Friday, November 28, 2008

Holiday Happenings

Ok, peeps, don't be mad. It's a holiday week and things have been slow and not a whole lots going on. But I didn't want you to be mad at the Bunny, so I thought I would do a quick post which you probably won't even read until next week!

So there was not a whole lot of anything going on Tuesday. The most exciting thing to happen was that The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion show was on that night. See?? Boring. The hubs also has been trying to get sick all week and now, after being around my germ carrying monkey children yesterday, think I am too. I feel so BLAH and YUCK today. Which is unfortunate because I have a TON to do this weekend.

Wednesday was another slow and quiet day...everyone gearing up for the holiday. I spent the night at my 'rents so I could help my moms with the turkey. I made up some brine and we soaked that sucker all night then I popped it in the oven yesterday morning and ran home to make my sweet potato casserole. The hubs made an apple cake. Here's the glistening pics:

I cannot even tell you how fattening this probably was...2 sticks of butter, 2 cups of pecans. Lordy. It was Emmett Smith's family recipe. All I know is it was DAMYUM good. It could have been dessert it was so rich.

Here's the infamous apple cake which we shamelessly stole from Southern Living. It is a family staple now. The hubs makes it...he's a better baker than me. It is so, so caramelly goodness.

Yesterday was a great time at the 'rents. Lots of eating. Playing football with the kids. Talking. Then home for early evening naps and very little dinner. I think I am still full! Today, I had to work a little, then I went to the grocery store and now I am about to go work on our bead board. Mr. Mike is putting bead board on our dormer ceiling and stoop ceiling and we have to stain and sand and clear coat it. But first, I have to wipe off the Pud prints:

Yes, that is Savannah earlier today, who decided to nap on the bead board. WTF, dawg?? Lord, I had to laugh though. And my sis got so upset yesterday when her son stepped on it! Here it is without dog:

We stained it the same color as our hardwoods. Here is the room with the painting finished, but I still have to work on the trim this weekend.

I know the orange is nephew asked if it was the Tony Stewert room...but it's different and what we want and we live here. So, if you hate it, just keep it to yourself, 'kay, because that painting was A LOT of work. And one last photo:

This is our super sexy new heat pump! We didn't really NEED a new pump, but our old one would have been working really hard to heat the new room. And this was an upgrade to ENERGY STAR so I am hoping our electric bill goes down. It seems to be doing a great job of keeping the house warm at a lower temp so I am excited about that. It's the little thing peeps, the little things.

What I'm Cooking:
Not much. Been a light eating week, went out with the 'rents Wednesday and Turkey Day yesterday. Tonight leftovers. Back to normal next week I hope.

What I'm Listening To:
Jim Brickman's Christmas CD. He is an AWESOME pianist and has two Christmas CDs. Both are great, esp. for entertaining. I highly recommend checking them out.

What I'm Reading:
I finished Beach House by Jane Green. It was ok. I am not sure what I am going to start next...

What's On My Mind
I need to go get dinner started and try to get something constructive done today! Have a good weekend peeps--I will be back soon!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Madness

You may have noticed I changed my profile photo--it is now me as the paint princess, holding my magic wand, also called a roller. I feel like it has been surgically attached to my forearm and a brush to the other. After this is all done, if I say anything about painting for at least 5 years, you will know I have totally gone off my rocker and call the paddy wagon pronto. It's sorta like have to forget the pain before you can consider going down that road again.

So the hubs was all like "the new room doesn't seem so big now." W.T.F.??? Seriously??? I bet you are feeling every 288 square feet++ of that tonight sweetie. Yes, today we spent all afternoon painting the new room and new room dormer. We are STILL not finished. The trim has to be done, but I just cannot do it tonight. I am worn out. Although it would be best to do it tonight but, alas, I cannot. Here are some photos:

So, I was a little scared about the orange yesterday, but today, I really like it. Along with the bright white trim and olive green dormer (see below), it really pops. It's different. It's bold. It's so me!

Here's the hubs working hard to paint the dormer. He chose this color, but I like it. It is a little dark, but Mr. Mike is adding rope lighting up in the dormer so it will be all cool and moody when we are done.

That was about it for today. We ran errands this morning...went to early vote in the Senate run-off, went to have the hubs tire patched (nail from remodel!) and went to Lowe's and Home Depot to get paint supplies. I bet we have spent $1000+ on stain, paint and stain and paint supplies. Seriously. And we STILL are not done. We still have the new room trim to finish, our master bath, our guest bedroom and our new dining area. Sigh.

