Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Favorites

Let's see what's happened since we last met peeps. Honestly, I don't remember much about Wednesday except 1) what we had for dinner (see below) and 2) the presidential debate (thank God it was the last one!). I also went to the grocery store Wed. night instead of today because Publix had some mad BOOF deals last week so we cashed in before they went off.

Yesterday, I took the day off to do some remodel chores. First, I loaded up all our guttering and took to the aluminum recycling place. For my efforts and our gutters? A whopping $19! Woo-hoo! I will have to be careful not to blow it all in one place. Literally. Then, onto the paint store to match stain. More about that later. Then home to paint the laundry room. What a bitch. Who knew such a small room would be such a pain in the ass. Here is the "after":

I painted the walls a bright, cheery yellow (Laura Ashley Gypsy Gold if you must know). Hell, if you gots to do laundry, it might as well be fun! We added the rack to the left which I draped with a Tommy Hilfiger shower curtain I gots at Dillards for $6. At least one room is done now. Sigh. I was sore as a mo-fo last night though so I soothed myself with cocktails and ibuprofen. Then I didn't sleep worth a toot.

Today was work, work, work, 20 loads of laundry and a run back to the paint store. Seems the hubs thought the stain I decided on was too dark. But they say they can lighten it which is a good thing since I bought 3 gallons for a tune of $100ish. If we don't get divorced before this is over, it will be a miracle. Seriously.

So since there is not much going on, I decided to do a few recent favorites. I think they are all food. Sorry, that's how sad my life is--remodel and comfort food.

I love hard cider in the fall. Strongbow is actually my fave but my hubs needed green bottles for a garden project, so I bought this. I am actually drinking this very bottle as I blog--it was my last one.

This is a great tomato-less salsa from Trader Joe's. We are having quesidillas tonight so this jar will probably be opened before the evening is done.

I love this Trader Joe's limeade! It is esp. YUMS with some lime flavored vodka mixed in. MMMMMMM!

Sadly for my arse, I have recently fallen in love with P-Farm Verona cookies. I think the strawberry are my favorite.

This Blue Bell is SOOOO good. It has Snickerdoodle cookie bits, praline bits and cinnamon swirls. SOOOOO good.

HELL YEAH! The seasonal Coffee Mate flavors are back! I practically had a stroke in the grocery store the other night when I saw them. I screamed a little. I think I scared the little dairy stock boy. And they were ON SALE! I called the hubs I was so excited. Gingerbread is my faves. I know I am sad. Seriously. I do.

This AWESOME seasonal butter from Trader Joe's is also back. I bought two jars when I saw it. I swear I could eat it from the jar with a spoon.

I bought this wine at Trader Joe's too. It's French! There's a goat on the label! It's pretty good. It is from The Julien Farm (that's the translation). I will probably have a glass of this after the cider.

What I'm Cooking:
Wednesday, I made spicy shrimp pasta, also known more fancy-ish as Shrimp Arribiatta. But my sauce is out of a jar (Classico). Here it is:

It is a simple, quick and tasty dish--what's not to love?? I served it with this on the side:

Spring greens with pears, toasted walnuts and blue cheese. YUM-YUM! I know they sort of don't go together but I LOVE this salad or any version of it and I have a ton of pears right now.

Last night, we El Pollo Loco-ed. I was too pooped to cook.

What I'm Listening To:
Change My Mind by John Berry. It's from an I-Tunes mix I made from my moms. It is a pretty song:

Change my mind
Say you couldn't live without me
Say you're crazy about me
With a look, with a touch
Change my mind
I'm lookin' in your eyes
For the love we left behind
It's not too late to change my mind


What I'm Reading:
Unfortch, I have not started anything new yet. Maybe this weekend.

What's On My Mind
Getting this article done tonight I have due Monday.

What's My Meme:
List six things about me that I've never mentioned on the blog:
1. I have had pneumonia twice.
2. I broke my leg when I was 8 and had to wear a cast for 8 weeks.
3. I have a lipstick fetish.
4. I love 90's country music (Trisha Yearwood, Garth Brooks, etc.)
5. I do not know how to swim.
6. If I had money, I would SO have plastic/cosmetic surgery/procedures.

Busy weekend of remodeling stuff. Tomorrow night is my sis and sis-in-law's bday celebrations. I will take photos. Have a good one, peeps!

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