Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hump Day Holla

Ok, so I am PMS and haven't had nearly enough caffeine today (I FORGOT to drink my coffee this morning! Can you BELIEVE??) so just bear with me because I am a smidge grouchy. Oh, yeah, and I am bloated like the Michelin man. So, like I was saying, a smidge grouchy.

So anyway, yesterday was pretty quiet for the most part other than the small (huge) part where I am concerned (freaking out) about all the crap I need to do for my remodel. So we are trying to get some siding samples, and finalize our window and door selections, and worry about the planning commission giving us more flack. Seriously. So my heart is palpatating and my stomach hurts but I am trying to stay focused on the end, if it ever freakin' comes.

Last night, I cooked up a storm, did some freelance work, went to bed and read. Today was more work and worry and then out to dinner with a close friend I had not seen in a while. I am thinking of turning in early tonight and just saying 'eff it to the work. One more day ain't really gonna matter, is it??

So, this morning, I did water the garden and look at the cukes I just planted Saturday:

Yeah, all four humps are popping right on up. Wouldn't ya' know? The last thing I really wanted is going gangbusters. No signs of life yet from the carrots or peas. I hope to get my broccoli soon so I can get it in the ground. FINALLY, the tomatoes have somewhat slowed production so that is good, but there are several left on the vine. I really like this gardening thing--it's sorta cool.

Anywho, I have had this photo for a while of the K-ster and wanted to share:

KK, jungle cat. Ha.

What I'm Cooking:
Last night, I grilled marinated chicken breasts--two in vidalia onion dressing and three in tomato bacon dressing, both courtesy of Kraft. To go alongside, I cooked this:

This, my peeps, is TOMATO bread pudding. Another creative TOMATO dish. It was quite good--tomato sauce with all kinds of seasoning poured over day(s) old bread cubes and baked, then topped with parmesan. I think I had a little too much sauce/not enough bread though because it seemed a tad too wet. But very good overall. Sorry I forgot to take a photo BEFORE we dug in--it was pretty too. We had this and steamed broccoli with the tomato bacon marinated chicken.

I also made golden gazpacho again:

I know this photo makes it look a little baby-shit gold, but I SWEAR it is SO pretty in a nice bowl with homemade croutons and a little topping of goat cheese. And SO SO tasty. YUM! And, you know, it's more TOMATOES.

Today for lunch I made a new favorite--whole wheat spaghetti topped with a heaping spoonful of chunky peanut butter (natural variety) and sprinkled with lime basil (basil that smells just like limes! it's awesome!). Today I also added a little of the vidalia onion grilled chicken. It's very tasty. Like a poor man's Pad Thai.

As I said, tonight I went out to dinner but check back later--tomorrow will be something with baked bread and TOMATOES, no doubt.

What I'm Listening To:
Michael Jackson, Old School--Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground), Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough--you know, the good stuff before he turned freak.

What I'm Reading:
Still reading Open House by Elizabeth Berg.

What's On My Mind

Love this photo of the Pud. In your face, bitches! Suck it! Ha.

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