Monday, August 11, 2008

You Say Ta-may-toe

HOLY CRAPOLA! Remember back when I was all whiny and pitiful because my tomatoes were not coming in but were just languishing on the vine, laughing at me in their greeness and non-growth?? Well, be careful what you cry over. Take a look at this:

Yeah. I know. That's an 'effin lot of 'maters, peeps. And there are that many more on the vine. And while it's an issue, it also makes me very, very happy. We have already had gazpacho for lunch today (and tomorrow). Tomorrow night is stuffed tomatoes. Then I am planning brushchetta and fresh salsa later in the week. And maybe just a good 'ol 'mater sam'ich. THIS is what I love about summer. Fresh fruit and veggies. Sigh.

Then, today when I was out in the garden, it was just overrun again with butterflies and hummingbirds and bees because of all the flowers and veggies. So I snapped a few photos with the digital and look at this:

Isn't this BEAUTIFUL? I mean, I just pointed and clicked but this is like professional-worthy. The color. The details. But I had nothing to do with it--it's just the great awesomeness that is Mother Nature and God. It's lovely. Just lovely. I hope you enjoy.

I love life right now. And I love all of you. And, no, I'm NOT drinking.

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