Friday, October 24, 2008

11 P.M. Procrastination

Ok, peeps, I just realized I didn't blog today, but what's even sadder is that I have NOTHING to blog about. Things have been low-key and quiet here at Casa Bunny. Today was all rainy and cool and sleepiness and such. I did a bunch of nothing and work. Tonight, I opted to go out to the Waffle House for dins--rainy, cold weather = stout coffee and hot waffles! Tonight, I have been trying to write an article on driving and the elderly but I have distracted myself with everything known to man including reading blogs, updating my Facebook page and, now, blogging! You know how when you have so much to do that you just don't even want to start? Yeah, that's me right now.

Yesterday was quiet--work and then groceries yesterday evening then home to watch Grey's Anatomy. For dinner, we had a Publix sub, which, if you have never had one, are AWESOME! Seriously have Subway beat. I also managed to make it to the package store to score some Bailey's and whipped up a toddie last night to sip on while watching tv. But get this--the store was OUT of regular Bailey's--they only had mint which I HATE--so I had to buy those little hotel size bottles. WTF?? Was there a run on Bailey's or you just got lazy with the ordering dudes??

Just to let you know, I DID cook Wednesday night but it was not that good--a cooking disaster of sorts. I made this Mexicany dish with hashbrowns I needed to use. Lesson learned? Hashbrowns + Mexican = Weird. Oh, and 2) Don't make recipes off the back of the hashbrown bag.

Then, Aunt Flo came to visit today, which was just GREAT seeing has I have a marathon of activities lined up for the weekend. WOO-HOO! Yes, my weekend is TEEMING with excitement--Walmart! Painting! Staining! More Staining! Writing this damn article! Don't you wish you were me?? I AM going to W-S cooking class Sunday though--Fall Soups! Yeah!

BTW, HALF our windows from those lying bastards at PEACHTREE WINDOWS AND DOORS are on their way. HALF. The other half are coming, supposedly on Monday via overnight truck and directly to Casa Bunny. Dudes, can I tell you how OVER this I am? Those windows better not have ONE THING wrong with them--no scratches, cracks, NOTHING or I will LOSE MY SHIT. Seriously.

So, no extras tonight, peeps. I think I am just going to head to bed and call it a day. Be back in a few days and I'll try to be back on the ball!

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