Sunday, August 10, 2008

Don't Hate Me Because I Am Boring

I know, I know. I should have blogged like two days ago. Fact of the matter is that it has been EXTREMELY event-free and pretty much boring around Casa Bunny. The sad thing is, for it to be so boring, the days have just whizzed by. I cannot believe it is creeping up on bedtime Sunday night!

Well, let's see, here's the breakdown of the past several days. Thursday was work, work, work then I went to meet with the hub's boss who I do some freelance work for and she treated us to dinner which was nice. We went to this BBQ joint and I decided on some Brunswick stew (it had rained Thursday afternoon and was practically chilly! ha!) which was excellent.

Friday was work, work, work except for a lunchtime jaunt to CVS. I have been playing the CVS game of extra bucks and am still trying to get the hang of it but I have figured out to get the best deals, go EARLY IN THE WEEK before stuff gets picked over. Then, Friday night was out to dinner (Mexican), groceries and a movie.

Yesterday was all about freelance work. I had THREE articles I needed to write, so I just hunkered down and knocked them all out. Yes, it sucks to work all day on Saturday, but oh well. Then, last night, I cooked dinner and we watched another movie--National Treasure 2, which was very much like National Treasure 1. The hubs said he liked this one better; I think I liked the first one better because this one just made the series formulaic. (is that a word?)

Today, we were bad (i.e. no church) and slept late then I got up and went to my first Williams Sonoma (to be referred to as W-S from here on) cooking demo. Jake, little cook person, did a good class and I learned several new things including some great-tasting recipes. He did a stuffed tomato with Italian sausage which I hope to try later this week. Lord knows we have enough tomatoes! Then, it was home to nap and read--I laid on the bed and read for like 2 hours. I was joyously blissful. I cannot remember the last time I did that and I needed it. Then I got up and cooked, so onto that...

What I'm Cooking:
Well, as you saw, Thursday and Friday night we ate out. Last night, I grilled steaks and served the good potatoes on the side along with Insalata Caprese (salad of tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil, balsamic vinegar). The highlight of the meal, however, was an awesome fresh-baked by the Bunny foccacia made from my bread mix with fresh rosemary (from our shrub in the yard; seriously, it's a freakin' shrub) and sauteed onions. Yum. So easy. I was pleased.

Today, I was all inspired after my cooking class and decided to come home and, after napping, whip up some stuff. So, first, I made gazpacho with fresh tomatoes, cukes and peppers, all from the garden, from a recipe I got today. I am not a HUGE cold soup fan but this soup was really good. I plan on baking up some fresh bread to go with.

NOTE: I went to Target and bought an immersion blender which is the BOMB--powerful, slim so its easy to store, easy clean up. It whipped that soup right on up. Little Jake had one but the W-S one was $100; Target was $40. I did, however, buy some $10 salt at W-S. I felt obliged. It was like when you go for a makeover and then feel guilty so you buy the lipstick. Anyway, the salt was sorta cool--these women in coastal France skim it out of the sea because the water is so salty, the salt just forms right on top of the water. See? Cool.

Speaking of which, I made me up a new batch of dough for fresh-baked bread this week so it's ready to go. While at Target, I also picked up an 8-quart plastic container for the dough. I didn't say, but my first go around, the container was a little small and the dough sorta rose up and out of the bowl. It was a mess.

After all that, I made dinner which was grilled pork chops served with grilled peaches (NOTE: Georgia Belles are TOO soft to grill really well), Kashi 7-grain pilaf (NOTE: This is new--I picked it up at Target too; the texture was really good and I think it would be great jazzed up with craisins and pecans) and a strawberry, pecan and blue cheese salad with a strawberry vinaigrette (another Target purchase) dressing. All quite good.

After dinner, I whipped up a peach cobbler, but just a half one. One disaster though--the top came off the cinnamon when I was sprinkling it in so a TON fell into the peaches. It will be quite cinnamony. I really like cinnamon--I just hope its eatable. Hell, who am I kidding? We'll eat that cobbler and scrape down the sides!

So, I am set with soup and bread for the week, plus lots of fresh tomatoes and peaches. Woo-hoo.

What I'm Listening To:
Right now, Battlestations by Wham. Yes, I am still loving on George. But I have also been listening to Garth Brooks Greatest Hits this week. He is so great. He did it right--make your money, go out on a high note, and retire.

What I'm Reading:
Year of Pleasure by Elizabeth Berg. And I made good headway today.

What's On My Mind
I ordered my fall veggie garden picks--cukes, broccoli, carrots, sugar snap peas. I hope they come this week so I can plant next weekend. I am excited about continuing the garden. It really isn't that much effort and fresh veggies are so great. I really like being all domesticy and am enjoying the garden and the food and cooking. I mean, if I'm gonna be fat, I might as well be eatin' GOOD stuff. My new domestic idea is to pick up a craft--I am thinking quilting. But I have to get through the remodel and get my house, and my life, somewhat in order.

I think this week will at least be a tad more exciting than last. I have a lunch planned, maybe a dinner. Next weekend is Folk Fest, a huge folk art show that I love. And I hope to get my garden planted. Then, a week from tomorrow is our remodel hearing. We received a letter in the mail yesterday saying the planning staff recommended approval. Damn skippy bitches. It better be.

Have a great Monday, peeps. I may not be back until Hump Day Holler, so have a good one!

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