Tuesday, October 14, 2008

'Tis Tuesday

Yeah, and I kept thinking it was the Hump Day Holla all day and kept being rudely reminded by the other part of my brain that no, it was TUESDAY. Oh well. I am pooped, peeps. I have been fighting sinus and not sleeping well and more than a little stressed but let's get to it, shall we?

So, Sunday, my little hubs worked all afternoon painting trim. While I have not had this pleasure yet, I can tell you it looks like a bitch. Here's photo of hubs:

So, yeah, I am looking SO forward to doing my part. Actually, I am planning on rising at the crack of dawn tomorrow to clean my deck so we can stain it on Sunday. Then, I am taking off Thursday to paint our laundry room and start staining our cedar siding which was delivered today. Woo-hoo. Good times, good times.

Anyway, yesterday was a zoo at Casa Bunny. My hubs was off, my inlaws stopped by to see the remodel and the bro showed up with his youngins. And, dangs it, I forgot to take pics, but Aunt Bunny is wilier than a 7 and 5 year old so I put their little rumps to work. They found several nails in the yard from all the remodel, so I told them I would pay them for every nail they could find. Heck, it worked! Kept them entertained for a good hour at least. And my bro got my new laundry room shelving put together and the other reconfigured. I forgot to take before photos, but now I feel obliged to paint the dang laundry room. ARRGG!

Last night, we went to the inlaws and I attended my first book club hosted by a friend of mine in my inlaws hometown. See, they live about 45 minutes away and it just happens that my friend's book club is at the local library, so hubs stayed and visited while I clubbed. We had to read that awful Siddons book. Next month we are reading In Cold Blood. Joy. Actually, I like Capote and I have never read it and that's the whole reason I am in the club--to read things I wouldn't otherwise.

So today was work like a dog because I have so much to do to be off on Thursday. Seriously. I think I edited like 200 pgs today. My eyes are crossing right now.

Here are some cute photos of KK, our unheralded cat, from yesterday:

Seriously, it is RIDICULOUS how pretty this cat is. Those eyes alone are awesomeness personified.

What I'm Cooking:
Sunday night, I FINALLY made shepherd's pie using this:

Yes, another W-S sauce, and it was great. BTW, I have been out of the W-S class loop for a while--nothing I really wanted to go to + gas shortage + lots of stuff to do at home, but I am going back this week for the rescheduled Roasting class. I miss Little Jake! Here is the pie in the pot before potatoes were applied:

Actually, this looks a little like high-end dog food....but have I told you how much I love my new cast iron casserole?? So, here it is plated:

With mashed potatoes on top (they were the cheater Ore-Ida steamers) and the good crusty rolls. I also had a salad on the side:

Yes, peeps, that is a cuke from my fall garden! I picked three, actually! I just wish my peas would get on with it now...Last night, we were out, and out again tonight, but I will be whipping up something tomorrow, I promise.

What I'm Listening To:
Let It Be Me by Ray LaMontagne. It's from his new album. He fits my mood tonight--quiet, spiritual, a little sad (see below).

What I'm Reading:
I finished Abide with Me by Elizabeth Strout and what a good book! I cried through the last chapters--it resonated with me so much: touching, true, telling. I would highly recommend.

What's On My Mind
This is how I feel peeps:

I am SO ready for my life to return to some kind of normal. I am so tired of my house being a train wreck. I have so much to do with the remodel and I am so stressed out trying to keep it all straight. And all I want to do is sleep.

What's My Meme:
It's all about love...

Whom do you love?
My hubs is my greatest love followed closely by my girls.

What is the best way to affirm the ones you love?
Be there when they need you.

How has someone best expressed heartfelt love to you?
My hubs with small but thoughtful gifts such as the Casa Bunny sign; calls from fams or friends just to say "hello"--those unexpected things that people do show they care.

Be back soon, dudes! Love, Bunny

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Elisabeth7291 said...

Got your message. . . will call when I can come up for air. . .

LOVE In Cold Blood - I have it if you don't want to buy it.