So, yesterday I took a break from all the remodel and went to the Falcons game with my new BFF Bob. The hubs had to work so he was down with it, plus he really isn't keen on sports. I have to now embarrassingly admit 1) I had never been to the Georgia Dome and 2) I have never been to a professional football game. But I LOVED it! Of course, it helped that Bob, who was my benefactor, won season's passes with great seats and owner's club passes. It was so exciting! The fans were really into it! We also got to go onto the field before the game and watch the teams warm up which was super cool. And the owner's club has a posh spread of eats and drinks. All in all, it was a fun day and a great experience I was so happy to share with my new friend. Afterward, we walked through Centennial Park which was all litted up for the holidays. Here are some pics:

Here's my ticket, owner's club pass and field pass.

Bob with cheerleaders. Those girls know how to stick out their boobs and suck in their stomachs. Where do they teach that???

Action shots.

Action shots.

Owner's club entrance....I wanted to take more photos, but I didn't want to embarrass Bob.

Bob and I in the stands...I love this pic!

Can I also just take this opportunity to say that football is the gayest-non gay sport ever? The butt slaps. The stretching. The tight pants. That's all I am saying.

Bob in Centennial Park with big tree.

World of Coke at Christmas.

Thanks, Bob. I loved it and I <3 you totes!

What I'm Cooking:
I made the Publix chili again tonight. It is SO good and easy. And it is already giving me heartburn of the memorable kind. Here's the link to the recipe:

What I'm Listening To:
'Been listening to Christmas music today while painting. I have decided to do my Top 10 Favorite Christmas Songs (in no order). Here we go:

1) Bells are Ringing by Mary Chapin Carpenter
2) We Wanna See Santa Do the Mambo by Big John Greer
3) Do You Hear What I Hear by Linda Eder
4) In the Bleak Midwinter by James Taylor
5) Josephy's Lullaby by Mercy Me
6) Kissin' by the Mistletoe by Arethea Franklin
7) Step Into Christmas by Elton John
8) What Christmas Means to Me by Stevie Wonder
9) What are You Doing New Year's Eve by Ella Fitzgerald
10) This is Christmas by Luther Vandross

#10 is especially meaningful this Christmas. Here are some of the lyrics:

Don't be discouraged
Don't be dismayed
There's hope for all in this world
'Cause this is Christmas day

Say a little prayer for the world
God teach us love
Though you think that He doesn't hear
I know He does

This is Christmas
Let the world sing
Let our souls began to heal
Hallejuah this is Christmas
And with love we can began today

Let's begin today, peeps. Hope for a better, happier future for us all. That's what I pray for every night. (Oh, and buy Luther's Christmas album...This is Christmas...I LOVE me some Luther. Totes.)

What I'm Reading:
Still on Beach House by Jane Green. Makes me want to go to Nantucket now.

What's On My Mind
I am finally starting to feel a little hopeful about the end of the remodel, the future of our county, and my personal future. It's a good feeling. Thank you, Lord.

G'night, peeps!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Simply Sunday

Yo, peeps....I have a limited window of time and thought I would post a quick one since I have been a bad Bunny blogger this week. There has been progress this week on the remodel, but not much of the visible kind, if that makes sense.On Wednesday, we had hardwoods put in our master bedroom. Here's a pic:

We busted our butts getting it painted last Sunday so they could put in the hardwoods. We also are having our nightstands and headboards painted which we should get this week. Then, it will be laying the new rugs, hanging the new curtains and, maybe getting the new window this week, and we will be done for THAT room.

Yes, on a tangent, SUPPOSEDLY our windows are in route and, IF they come, and IF they are right, they will be installed Wednesday. Hopefully, the grill for our big window will come as well. However, the other day, we realized we were missing the dentil shelf on our door....there were SO MANY things wrong with the order at first that we overlooked it. So now we have to inquire about THAT as well.

Anyway, Friday, I took off and the bro came and we caulked and puttied and sanded and repeated. Not pic worthy, trust me. I finished touch up painting the bedroom and dining area...I have given up the idea of perfect and am settling for ok enough. Yesterday, they came and stipled the ceiling in the new room but THERE IS STILL SO MUCH PAINTING TO DO! WITH GOD AS MY WITNESS, I WILL NOT PAINT FOR AT LEAST 5 YEARS! I SWEAR! So, yesterday, we had a TON of errands to do and did not get much done, but this morning, we started painting the room. Here are pics:

Yeah, so it's orange. Gingerbread to be exact. It's bold. I think once everything gets in there and we have window treatments and such it's going to be quite pretty. The hubs says you only live once and why live in a beige world??

So not much else to tell. I could bore you about getting into a pissing match with the paint Nazi at Home Depot. I could tell you how I have ruined my hands sanding and caulking and painting. I could tell you lots of things but I am running out of time because I am going to the Falcons game today with my new BFF Bob so I gots to go get ready soon.

