Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hump Day Holla

Well, it's that time again....time for the Hump Day Holla. I am sure you all wait with bated breath each week for this momentous day and I seek to please, so here we are again.

Well, let's see, lots has been happening at Casa Bunny over the last three days. Sheet rock is going up, the siding is still being put on, and I have developed ashy lung from all the freakin' dust up in here. Just sayin'. All I have been doing is coughing like a 2 pack a day smoker. So, let's get onto the photos:

Here's Rob on my roof hanging siding. Rob's cool. He doesn't say a lot but he is a hard worker. And he looks like a strawberry blond Jesus. Don't believe me? Let's go in for the close-up:

I like Rob. I loved that he waved when I was taking the picture. I figure it's never a bad thing to have someone who looks like Jesus working for you, ya know??

This is Leroy, cutting siding. I meant to get some more exterior shots today but it got too dark before I remembered. Oh, well...come back later in the week, dudes.

Here's Frank (you remember Frank, right??) and Mr. Mike hanging sheet rock base.

Here is the new room ready for sheet rock. See our gigantic beam? Anyway, it's all terribly exciting but a M-Fing MESS! I mean there is DUST EVERYWHERE. And I am being told it gets WORSE. I may be on a respirator before this is all over. Seriously.

We also got our recovered furniture today. It turned out well--I suppose it was all worth it. Here are the photos (the lighting really sucks on these so it's hard to see the colors):

Old wing chair...burgandy plaid.

New wing chair...small gold and chocolate diamond pattern.

Old Martha Washington chair...hunting scene tapestry.

New Martha Washington chair...chocolate paisley! LOVES THIS TOTES! Want to make a skirt out of the scraps.

Old couch...cabbage rose tapestry floral.

New tone ribbed.

Unfortch, they are now all clustered in our living room under a big plastic tarp to protect them from dust and debris. Have I whined today about how TIRED I am of all this? Tired, I tell you. It has taken over my life and then some. I mean, there is NOTHING else to tell because there is nothing else going on. Seriously.

What I'm Cooking:
Well, Monday night, I went to W-S class which, this week, was stuffing. It was "eh"...I am not a big stuffing person. I was raised on dressing. However, this coming Monday is SIDES which I am stoked about! I also bought an excellent new sauce which I hope to try soon.

Last night, I made Cheddar Cauliflower soup which was awesome, but I forgot to take a photo! We ate it with crusty bread and a little chopped, cooked bacon. YUMS! Tonight, I made veggie pasta with squash, zucchini and peppers in a Classico sauce. Simple and basic.

What I'm Listening To:
I love the new Taylor Swift song "White Horse" which I wrote about here a while back.

What I'm Reading:
Blah, people, just blah. Reading has come to a grinding halt.

What's On My Mind
I am just so tired and overwhelmed and, as a result, I feel myself shutting down, which is not good. To top it all off, all this dust is effecting my sinuses and I am trying to get sick. I feel myself slipping into a funk and I cannot afford to be in a funk but I have no energy or spunk right now. I am just on auto pilot. Please pray for me. XO, Bun


Elisabeth7291 said...

Love the "new" furniture!! Especially the paisley. . .

Just found out that one of my old classmates is the manager at the Home Depot in Gainesville - James Rogers. . . have you come across him in your remodeling journey?

bunny said...

Thanks--we wanted to do the wings in the paisley but they did not have enough nor could they order so the MW chair was all we could do BUT we have some left for throw pillows!

No, I have not. But I *LOVE* the Home Depot in Gainesville right now! They have really stepped up their customer service. Hey, do they have any jobs? My bro is still looking....sigh.

callie said...

I love the paisley fabric. You definitely need to make a skirt!