Friday, November 28, 2008

Holiday Happenings

Ok, peeps, don't be mad. It's a holiday week and things have been slow and not a whole lots going on. But I didn't want you to be mad at the Bunny, so I thought I would do a quick post which you probably won't even read until next week!

So there was not a whole lot of anything going on Tuesday. The most exciting thing to happen was that The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion show was on that night. See?? Boring. The hubs also has been trying to get sick all week and now, after being around my germ carrying monkey children yesterday, think I am too. I feel so BLAH and YUCK today. Which is unfortunate because I have a TON to do this weekend.

Wednesday was another slow and quiet day...everyone gearing up for the holiday. I spent the night at my 'rents so I could help my moms with the turkey. I made up some brine and we soaked that sucker all night then I popped it in the oven yesterday morning and ran home to make my sweet potato casserole. The hubs made an apple cake. Here's the glistening pics:

I cannot even tell you how fattening this probably was...2 sticks of butter, 2 cups of pecans. Lordy. It was Emmett Smith's family recipe. All I know is it was DAMYUM good. It could have been dessert it was so rich.

Here's the infamous apple cake which we shamelessly stole from Southern Living. It is a family staple now. The hubs makes it...he's a better baker than me. It is so, so caramelly goodness.

Yesterday was a great time at the 'rents. Lots of eating. Playing football with the kids. Talking. Then home for early evening naps and very little dinner. I think I am still full! Today, I had to work a little, then I went to the grocery store and now I am about to go work on our bead board. Mr. Mike is putting bead board on our dormer ceiling and stoop ceiling and we have to stain and sand and clear coat it. But first, I have to wipe off the Pud prints:

Yes, that is Savannah earlier today, who decided to nap on the bead board. WTF, dawg?? Lord, I had to laugh though. And my sis got so upset yesterday when her son stepped on it! Here it is without dog:

We stained it the same color as our hardwoods. Here is the room with the painting finished, but I still have to work on the trim this weekend.

I know the orange is nephew asked if it was the Tony Stewert room...but it's different and what we want and we live here. So, if you hate it, just keep it to yourself, 'kay, because that painting was A LOT of work. And one last photo:

This is our super sexy new heat pump! We didn't really NEED a new pump, but our old one would have been working really hard to heat the new room. And this was an upgrade to ENERGY STAR so I am hoping our electric bill goes down. It seems to be doing a great job of keeping the house warm at a lower temp so I am excited about that. It's the little thing peeps, the little things.

What I'm Cooking:
Not much. Been a light eating week, went out with the 'rents Wednesday and Turkey Day yesterday. Tonight leftovers. Back to normal next week I hope.

What I'm Listening To:
Jim Brickman's Christmas CD. He is an AWESOME pianist and has two Christmas CDs. Both are great, esp. for entertaining. I highly recommend checking them out.

What I'm Reading:
I finished Beach House by Jane Green. It was ok. I am not sure what I am going to start next...

What's On My Mind
I need to go get dinner started and try to get something constructive done today! Have a good weekend peeps--I will be back soon!

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