What I'm Cooking:
Actually, even with the remodel, I have been cooking. I have made pork roast with sweet potatoes and lima beans this week as well as white chicken chili and slider burgers. I also made special breakfast this morning...I broke out the ebelskiver pan! Here's pics:

Here are the pancakes with filling...I did pumpkin butter mixed with cream cheese.

Here they are turned...they are golden crispy outside, yummy on the inside.

Here they are the third batch, I had about gotten it right. Like flipping pancakes, these take practice and the bad thing is having to wait between batches! They are TRES yummy though.

What I'm Listening To:
Ok, I am going to admit that I like that new Beyonce song, Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It). What????? It's got a catchy beat!!!!

What I'm Reading:
Nada. Well, some mags....Rachel Ray, Everyday Food, Entertainment Weekly. Oh, wait! I did "restart" Beach House by Jane Green yesterday!

What's On My Mind
So much to do peeps. I am just praying and focusing on getting the majority of all this remodel stuff done by the end of the year, but even then, there will be stuff to do. Sigh. Oh well, at least it is coming to a conclusion.

Tune back later for Falcons pics! And more remodel pics!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hump Day Holla

Well, not really. Not much has been going on at Casa Bunny but the remodel and there haven't been any DRAMATIC improvements on that front, except we did get hardwoords in our master bedroom today. Everything is just sorta a HUGE mess and we are slowly starting to MAYBE come to a conclusion on some things. Needless to say, I have felt bad because I have not posted in DAYS so I decided to do a short post to tell you all that I am still alive and I still love you but you will have to wait until the weekend for something substantial. Until then, Bunny Love!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sassy-ness Saturday

Yo, peeps, it's been a few days, but I am back! It's actually been pretty quiet around Casa Bunny the past few days. It's been grey and rainy and just sorta blahy.

On Thursday, Ronaldo (sp?) came and mudded the sheetrock in the new room. Here are some photos:

He wore these like really cool stilt shoe thingys to clomp around in and reach the high spots. Let's zoom in for the closeup:

See?? Cool. However, they apparently make R. drip sheetrock mud everywhere like all over my new door, windows, etc. Mr. Mike assures me it comes off with water. It better. It better.

I also took a new photo of the (more) completed outside. This will give you a good idea of the final look:

We have been budgeting this weekend to see what kinda money we are going to have finishing up and the result is: NONE. Actually, we will have enough to finish our hardwoods inside the house OR rock the foundation. We have decided to do the hardwoods and let the rock wait awhile.

So, Monday, Mr. Mike comes to start sanding and priming the sheetrock (which will be a NIGHTMARE of dust) and then the little guy is supposed to come and finish our hardwoods in the master bedroom this week. We will have to wait on the other bedrooms until we can move some furniture around. It's really crowded inside Casa Bunny! We also will not be able to afford new appliances right now. Oh, well. They were not a necessity, but would be nice. Guess we will make due. Now I am panicked about the economy--it would REALLY suck to lose our house after we finally had it remodeled. Let's all pray that never comes close to happening.

Nothing happened much yesterday and, today, I went to get my hair cut and did I ever! Here's the new 'do:

It's so cute! A curly, sassy bob. My hair had gotten REALLY long and the curl was flattening due to the weight, so I told her I wanted to shorten it. Honestly, I did not expect this short but I really like it.

This afternoon, I have been working on some work projects I have neglected and trying to wrap those up. That's about it. Tomorrow, I am going Christmas shopping for the children with my mom and more painting. Woo-hoo.

What I'm Cooking:
Wednesday night, we had vegetable pasta--jarred sauce with diced fresh squash, zucchini and peppers. For some reason, I am really not loving pasta right now. I used to CRAVE it, but my jones has wained which is bad since I have a cabinet FULL. Anywho, Thursday, we went to the grocery store so we caught a quick bite out.

Last night, I roasted another chiken. I am addicted! Chickens were on sale at the Publix this week and I wanted to roast it while fresh. Here it is:

Yes, it's missing its wings. I pulled them off before I remembered to take a photo. Yes, I brined it and rubbed it with oil and spices, however, while this one was prettier, I don't think it was quite as juicy, but it was still really, really good.

Tonight, I made chicken enchiladas with black beans and yellow rice on the side, however, I forgot to take a photo! Sigh. Oh, well, they were a little dried out because the hubs was late arriving.

