Friday, August 01, 2008

I've had such a HARD DAY

So don't bring me down. Just give me a break, somebody give me a break now. Yes, that is all George Michael, peeps. The concert last night was the mother-'effin B.O.M.B. Slap yo' mama insane, off the hook, the chain and the wall, dudes. It has to be one of the best concerts I have even seen and certainly one of the best I have seen in a long, long time. I mean, it's great when you know every song but like two. Envision thousand of peeps singing "Careless Whisper" and "I'm Your Man." Yeah, good times were had by all. But let's back up to the start of the day.

I took the day off so the hubs and I could go settle some remodel stuff. Seems like the MO-FO eegits at the local county planning dept. decided to move back our hearing date AND NOT TELL US. See, we have to post this zoning sign on our property 15 says before our hearing. So the hubs came home Wednesday night and was all, "what's up with the sign in the yard?" And I'm like "what you talkin' 'bout Willis?" And he's all, "the sign's up dude." And it had that our hearing date was AUG 18 NOT SEPT 2.

So yesterday morning, I call little dude who "helped" me and said "little dude, wassup with the sign?" and little dude is like "yeah, they moved your date back, didn't they call you?" and I'm like "uh, no, if they'd called me, I wouldn't be calling you" and little dude says "well they were supposed to call and ask you if it's ok--is it like ok then?" and I'm like "don't you remember me sobbing in your office ASKING YOU TO MOVE MY DATE TO AUG 18?" MOTHER OF JESUS, HELP ME BEFORE I GO POSTAL ON THESE PEEPS!! So, yeah, we got what we wanted but we are unprepared now to start TWO WEEKS EARLY. Sigh. I swear if this doesn't kill me, I may kill somebody.

So the hubs and I started off to Atlanta to go look at windows and doors, and so I guess we've decided on what we are doing with those only the bad news THERE is door production is behind so it could take as long as 12 WEEKS to get our door. Sigh.

Then, we were off to the fabric shop which was happy news all around. The lady had found a great replacement for the chair fabric, our sofa fabric had come in, and everything was roses and sunshine and unicorns.

Then, we went driving around for two hours trying to find this person off CraigsList who had this buffet we wanted to look at. When we finally found them, the piece was put together all coddly-whoppered so we passed. I'm not sure about that CraigsList. I know people have found great deals but I think it's sort of like Marshalls or thrift shops and places like that--there are great deals to be had but it is probably more trouble than it's worth. If I took my time and the gas we spent yesterday and put with what they were asking for the cobbled-up Pottery Barn-esque, made in the mainland crap, I could have bought a nice new buffet. Well almost.

So then I came home to prepare for G.M. which meant a nap. Then off I went. My friend and I arrived at Phillips Arena to more good news--they had closed the upper section (read: bad ticket sales) and were moving everyone down to the lower level free of charge. And, hot damn, we gots CLUB LEVEL seats. SWEET! I mean, I love me some G.M. but U.S. arenas were probably a wee bit ambitious for him. After all, its been like 10 or so years since he's had an album out here. He should have went smaller venue or cheaper seats. But onto the show.

GEORGE ROCKED THE PLACE! First, his set was phenomenal. It was this super cool LED backdrop thingy. Look at this:

Awesome. And for an old fart, he's still got some action in those hips! However, we thought he should invest in some neck work--look:

See? But a little tightening on that neck, a month in a tropical locale and a 7 day liquid fast would make a WORLD of difference. But let me tell you, that man can still SING LIKE A MO-FO! His voice is like BUTTER, the full fat kind. He sang EVERY HIT, starting with Waiting, one of my faves and an ode to his return, and ending with Freedom. The only "hit" he did not sing was I Want Your Sex but I didn't care because I never liked that song much. More George rocking:

This photo and the one above are actually from last night. (I "borrowed" them all from the web but the other two are from other shows.)

It was a great, great show--a G.M. two plus hour hit parade. Everyone sang. Everyone danced. George was funny and humble and showed that he is a true entertainer. I think I love him more than ever before. I would definitely not miss a concert of his again. I mean, my ass is draggin' today from lack of sleep but it was all worth it. Give yourself a hand, George!

You Have Been Loved. Word.

What I'm Cooking:
Out last night before the concert. Out tonight because grocery night. But I DID make strawberry cobbler, bitches, and will be taking some pics of it to post so you can drool!

What I'm Listening To:
George, baby.

What I'm Reading:

What's On My Mind
I need to eat me some cobbler and get my arse in bed.

'Night, peeps!

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