Saturday, August 16, 2008

Welcome to the Weekend: The Extended Version

Well, I know I have been a bad blogger this week but, as I mentioned in my last brief post, I have been a little blue and haven't felt well. But I feel better today so I am going to try to catch you up on all things Bunny today.

Let's see--well, seems I have a LOT of catching up to do since I have not really blogged since last Sunday. Well, basically, this week was a bunch of work and not a whole lot of anything else. Monday night, the hubs and I went to Sam's and got a membership. I think I have the hubs buying into the whole bulk/cheap eats. I have found the only bad thing about bulk is storing it. Oh yeah, and eating it fast enough. But the bread at Sam's is like $1.50 and it's double that at the grocery store. So, we'll just be eating lots of toast. I like peanut butter toast with bananas for breakfast--it's filling and has fiber, protein and fruit!

Last night, I went to Folk Fest, a big folk art show in Atlanta. This was my fourth year and one of my good friends went with me and we had a great time. I had never been on opening night and it was SO MUCH better--no crowds, pick of the art, good times. Here's what I bought:

Another S.D. Meadows piece, to round out my collection to three. Because we all know you must have things in threes or fives. Here's the three pieces together:

Now, I ain't gonna hang them this way but it's just where the nails are for now. I do, however, think they look fabulous together.

This is another S.D. Meadows piece. Remember spoon man? Well, this is ladle lady. I just LOVE this art--it's so full of whimsy and so creative.

Here is another C.M. Laster piece--I am keeping with my theme of faith/religion pieces from him, however, while I do love his work, I feel I may have tapped out with him. These are my favorite of his pieces and I have plenty now. He is still a nice man and very creative. Look at his van:

Seriously. That is the Laster family ride. Sorta cool but something only an artist could get away with.

I had to buy something from someone new and I just liked this. It wasn't much at all and, though it does not look like my girls, I like the way the dog is rolling his eyes.

I also wanted to buy a piece from this artist--Robert Rodenburger--but when I went back, someone had bought the piece I liked. M-effer. I also looked at this print by him:

I am sorta kicking myself now I did not get this (I downloaded this from his website). One reason I didn't get the print is I would have had to have it framed. I still have some art I bought LAST year at Folk Fest I have yet to have framed. I mean, I bought these two pieces for $40 (for both) and when I went to look at framing, it was going to cost $400+!!! Um, HELL no! So, for now, those are sitting in my closet. But I digress. My friend said this looked lonely, but I thought it was beautiful--the three trees together, facing a golden sunrise. It looks like love and hope to me. Then, I saw the name of this piece is Trinity. Cool. I saw lots of pretty things and wished I could have taken photos to show y'all all the things I loved but we thought maybe the artists would not like that, ya know.

So this morning, I was up and out in the garden. It was a glorious morning--overcast and relatively cool. I planted my seeds, which came this week--cool weather cukes, sugar snap peas and carrots. My broccoli was backordered. I hope they come up but I won't cry too much if they don't--I will only be out a few dollars for seed. But it will be cool to see if they do anything esp. the peas and carrots. And, Lord Jesus, look at the tomatoes--STILL:

This is just what I picked this morning. 40+ tomatoes. Seriously. Mostly Romas. I mean, I cooked all kinds of tomato stuff this week (see below) and even froze some sliced Romas and gave some away and we were down to like 7 tomatoes, and now this. Wow.

What I'm Cooking:
Tomatoes. Um, Tomatoes. And, oh yeah, Tomatoes. Well, as you know, last Sunday I made traditional gazpacho, then once we ate that, I made yellow tomato gazpacho. It was so pretty, but I forgot to take a photo. And I made stuffed tomatoes (stuffed with Italian sausage, onions, mushrooms) twice. It has been all about the tomatoes this week. I even had a tomato sandwich today for lunch--look:

I thought that kinda looked luscious and I have been bad about taking food photos this week. So, tonight we are going to have a repeat of last Saturday--steak, Insalata (that would be TOMATO) salad, fresh baked bread. I have had bread dough made and in the fridge all week but have yet to make any. I thought I would make foccacia again, but I am out of "good" olive oil. I bought some the other day at the grocery store but I don't love it very much. But I do love my $10 salt:

Make fun if you will, but this salt is great! This is some salty salt too! You don't need but a pinch. It's not cooking salt but more "bring out the flava" salt.

What I'm Listening To:
Right now, Housequake by Prince. This is an awesome song! "Shocka-locka boom. What's that? Aftershock." Ha. "Shut up already. Damn."

What I'm Reading:
Finished the Elizabeth Berg book and have started on The Last Time I Was Me by Cathy Lamb.

What's On My Mind
Ok, so I hope this longer post makes up for my bad posting this week. Tomorrow, I have another W-S class--Summer Salads--so I am looking forward to that. Right now, I need a shower and then I may relax and read a little while. So far, it's a good weekend. Hope you are having one too!

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