What I'm Listening To:
NEW ARTIST ALERT!! I currently love Jamie Lidell. His new album "Jim" has a retro feel...sorta like Sam Cook-ish 50's vibe. I LOVES the song "Another Day." Weirdly enough, he used to be an electronica artist. Anyways, check him out. It's seriously good stuff.

What I'm Reading:

What's On My Mind
Y'all, I don't know what to believe about this economy mess. I am giving myself an ulcer reading the Internet. On the one hand, you have the gloom and doom folks who are stocking up on guns and canned foods; on the other, the Pollyana "it's not that bad" peeps. I hope somewhere in the middle is the truth. I can take recession ok, but depression scares the SHIT out of me. While I do think things will get worse before they get better, I do have some faith in our world leaders to try to get us out of this mess. We all succeed or we all fail together in today's global climate. I hope my faith, and my prayers, are not in vain.

On that depressing note, good night!
The Bun

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hump Day Holla

Well, it's that time again....time for the Hump Day Holla. I am sure you all wait with bated breath each week for this momentous day and I seek to please, so here we are again.

Well, let's see, lots has been happening at Casa Bunny over the last three days. Sheet rock is going up, the siding is still being put on, and I have developed ashy lung from all the freakin' dust up in here. Just sayin'. All I have been doing is coughing like a 2 pack a day smoker. So, let's get onto the photos:

Here's Rob on my roof hanging siding. Rob's cool. He doesn't say a lot but he is a hard worker. And he looks like a strawberry blond Jesus. Don't believe me? Let's go in for the close-up:

I like Rob. I loved that he waved when I was taking the picture. I figure it's never a bad thing to have someone who looks like Jesus working for you, ya know??

This is Leroy, cutting siding. I meant to get some more exterior shots today but it got too dark before I remembered. Oh, well...come back later in the week, dudes.

Here's Frank (you remember Frank, right??) and Mr. Mike hanging sheet rock base.

Here is the new room ready for sheet rock. See our gigantic beam? Anyway, it's all terribly exciting but a M-Fing MESS! I mean there is DUST EVERYWHERE. And I am being told it gets WORSE. I may be on a respirator before this is all over. Seriously.

We also got our recovered furniture today. It turned out well--I suppose it was all worth it. Here are the photos (the lighting really sucks on these so it's hard to see the colors):

Old wing chair...burgandy plaid.

New wing chair...small gold and chocolate diamond pattern.

Old Martha Washington chair...hunting scene tapestry.

New Martha Washington chair...chocolate paisley! LOVES THIS TOTES! Want to make a skirt out of the scraps.

Old couch...cabbage rose tapestry floral.

New tone ribbed.

Unfortch, they are now all clustered in our living room under a big plastic tarp to protect them from dust and debris. Have I whined today about how TIRED I am of all this? Tired, I tell you. It has taken over my life and then some. I mean, there is NOTHING else to tell because there is nothing else going on. Seriously.

What I'm Cooking:
Well, Monday night, I went to W-S class which, this week, was stuffing. It was "eh"...I am not a big stuffing person. I was raised on dressing. However, this coming Monday is SIDES which I am stoked about! I also bought an excellent new sauce which I hope to try soon.

Last night, I made Cheddar Cauliflower soup which was awesome, but I forgot to take a photo! We ate it with crusty bread and a little chopped, cooked bacon. YUMS! Tonight, I made veggie pasta with squash, zucchini and peppers in a Classico sauce. Simple and basic.

What I'm Listening To:
I love the new Taylor Swift song "White Horse" which I wrote about here a while back.

What I'm Reading:
Blah, people, just blah. Reading has come to a grinding halt.

What's On My Mind
I am just so tired and overwhelmed and, as a result, I feel myself shutting down, which is not good. To top it all off, all this dust is effecting my sinuses and I am trying to get sick. I feel myself slipping into a funk and I cannot afford to be in a funk but I have no energy or spunk right now. I am just on auto pilot. Please pray for me. XO, Bun

Sunday, November 09, 2008

It's Sunday So It Must Be Roasted Chicken....

Yo, peeps...I made my first brined and roasted chicken today. I had to post to process...I have such a feeling of success. I think that is why I like a short period of time, you either have success or a failure and you move on. If it's success, you feel so accomplished. So here is my journey, chronicled by the hubs. (Thanks, hubs!)

STEP 1: Make the brine. This step consisted of dissolving the W-S brine mix in hot water then adding ice cubes to cool it down, then apple cider for additional liquid. Here is my chicken is a big 'ol Ziploc bag 'o brine:

You let the chicken sit in the brine mix for about 3.5 hours, then you rinse it and pat it dry. Next, STEP 2: Rub the inside (under skin) and outside of the chicken with the seasoning paste which is oil, garlic, rosemary and a whole bunch of good stuff.

