Sunday, November 09, 2008

It's Sunday So It Must Be Roasted Chicken....

Yo, peeps...I made my first brined and roasted chicken today. I had to post to process...I have such a feeling of success. I think that is why I like a short period of time, you either have success or a failure and you move on. If it's success, you feel so accomplished. So here is my journey, chronicled by the hubs. (Thanks, hubs!)

STEP 1: Make the brine. This step consisted of dissolving the W-S brine mix in hot water then adding ice cubes to cool it down, then apple cider for additional liquid. Here is my chicken is a big 'ol Ziploc bag 'o brine:

You let the chicken sit in the brine mix for about 3.5 hours, then you rinse it and pat it dry. Next, STEP 2: Rub the inside (under skin) and outside of the chicken with the seasoning paste which is oil, garlic, rosemary and a whole bunch of good stuff.

This looks a little gross, but it's worth it. Unfortch, I tore the skin a little on top, but it worked out. Then, I had to truss the chicken with twine, the Little Jake way, but unfortch part 2, our camera batteries gave out. Then, it was on the pan, in the oven with the thermometer, and voila! Roasted chicken:

Pretty, golden goodness!

Slicing it up...see all the juices!

Here it is plated with red pepper risotto and a spring salad mix with apples, blue cheese and walnuts. The chicken was day-um good! Moist and flavorful. Maybe a touch salty....could have let it set in the brine too long. Overall though, a total success! I LOVES this method. I am all about the brine now.

Not much else going on today...celebrated birthday with the mom-in-law with lunch then touch up painted the kitchen this afternoon. Pretty boring, but, boy, am I sore! Tomorrow will be more work on the house...things are going to go fast now I hope.

No extras tonight peeps...I am heading to bed early. If I don't wind up sick, it will be a miracle! G'night!

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