Monday, August 04, 2008

A Perfect (Culinary) Storm

**This post has been delayed because Blogger wouldn't let my photos post last night! Enjoy today though!

Ok, peeps--I just realized I should have posted LAST night but, oh well, sorry. Not that there is lots to tell--this post is gonna be all about the pics.

First of all, the hubs was off Saturday, Sunday AND today so we've been all up in each others bizness. Saturday, we went off and did errands in the a.m.--drugstore, dry cleaning, Home Depot for paint chips, etc. boring crapola. Then it was home for--yes I will admit it--naps. I guess we are just old farts because both of us have been down and out tired and in pain this weekend. I guess my ass better stock up on ibuprofen before this remodel starts or we are going to be SAD. Saturday afternoon, we cleaned and straightened around the house and, after dinner, watched National Treasure. I probably shouldn't admit this, but that was a GOOD movie! I really liked it and am renting National Treasure 2 for this weekend.

Sunday, we went to church, then home and the hubs went off with his fams antiquing while I worked on freelance work and read a little. That was pretty much it. Then last night, we watched October Sky which was also a good movie, but a little slow. Today has been work, work, work for me, though I did traipse out into the garden around lunch to pick the today's bounty and then, this evening, we went to Lowe's to look at yet more paint chips and we found a great bargin--a new dining room chandelier for $58! Woot! I hope we like it out of the box.

What I'm Cooking:
First, let's start with the strawberry cobbler I made Friday night--gaze upon this goodness:

Here's the closeup:

Then, Saturday night I made steak salad again--grilled steak and onions served warm over greens, cukes and tomatoes except THIS TIME I remembered the BLUE CHEESE:

Sunday night, I decided to make chicken fajitas so I threw up some boneless, skinless chicken thighs in this:

It was quite good--subtle yet flavorful. I grilled up the chicken with peppers and onions and served with yellow rice and black beans.

Today for lunch, we had chicken fajita quesadillas from leftovers, then for dinner, I made tuna orzo pasta salad:

This is a great summer recipe--light, easy to make, colorful and makes a TON. I made this batch with FRESH tomatoes, FRESH basil, FRESH bell pepper--all from MY GARDEN! And FRESH cukes from the garden alongside. And behold, bee-yotches--homemade bread from the Bunny:

This is a boule (boo-lay), which is French for something roundish, I think. I dusted a little too much flour on top, but the hubs said it was quite good for a freshman effort. And with butter on its hot goodness, it was even better. I was pleased as punch, indeedy-do.

The next three Sundays, I am going to be rolling up in Williams Sonoma to take some culinary classes--tomatoes, summer salads and all about olive oils. I am tres excited. It might not be the CIA, but it's FREE and I am terribly excited to see what they have to offer while getting out of the house. And did I mention they are FREE??? And that tomato class couldn't be timlier because FINALLY our tomatoes are coming in, of course all at once:

This is what was picked today. And we ate a few at dinner! That funny lookin' purple one is a Cherokee, which is a heirloom variety.

What I'm Listening To:
Right this minute, Superstition by Stevie Wonder.

What I'm Reading:
Well, I returned to The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets this weekend, and found myself liking it quite more than I did before, so I am trucking along on it.

What's On My Mind
Our garden is OVERRUN with butterflies! It's craziness! I counted like a dozen today between the butterfly bush and lantana. Look at this:

THESE ARE FROM OUR GARDEN! Not to be a big dork, but sometimes I am overwhelmed by nature.

Have a good week peeps! Be back for Hump Day Holla!

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