This looks a little gross, but it's worth it. Unfortch, I tore the skin a little on top, but it worked out. Then, I had to truss the chicken with twine, the Little Jake way, but unfortch part 2, our camera batteries gave out. Then, it was on the pan, in the oven with the thermometer, and voila! Roasted chicken:

Pretty, golden goodness!

Slicing it up...see all the juices!

Here it is plated with red pepper risotto and a spring salad mix with apples, blue cheese and walnuts. The chicken was day-um good! Moist and flavorful. Maybe a touch salty....could have let it set in the brine too long. Overall though, a total success! I LOVES this method. I am all about the brine now.

Not much else going on today...celebrated birthday with the mom-in-law with lunch then touch up painted the kitchen this afternoon. Pretty boring, but, boy, am I sore! Tomorrow will be more work on the house...things are going to go fast now I hope.

No extras tonight peeps...I am heading to bed early. If I don't wind up sick, it will be a miracle! G'night!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Peeps, I'm Pooped

Wow. I am SO tired. This week has been emotionally (election) and physically (remodel) and mentally (work) draining. I know I have been a bad Bunny blogger, but I have just been so OVERWHELMED.

First, the remodel is back into FULL swing. As in Mr. Mike knocked out the wall separating the old room and new Wednesday. Siding also progressed. The bro came back and did some work. Here are some photos from the week:

Here is our old front wall, with front door and window removed, ready to knock down. Those color swishes on the wall are potential colors for the new room--we figured we could muck up the wall since it was coming down.

Here is the wall knocked down, opening the space into one giant room! This view is looking from our house into the new room. Yes, the ceiling is sagging a little but there is a giant beam there now.

This view is looking from the new room into our existing house. Yes, our house is a DISASTER. We have no living room furniture (we took it off to the upholstery place on Tuesday which was good timing since the wall came down!) and there is dust and debris and crap everywhere and everything is covered in sheets and it is, in general, a total nightmare.

New vinyl siding on the existing house. It is called Woodland Green and is a taupy-olive with a wood grain look to it.

Other side of addition with cedar siding and our three little windows.

Our guest bath with new light fixture, new faucet and painted cabinet with new hardware. We could not remodel so we "refreshed."

Our new kitchen faucet, installed by my bro. Unfortch, the new faucet made me realize how SHITTY our sink looked, so I think we are going to replace the sink with a new, inexpensive model. With new faucet, sink, cabinet hardware, paint and appliances, we will "refresh" our kitchen.

Our new front door with the new lockset. I also bought a new light fixture--it will hopefully go in this coming week since we have NO outside lights, which makes walking the girls VERY challenging. We will be painting or staining the trim around the door but we have not decided what to do yet.

So, Friday, we had our rough inspection and got the go ahead to proceed. Monday, Mr. Mike will be here hanging insulation and sheet rock and we will be cooking with gas. I bet we have this room finished before we get our new replacement windows. And after next week, all the siding will be on except around the windows.

The hubs and I spent this afternoon staining the remainder of the cedar siding to the point where I have a blister. Tomorrow, we are doing paint touch up from last weekend (YUCK) and maybe starting the master bath painting. We'll see how far we get. Have I said HOW MUCH there is TO DO?? If I think about it, I get so overwhelmed I almost want to throw up. But here's the WEIRDNESS of the day--a little titmouse (a bird) FLEW INTO THE NEW ROOM today when we were out there working on the siding and it took us hours to get him out. Seriously.

What I'm Cooking:
My brains are a pile of poop right now--I have bad CRS--so it will take the hubs to help me remember what we ate this week. Hold on....Ok, the hubs tells me that Wednesday night we ate out; Thursday night, the hubs had to work late and I went to the grocery store and decided to be gross so I had pizza rolls and a Trader Joe's limeade cocktail. Mmmm, dinner of the white trash. Last night, I went over to a friend's house for dinner and the hubs went to the inlaws. Tonight, I was gonna cook, but I was TOO tired to lift a pot, so the hubs took me out for Mexican. But TOMORROW, I am roasting a chicken so tun back in for those deets next week.

What I'm Listening To:
Right now, Book of Love by Book of Love.

What I'm Reading:
Blah! No time to read. Beach House by Jane Green is sitting by my bed, gathering dust.

What's On My Mind
Clouds tonight...

Can you tell the difference between a cirrus, cumulus, nimbus and stratus cloud?
Actually, yes. I took meteorology in college.

Have you ever seen shapes in the clouds?

How does a cloudy day make you feel?
Like curling up with a blanket and a book.

So, good night peeps. I am off to take a handful of Advil and go to bed.