Saturday, September 13, 2008

Certainly Saturday

Yo, yo, peeps! It's been a busy but productive day and there's still more to come, so let's get this kicked off.

First, unfortch not much progress was made on Casa Bunny yesterday. They hoped to get the subfloor done, but it started raining :( so that did not happen. However, they did get the joists down, so here is where we are now:

Yeah, that's gonna be a big 'ol room, y'all. Of course, it better be for all the $$$ we are shelling out. If all goes well, it should all be studded out by the end of next week. My worry is our windows and door will not come in time, but there's not lots I can do about that now.

So, yesterday was just sort of grey and quiet and all around a low key Friday. The hubs and I went to dinner and get groceries last night. Then, somehow, we did not get into the bed until really late. This morning, the hubs had the fall garden expo for Master Gardners so I tooled out that way and got a truck load of mulch. Then I can home and worked in the yard. I planted English peas, more broccoli and more carrots. My earlier broccoli and carrots are showing no signs of life, but my sugar snap peas and cukes seem to be doing ok. Thu hubs also got me some cilantro, which is a cool weather herb, but I wish I'd had it to make salsa during the tomato bonaza days.

This afternoon, the hubs and I gots all the mulch off the truck then spread it around in the backyard, so I am a bit pooped right now. And on my second LARGE glass of red wine. Tomorrow, we are going to take down the wallpaper in the kitchen. Woo-hoo. Don't we know how to have fun??

What I'm Cooking:
I FINALLY cooked tonight--slider burgers, the good roasted potatoes and baked beans. We were SO hungry after working outside. Here are the burgers--I love them--they are so CUTE:

And tasty! Especially on those yummy Hawaiian rolls.

I also made TOMATO salad with the (almost) last of the tomatoes:

Tomatoes, olive oil, red wine vinegar, pepper, fresh basil, and $10 salt. I will miss the tomatoes though peeps. They were great while they lasted.

What I'm Listening To:
When the Stars Go Blue by Tim McGraw. I love this version of this song best of those I've heard. I think Tim has the right touch of twangy-whiney voice to really set this song off.

What I'm Reading:
Finished One Mississippi. It took a somewhat disturbing and dark turn toward the end so I didn't really like it very much. I am moving onto something lighter next--Walking in Circles Before Lying Down.

What's On My Mind
Why didn't those people along coastal Texas get the hell outta dodge with Ike on the way? Seriously. Officials said "you will face certain death." Not kinda death. Not maybe possibly death. Certain death. According to the dictionary, the synonym for "certain" = "inevitable." LEAVE STOOPID! I swear, if I was on search and rescue, I would just refuse to pick them up. Seriously.

What's My Meem:
Apparently, the maker of Hershey's chocolate was born today, so today's meem is about chocolate.

Do you like chocolate?
I like the flavor but I don't eat chocolate candies or candy bars. Not a chocoholic at all. In fact, I don't think I have ever eaten a full-size candy bar.

What is your favorite kind of chocolate?
Chocolate ice cream.

Have you ever been to Hershey Park?
Nope, but the hubs has.

So, that's all for now. Off to watch disk 2 of The Office. Season 4 just came out and the hubs and I are living for Saturday nights! See, we're SO cool!

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