Friday, October 31, 2008

My Top Ten

Ok, I have been saving this post for a day when there was absolutely NOTHING going on and it was so, so boring at Casa Bunny that the only thing to perk up the day would be looking at some fine, fine men. So, peeps, I have decided to present my (current) Top Ten Men Who Do It for Bunny. Of course, the hubs is my numero uno, but if he ever met a very, very sad and untimely demise, one of these mens would be an excellent second best. So here goes, in no particular order:

Patrick Dempsey is the reason I watch Grey's Anatomy. The hair, the wry smile, the sad eyes. What they HELL is wrong with Meredith Grey?? This is a truly beautiful man.

Ahh, Batman. Christian Bale is an exceptional actor and exceptionally good looking. He's got the whole dark/broody/mysterious thingy down to a tee. The fact that he is actually British is just icing on the cake.

Steve Carell strikes me as the guy next door--always around and good for a laugh until one day you realize he is also hot. Don't believe me? Watch "Dan in Real Life".

Anderson Cooper, the Silver Fox. I don't care about the whole gay thing--I'd be his baby mama, drinking buddy or GBFF.

Hugh Grant had me at "Four Wedding and a Funeral". He is the quintessential Brit male. I think I love every movie he's ever been in just because he was in it.

Matt Damon just seems like he would be super fun while being super sexy. Did you SEE the Bourne movies?? Yeah, who wouldn't love to sing "I'm F**cking Matt Damon"?

John Stewart is so smart and such a smart ass. Lethal combo especially when combined with those blue eyes.

An unusual pick, but Rick Astley can SING. His greatest hits albums is one of the best albums EVER. Plus, I have this thing about red hair, okay?? (It's hard to tell here, but it IS auburn!)

Michael Buble, another great singer who can turn a standard into something fresh and sexy. And he usually looks like he's up to something, just like in this photo.

George Clooney is just a classic. Our generation's Cary Grant. I would def be up for a month long sojourn to his Italian villa to drink limoncellos.

There were several runner-ups--Hugh Jackman, Daniel Craig, Colin Firth--but this is my list. Hope you enjoyed the eye candy. Have a great weekend! Lots going on so I should have something to share about me next time. Love, the Bunny

NOTE: Please, head honchos of the image companies, don't sue me for using your photos. I just wanted to share some beauty with my small world! Thanks!

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