Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hump Day Holla

Yo, yo, peeps, it's the Hump Day Holla. Not much been going on here at Casa Bunny. Monday, we gots the bad news that our windows and door did not make it on the truck. Yes, and we were the ONLY people whose items did NOT make it. So me and Peachtree have been at it. PEACHTREE WINDOWS AND DOORS DOES NOT KEEP THEIR PROMISES! That would be PEACHTREE WINDOWS AND DOORS. Tell all your friends. So, today I was again PROMISED that my windows would be here Monday. If not, I told them I wanted the windows for free. Period. It has now been a month of NO construction.

But that doesn't mean there's not DEstruction. No. Take a look at these photos. Sorry--they are all I gots to offer:

See the stacks of cedar siding. See the one in front, the big one? That's what's left. The small stack in the back? That's what's done. We have approx. 2 of 5 stacks complete. And not done well. That damn cedar SOAKS up stain like an 'effin super size tampon. Dudes. Seriously. And my shoulders ACHE today from the application.

This is an upclose of the cedar--it is a dark, ashy brown color that looks black or brown or grey depending on the light.

This is the huge patch on our living room, soon to be dining room, wall where a freaking wall phone jack used to be. Seriously, who has WALL phones anymore? I tried to fix it and did a totally shitty job so my bro did this patch. Eh, this wall is hopefully coming down one day.

These are the bare bulbs in our master bath--we are installing new light fixtures and, until we paint, this is all we gots. Worse than living in a trailer.

And our guest bath. Second act of new light fixtures.

So, that's about all other than our clean, naked deck which is also awaiting siding stain. We have lot of work, peeps. LOTS of work. This weekend, we will be staining the deck, more siding and painting trim. If you feel like a fun time, stop by.

No extras tonight. I am tired and PMS and just not in the mood. Sorry.
Love and kisses,

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