Monday, September 29, 2008

A Fresh Start

Ok, peeps, I have been psyching myself out for this post. Somehow, last week just crippled me. Anyway, I will give a quick as I can recap and we'll just start anew.

Last Monday--Black Monday as I now call it--my computer crashed and crashed hard. Probably a virus--no one is sure--but $1800 later and I still am not back to normal. I am still trying to retrieve my emails and my music and my fonts--all things I need for work and things I spent money on. The Geek Squad at Best Buy was a joke. They did retrieve my My Documents folder but that was about it. I practically had a yelling match with the supervisor Friday--it was bad. Now, I have another freelance geek helping me get my info back. Who know how much more I will have to spend?

Meantime, I was froze from lack of resources. Isn't it sad how much we have come to rely on our electronics? Projects halted, blog halted, but, on the upside, I got to watch a lot of tv!

The computer wasn't the only thing halted--the remodel has come to a slow halt as our windows and door were delayed until OCTOBER 21! Our builder has pretty much done everything he can at this point--he is wrapping up some details--the stoop, the rough electrical, etc. We did, however, get our new roof put on last week. Here's the latest photo:

Stoop started, new roof, house wrap started, not a lot of progess but some.

My going is also halted as we endure this gas shortage crisis. I ran around today and managed to find one station who would let you have $20 worth of gas. Thank the Lord I work from home. That plus all the economy doom and gloom really has me in a funk. Lord, please help us all.

On the bright side, my garden continues to grow and maybe I will get some peas and cukes before we freeze here. The temps have dropped and I have welcomed the cooler air. And this weekend is our 12th wedding anniversary and though we skipped our anniversary vacation (we have ALWAYS since our honeymoon went on vacation this week) because of the remodel, I am blessed to have a wonderful husband who I love very much.

What I'm Cooking:
The hubs continues to work at night so there has not been a lot of cooking going on. Yesterday, I did make homemade mac and cheese, a W-S recipe from the Comfort Foods class of last Sunday. I forgot to take a photo (out of practice!) but let's just say it was pretty good, though not as creamy as little Jake's. I think I overcooked it a little--our oven gets SO hot!

What I'm Listening To:
Not a damn thing because everything I want to listen to, I cannot because the stupid Geek Squad idjits messed up my music I think.

What I'm Reading:
I am reading two books--Abide with Me by Elizabeth Strout and Off Season by Anne Rivers Siddons. Actually, I stopped reading Abide with Me to read Off Season because I am trying to join a book club and that is what they are reading. Siddons is not one of my favorite authors and this book is poking for me.

What's On My Mind
I just want my life to get back to "normal"--house complete, computer all fixed and ready to go, no worry about my job, gas that is plentiful and relatively affordable.

Hey, I have two extra bumper stickers if anyone wants them--hubs is too chicken shit to put them on his car:

Four years ago, I got a hate note on my truck--anonymous, of course--because of my Kerry Edwards bumper sticker. Well, anyone who doesn't like these stickers can kiss my donkey! At least I have to conviction to speak up for what I believe in and not leave anonymous notes on people's vehicles.

Oh, and here is a cute pic of Pepsi napping yesterday:

What's My Meem:
No meem today--I lost all my meem links!

I will try to be back for Hump Day Holla, and, hopefully, be getting back to form.
Love, Bun

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