Thursday, September 18, 2008

'Da Roof, 'Da Roof, 'Da Roof is on 'Da House!

WOOT! Y'all, the roof is almost on the new addition--look:

Amazing, right?? I mean, Mr. Mike and his helpers are cooking with gas! Which is even more amazing because these men are all like AARP-member status. Seriously. But you know what? That's aw-ight 'cause these mo-fos know what they are doin'!! This is my newest best friend, Frank:

Frank is 75 years old and one of those dryly funny senior men. He's a hoot. Frank is a retired master carpenter and let me tell you, he knows his shayt peeps. So does Mr. Mike. I'm telling you, I loves Mr. Mike--he's 'da bomb and a bag of chips.

My bro has been helping me again with some handyman chores. Here's a look at his work this week:

He put knobs and pulls on all my kitchen cabinets. I swear, they look totally different now--like new and more expensive! Why did we never do this?? He also replaced all my bath faucets--here's old faucet:

Cheap with plastic thingy that gots so nasty. Here's new faucet:

Pretty with TWO handles--fancy, right?? Now, bro is patching walls and getting them ready for us to paint. Don't worry! It's not bro-abuse. I am giving him some moo-la for his efforts. There is just SO SO MUCH to do at Casa Bunny and limited daylight hours. Plus, my bro does GOOD work (he got that anal gene too) and, of course, I trust him. I think it's a win-win situation! If you need help at your house, let me know--I will be his pimp daddy and hook 'ya up.

Here's a cute pic of the K-ster:

She was sleeping on the deck rail yesterday. Her "place" used to be the porch, but since the porch is no longer, she has taken up on the deck. She likes to be up high--a security thing I suppose, and she can survey all the yard. KK, Queen of the Bunny Jungle.

What I'm Cooking:
Well, I have not been cooking but I have been eating, drinking and buying things to cook with--does that count?? Tonight, I went to dinner with a friend at Taco Mac. They have like 300 beers so I always try something new. Tonight, it was:

Tommyknocker Maple Nut Brown. YUM! Sorta like drinking syrup. And what can be wrong with THAT I say?? My friend had this:

This is my friend with the cute little dog and we thought the dog on the label looked like her dog. It was pretty good--I love fresh blueberries but I am not a big fan of blueberry flavored things. Sounds a little weird I know, but that's how I roll. I also had a little foray to Marshall's and bought this:

Going to the W-S classes have made me long for good knives. You know, they say good knives make all the difference, sorta like good makeup brushes. But I cannot spend $100+ on a knife right now, so I bought this $6.99 knife. It may not cut hot butter, but it's pretty! I also bought these:

Ok, I went a LITTLE overboard but they had all these COOL spice mixes--7 Seed Crust (pizza and bread, anyone?), Toasted Sesame Ginger (salmon, anyone?), Tuscan, Ginger, they are in these pretty little glass jars--I know, GLASS NOT PLASTIC--that I can TOTALLY reuse. Ok, I am so rationalizing this purchase but you know I will use them and they WERE cheaper than the $10 salt. I also bought this pot this week:

It's an enameled cast iron dutch oven. This version is the poor man's Le Creuset. I would LOVE a Le Creuset but, again, not in the budget to spring $300 on a pot right now. So I saw this RR version at Sam's Monday, then went back Tuesday and got it. And, yes, it is lime green.

What I'm Listening To:
Tonight, I heard an old favorite Keane song--This is the Last Time--and I had to come home and listen to it over and over. This song make my heart hurt.

The last time
You fall on me for anything you like
Your one last line
You fall on me for anything you like
And years make everything alright
You fall on me for anything you like
And I no I don't mind

What I'm Reading:
Haven't started anything new yet. Been up late working the last few nights.

What's On My Mind
Oh, I forgot about the house DRAMA this week. The window company said we would get our windows Oct. 3--a ways off but manageable. Then, they emailed and said it would be OCT. 17. OH HELL NO! I pitched a big 'ol hissy fit. I mean, that would SERIOUSLY mess stuff up. I would get my money back but it would mean starting over which wouldn't exactly help things. They are trying to move my date back. Try hard, mo-fos, try hard.

What's My Meem:
Today, is all about clothing....

What is your favorite kind of clothing to wear?
Anything knit or polar fleece. And cashmere. Basically, anything soft that feels good against your skin. I'm very tactile.

What's your least favorite?
Control top pantyhose and heels. Basically, anything that binds or constricts.

Do you have any memories surrounding clothing?
Lots. I often remember exactly what I was wearing on momentous days. For example, I remember exactly what I was wearing on 9/11 and I never wore that particular outfit again after that because of the memories.

I am pooped, peeps. Too many late nights. I am READY for the weekend. Have a good one--I'll be back soon!

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