Monday, August 25, 2008

A Monday Damper. And It's 4 Months 'Til Christmas.

Well, it hasn't been the best of days, but let me back up a little first and recap the weekend.

On Saturday, I slept a little late then decided to poke around in the yard. It was overcast and breezy so it was a great day for working outside. First, I was estatic to see this:

PEAS! Woot! My peas are coming up! Still no carrots though. I think this weekend I am going to try the carrots again and also plant my broccoli (the seeds finally came). And maybe some more peas. I have plenty of carrot seed so I will keep trying until there is none left. Watch me have like hundreds of carrots in a month or so and be here cursing them!

Then, I decided to tackle the monster lantana:

Seriously, I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but this lantana had grown again to mammoth proportions of like 10 feet x 10 feet or something crazy like that. Anyway, it had to be cut back because it had completely overgrown the path and, once they rip off our front porch, the back door, and adjoining path, will be our entryway to our home for the next several weeks.

After playing gardner, I rested, read and did some freelance work. Saturday night was again dinner and a movie, and we got to bed later than we should so we were lazy arses and skipped church Sunday. Bad. Anyway, we WERE able to drag ourselves to the W-S class which, this week, was olive oils. Little Jake did this cool tasting like a wine tasting. Really, it wasn't gross because you spit it out. I thought it was SO interesting. So did the hubs. And the recipes, again, were great. Little Jake even made olive oil ice cream! It was da' bomb! If I didn't already have a part-time job, I think I might have to work there a little for the discount. I could SO be a cooking idiot if I wanted. I really love it. It's the art, the creating, and then, the eating!

Sunday afternoon was my nephews b-day party which was fairly low-key and then home for more work last night. I have several projects perking and am a little stressed. Today was work, work, work, and making some calls about the remodel. Tomorrow we are going to go get our building permit and, I swear peeps, nothing better happen! And hopefully by Thursday, construction may begin!

Today, it was gloomy and rained all day but we need it so bad, I'm not complaining. The hubs stripped our living room down to nothing in preparation for the remodel. After all, they are going to be ripping off our ceiling and we are worried about things accidentally getting broken so we are just going to take everything down and live in plainess for a while.

We did get some crap news today--the hubs has been having vehicular woes and we took his car in and, ouch, it's gonna be a $700 repair. Woo-hoo! More money to spend this week! Anyway, the bright side is it's fixable and will hopefully keep the car in running order a while longer.

What I'm Cooking:
Saturday night, we had the Saturday night special:

Yup. Grilled steaks, those great potatoes and a salad. The twist this week was the salad--it's Panzanella Salad (bread salad), a W-S recipe from the Summer Salads class. It is day-old(s) bread, TOMATOES, cukes, onion, basil, red wine vinegar and olive oil. Yum!

Last night, we indulged in leftovers of bread and orzo salad and the remainder of the yellow gazpacho. I forgot to take photos, but tonight I made this GREAT chicken enchiladas recipe that include cream cheese and heavy cream. Hell, they HAVE to be good, right?? Anyway, I also made fresh pico de gallo with TOMATOES to go with and it was all good.

What I'm Listening To:
Right now, Hope for the Hopeless by A Fine Frenzy. This is a beautiful song--look at these lyrics:

cold in a summer breeze
yeah, you're shivering
on your bended knee
still, when you're heart is sore
and the heavens pour
like a willow bending with the storm,
you'll make it
there's hope for the hopeless

The lead singer, a female, delivers the song perfectly, building to a soaring end. It's a great, great song. I loves it.

What I'm Reading:
Still reading The Rest of Her Life by Laura Moriarty. Not LOVING it, but it ain't bad. I am waiting for a surprise twist or something to touch me. Right now, I am having a hard time relating to any of the characters.

What's On My Mind
KK spent much of the day indoors since it was rainy. Here is a sweet pic of her sleeping:

Other than that, I am just overwhelmed with all things remodel right now. I am praying for Christmas, which is four months from today!, because by then, it should all be over and we, hopefully, will be settling in.

What I Don't Know About Bunny: The Daily Meem
Since it is a rainy day, today's daily meem is about rain:

Do you love the rain . . . or hate it?
Love it. Though I hate what it does to my hair. And I also hate driving in it.

Have you ever sung, danced or simply played in the rain?
Yes. On more than one occasion.

What do you like best about a rainy day?
I like best to curl up with my cashmere throw and a good book in a comfy spot and savor the sound of a serene shower.

So have a good one! Again, keep us in your prayers tomorrow and for the next several months!

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