Sunday, October 26, 2008

Centennial Celebration

Y'ALL! GUESS WHAT?? This is my 100th blog post! Woo-hoo! I think prezzies are in order--I mean, it's like my birthday. I would love some gift cards to Williams-Sonoma. Seriously. These cooking classes are bankrupting me.

So yesterday, the hubs and I gots up and parted ways--he to run his errands, including going to pay for our hardwoods (I haven't EVEN bored you with THAT drama--don't make the ones we have anymore, none to be had, special orders, selling our order to someone else, blah, blah, blah. Really, it would have broke me to go over that on top of the windows.) and I went to Walmart! We are now officially restocked on TP and PT (that's toilet paper and paper towels) and cat food.

Yesterday afternoon, I started cleaning house, but soon stopped because the hubs was painting trim so I was limited to the amount of rooms I could clean. So instead, I worked on my article. Then the Internet went down, so I napped. Overall, not a terribly production afternoon. Last night we watched our weekly movie--this week was Baby Mama which was cute but had a pat, predictable ending.

Today, we slept in (yes, we have been heathens and skipping church; I don't think I can do anything "normal" until this remodel is done!) and then the hubs went with me to cooking class at W-S. Today was fall soups and it was great. I will definitely be making the two Little Jake made today. He's so nice. I want to take a photo of class to post here but I don't want to be weird. We'll see....

So, this afternoon, we came home and painted MORE trim. Do you know how much 'effin trim is in your home??? Think about the front and back of EVERY door, the trim around the doors, front and back, and the baseboards. Bless the Lord we do not have crown molding. I swear I would kill myself. And, like most things in our house, the trim was painted very shitty-ly so it's been taking a while to get it all coated up good. Sigh. Tomorrow I am off and we are going to stain the deck and more cedar siding. I am SO SO tired. And it's only just starting.

What I'm Cooking:
Well, Friday night I talked the hubs into going out to Waffle House, which I think I may have already mentioned. Last night, I decided to make the Trader Joe's Mandarin Orange Chicken which is SO SO yummy. Better than any Chinese in a restaurant and MUCH cheaper. It's one of our faves and great for a quick, cheap meal or when you are craving Chinese.

Today, I decided to go big but it was actually easy. I made Beef Bourguignonne, which I cannot spell OR say. It was crafted from this W-S base:

So, I diced up some thick slice bacon and browned it in my cast iron casserole, then drained it while I browned my beef (chuck). Then, I put the bacon back in the pan with the sauce, stirred it up and let it simmer in the oven for 3 hours on low heat. The last hour I added baby carrots and pearl onion. Here is the done dish:

Yeah, it's just fancy-schmancy beef stew but it is super yummers! Here it is plated:

Since it is similar to the Shepherds Pie we had recently, I decided to serve it over buttered noodles rather than mashed potatoes. One the side, I had another fall salad:

Spring greens, golden delicious apple, blue cheese and walnuts. Yum! Oh, yeah, and we had crusty rolls!

What I'm Listening To:
We have been listening to the two Michael's today--Michael Buble and Michael Feinstein. Both carriers of the standards torch and I love them both, but in a contest, M.F. would win hands down. He has such a beautiful voice. LOVES! TOTES LOVES! I wish he would come back to the ATL soon.

What I'm Reading:
Well, I finished More Than This by Margo Candela. I really liked it muchly. I started We Are All Welcome Here by Elizabeth Berg but I have not gotten very far.

What's On My Mind
Finishing this painting for tonight and then I need to finish my article. Oh, tomorrow, we are going to early vote!

What's My Meme:
This one's a little weird....

Have you ever had surgery?
Once--a tonsilectomy when I was 7 years old.

Have you ever performed surgery?
Um, no, unless you count the game Operation or cutting out an ingrown toenail.

Did you ever want to become a doctor?
No, but I did semi-consider becoming a nurse about 6 or 7 years ago, however, while blood doesn't bother me, I didn't think I could deal with the poop and pus.

Lots to do, so I am off. Have a great week!

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