Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Cannot Think of a Title Because I Am Too Tired

Ok, I am SOOOO tired this morning and my creative juices are flowing at low tide so this will be a quick post. I meant to post a Hump Day Holla last night, but I had to go to ATL for a work meeting and then we went to dinner and I was much later getting home than I anticipated. All that resulted in me getting in the bed at like midnight for the third night in a row. So, peeps, I am pooped. Anywho, good progress was made on Casa Bunny the past few days so I wanted to share.

Monday, the concrete truck came and poured our footings. Then, Tuesday, Mr. Mike (our contractor) came and set the rebar and the blocks and sand were delivered for the mortaring. Here are pics:

Blocks and sand waiting for mason!

Rebar waiting for blocks!

Yesterday, the mason came and layed the blocks, so we now have a very neat and complete foundation to our new room:

YEAH! It's starting to look like something! Today, it's supposed to be stormy so I don't think much is going to get done, however, they are supposed to deliver the wood to start framing and we did get our windows and doors ordered yestereday so we are staying on track. Our next hurdles are getting HVAC and flooring quotes. It's never ending....Seriously.

What I'm Cooking:
NOTHING! Tuesday night, I went out with a friend for wings and beer. Last night was a work dinner. Tonight, I am going to have dinner with the hubs. Tomorrow night I should cook again! Tune back in this weekend.

What I'm Listening To:
Yesterday, I was listening to Sam Cooke going down to ATL and back.

What I'm Reading:
STILL on One Mississippi. Don't judge. It's been a busy week with lots going on a night, my prime reading time.

What's On My Mind
A friend took a little umbrage to the fact that I called Sarah Palin the anti-christ on this very blog. The thought was that it was a little extreme. After explaining that my comment was (mostly) in jest and should be taken that way, I decided that maybe it was a wee harsh. So, instead, I will say that I now think Sarah Palin is Satan's mistress. Is that better?? ;)

And it's September 11, which always makes me think of where I was that day. I even remember what I was wearing and I never wore it again. I, know, kinda weird but I am superstitious that way.

What's My Meem:
Well, it's almost fall. Did you have a good summer? Why/why not?
Eh, it was ok. Gearing up for the remodel was stressful, but I enjoyed my garden and vacation.

Do you have anything special going on this fall? What is it? If not, do you want to plan something special to do?
The remodel. The remodel. The remodel.

Are there any favorite TV shows that you watch starting up again this fall? Is there another event coming up that you're looking forward to?
The Office and Grey's Anatomy which are on opposite each other. Oh, and Dancing with the Stars...maybe. The only other thing I am looking forward to is the remodel being totally done!

So, that's it! Have a great day and I will try to post over the weekend--lots going on this weekend too!

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Elisabeth7291 said...

OMG - It is starting to take shape!! Whoo Hoo! I'm excited for you!!