Monday, August 18, 2008


Damn skippy. Only $150 and eight weeks later, but we can start our remodel. Now I feel sick because I have so much to do. But happy. And if some m-effer protests the ruling in the next 5 days, I will hunt them down like a baby-killing rapist. But I am sure it will be fine! Anyone want to come help me pack up my breakables??

So, anyway, the rest of Saturday was pretty calm--reading, relaxing, eating, watching a movie. Sunday, we went to church and then went to the "Summer Salads" class at W-S. It was great--more good recipes. Then, we came home for naps and while the hubs cleaned the house, I worked. But last night, we did creep out for a Bruster's ice cream. YUM! I can't wait for the fall flavors esp. all the pumpkin ones.

Today, the hubs was at home and we had lots of stuff going on plus I was trying to work. Then came our hearing and, after our approval (which, BTW, took about 5 minutes. What a crock of rubber stamp BS that was!) we decided to celebrate a little by eating out Chinese. So, here I am at bedtime and overwhelmed with everything that needs to happen in the next 2 weeks or so--order siding, order a door, order windows, get our building permit, pack up our breakables, etc. etc. We just didn't want to do anything until we were A-OK. So now it starts. Pray for me.

What I'm Cooking:
Saturday night, I grilled steaks and made bread and TOMATO salad. Imagine that! I used an heirloom called Gold Medal. It's a little freaky looking--see:

It's yellow with red "stripes". But it looks sorta cool cut up. I sliced it then drizzled it with olive oil, red wine vinegar, $10 salt, fresh ground pepper and crumbled blue cheese. Look:

Yummy, right? It was extra special sopping up the juices and cheese with my FRESH BAKED BREAD:

A little less floury, a little more golden. I think I am getting there.

Sunday night, I made veggie quesidillas and fresh TOMATO salsa which was quite good. Today, we had TOMATO sandwiches for lunch. I am freezing more TOMATOES tonight for future sauce. Whew! It's hard work making sure none of those buggers go to waste.

What I'm Listening To:
Nothing right now, believe it or not. Been a quiet weekend for music. BUT Builder Man said today he could wire us for sound. Surround sound. WOOT-WOOT!

What I'm Reading:
Finished The Last Time I Was Me by Cathy Lamb (ehh, it was ok--tried to hard to be funny and hip) and started another Elizabeth Berg--Open House.

What's On My Mind
Why does the BUSIEST weekend of the month so far have to be THIS weekend?? Anyway, we will get the remodel all done then have a HUGE party! But, really, pray for us. Seriously.

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