Thursday, October 02, 2008

A Fine Fall Frenzy

So sorry peeps. I totally forgot about the Hump Day Holla. It's amazing how just one week can get you so out of a habit and routine. Anyway, here's a quick update about the doings at Casa Bunny.

Tuesday night was the big fundraiser I helped co-chair and it was quite successful even though I lost my shit last week and was a little behind the eight ball. And the group that I invited to perform--the Georgia Young Men's Ensemble--was AWESOME! I mean, really, super-duper talented young men. If you ever need some entertainment, I would highly recommend. And here is the lone fall dec in our house, which we got at the event:

I love these dark red mums! So pretty! And can I tell you how I cannot BELIEVE it is October? Though I am happy about it because October is my favorite month of all. I love fall and the love the crisp recent temps and I love that my wedding anniversary--no. 12 this Saturday--are all part of October.

As far as the remodel, little progress has been made. Mr. Mike roughed out all the electric and did a little more with the stoop but that's about it until we get the windows and doors. But here is the best news--Mr. Mike made a $4000 mistake IN MY FAVOR! Yeah! I love him for making it and for telling me. After the $2000 computer hit last week, our finances were suffering. I feel MUCH better about things now.

The bro has been over doing more work, mostly priming and puttying. Look at the hell-hole my house is on the INSIDE now:

Seriously losing my shit over how messy everything is. Oh well--it will be gorgeous when we're done. I hope.

Yesterday I also made it out to the Target where I picked up this little gem:

Yes, it is a big 'ol purple purse! LOVES! I SO wanted a purple purse for fall and this one was on sale for 50% off! Sometimes Target bags look at little cheap, but this one doesn't look too bad and I love, love, love the color.

We also took Savannah to the vet yesterday for blood curves and the news was not good. Her sugar was high, REALLY REALLY high. Like 425 high. That's high, peeps. So now, because we cannot get her regulated, the docs are talking about sending her to UGA. Cha-ching. I told them we would have to weigh the health gains against the financial hit before we would even entertain the idea so they are getting more info. Sigh. We love her muchas but really, she's 12, and we cannot afford $$$$ diabetes test at a vet school which may or may not help her. Sigh. Anyway, here is a funny pic of her tearing it up at dinner tonight:

What I'm Cooking:
Well, not a whole lot. Tuesday night was my fundraising dinner. Last night I went to dinner with a friend. Tonight, I did make frozen shrimp, baked potatoes and salad--nothing exciting BUT I have planned to get back on the ball next week. The next two nights, however, will be all out--tomorrow night is groceries and Saturday night we are going out for the anniversary.

What I'm Listening To:
Well, I still don't have all my computer music downloads back but two new songs I really love right now are You Make It Real by James Morrison (from his sophomore album) and White Horse by Taylor Swift (from her sophomore album--was on Grey's Anatomy last week)

What I'm Reading:
Still working on the two books. And I bought another new book yesterday. I am addicted to books peeps. I have to go through the Doubleday 12-Step Program. Paperback rehab. Seriously. If I read a book a week for a year, I might make it through my stack in a year. Seriously.

What's On My Mind
Looking forward to a great weekend! Happy Anniversary to me and the hubs! LOVE YOU MONK!!

What's My Meem:
Still no meem--I cannot find the sites. Got to remember how I got there....

Off to rock the V-P debate, peeps. Can I tell you that I think I have a little crush on Keith Olbermann?? Yeah, he's probably annoying as crap in real life but he SEEMS like a fun smart-ass. And he's a sharp dresser. Later taters!

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