, today we spent all afternoon painting the new room and new room dormer. We are STILL not finished. The trim has to be done, but I just cannot do it tonight. I am worn out. Although it would be best to do it tonight but, alas, I cannot. Here are some photos:

So, I was a little scared about the orange yesterday, but today, I really like it. Along with the bright white trim and olive green dormer (see below), it really pops. It's different. It's bold. It's so me!

Here's the hubs working hard to paint the dormer. He chose this color, but I like it. It is a little dark, but Mr. Mike is adding rope lighting up in the dormer so it will be all cool and moody when we are done.

That was about it for today. We ran errands this morning...went to early vote in the Senate run-off, went to have the hubs tire patched (nail from remodel!) and went to Lowe's and Home Depot to get paint supplies. I bet we have spent $1000+ on stain, paint and stain and paint supplies. Seriously. And we STILL are not done. We still have the new room trim to finish, our master bath, our guest bedroom and our new dining area. Sigh.

So, yesterday I took a break from all the remodel and went to the Falcons game with my new BFF Bob. The hubs had to work so he was down with it, plus he really isn't keen on sports. I have to now embarrassingly admit 1) I had never been to the Georgia Dome and 2) I have never been to a professional football game. But I LOVED it! Of course, it helped that Bob, who was my benefactor, won season's passes with great seats and owner's club passes. It was so exciting! The fans were really into it! We also got to go onto the field before the game and watch the teams warm up which was super cool. And the owner's club has a posh spread of eats and drinks. All in all, it was a fun day and a great experience I was so happy to share with my new friend. Afterward, we walked through Centennial Park which was all litted up for the holidays. Here are some pics:

Here's my ticket, owner's club pass and field pass.

Bob with cheerleaders. Those girls know how to stick out their boobs and suck in their stomachs. Where do they teach that???

Action shots.

Action shots.

Owner's club entrance....I wanted to take more photos, but I didn't want to embarrass Bob.

Bob and I in the stands...I love this pic!

Can I also just take this opportunity to say that football is the gayest-non gay sport ever? The butt slaps. The stretching. The tight pants. That's all I am saying.

Bob in Centennial Park with big tree.

World of Coke at Christmas.

Thanks, Bob. I loved it and I <3 you totes!

What I'm Cooking:
I made the Publix chili again tonight. It is SO good and easy. And it is already giving me heartburn of the memorable kind. Here's the link to the recipe:

What I'm Listening To:
'Been listening to Christmas music today while painting. I have decided to do my Top 10 Favorite Christmas Songs (in no order). Here we go:

1) Bells are Ringing by Mary Chapin Carpenter
2) We Wanna See Santa Do the Mambo by Big John Greer
3) Do You Hear What I Hear by Linda Eder
4) In the Bleak Midwinter by James Taylor
5) Josephy's Lullaby by Mercy Me
6) Kissin' by the Mistletoe by Arethea Franklin
7) Step Into Christmas by Elton John
8) What Christmas Means to Me by Stevie Wonder
9) What are You Doing New Year's Eve by Ella Fitzgerald
10) This is Christmas by Luther Vandross

#10 is especially meaningful this Christmas. Here are some of the lyrics:

Don't be discouraged
Don't be dismayed
There's hope for all in this world
'Cause this is Christmas day

Say a little prayer for the world
God teach us love
Though you think that He doesn't hear
I know He does

This is Christmas
Let the world sing
Let our souls began to heal
Hallejuah this is Christmas
And with love we can began today

Let's begin today, peeps. Hope for a better, happier future for us all. That's what I pray for every night. (Oh, and buy Luther's Christmas album...This is Christmas...I LOVE me some Luther. Totes.)

What I'm Reading:
Still on Beach House by Jane Green. Makes me want to go to Nantucket now.

What's On My Mind
I am finally starting to feel a little hopeful about the end of the remodel, the future of our county, and my personal future. It's a good feeling. Thank you, Lord.

G'night, peeps!

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