Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biden Our Time

Ok, maybe that was a lame-o title but it's the best I have right now with my raging headache. A friend said I needed to post about the Dem VP pick since I mentioned it in my last post, so I thought, "why not?"

Anyway, I don't think it will be a surprise to the 4 or 5 people who lurk here that I am, by all accounts, a Democrat. Like most peeps, I also have some conservative leanings (um, yeah, child molesters, baby killers, rapist and certain other criminals definitely need to die and I am not so sure about welfare. At the very least, it needs an overhaul.) But I digress. The main reason I am a Democrat is, based on what I have seen in my life, all the Republicans can seem to do when they are in office is f**k up our country. I mean. All I sayin' is think what you will about Clinton, but when he left office our country was prosperous and in ABSOLUTELY NO DEBT. NO DEBT. I don't even think there is a measurement to gauge how much debt we are in now. And NO WAR.

As it stands now, we are in a embattled and embittered Mideast conflict taking thousands of lives, the housing market is tanking, the economy is tanking, inflation is on the rise, fuel and gas prices continue to kill everything from grocery costs to school field trips to vinyl siding for your house (yes, I know this one first hand right now!). Honestly, it boggles my mind that ANYONE could vote for another 4 years of the SAME OLD SHIT or WORSE. Seriously.

As far as W, I personally don't think we have ever had a more inept, inarticulate and inexcusable leader of this country. HOW he has managed to evade impeachment eludes me. What he has done to this country is far worse than Clinton's little dalliance. Clinton may have gotten blown, but the entire country is taking it up the ass from W and his administration. A 7-year-old mentally challenged child could govern better than him. I mean. That's what is comes down to for me--I personally don't think the Republicans give ONE SHIT about the working class of this country. Do you not THINK that W and his oil buddies are rolling up in the money with the gas prices soaring? HELLO?? My only confusion is that to be so money-grubby, I don't understand why they can't do a better job budgeting. Of course, they don't care because it's not THEIR money. It's OUR money, our taxes to be specific. On yeah, and hefty loans from China. Expect Chinese to be spoken here soon is all I am saying.

Any way, I digress again. On to Biden. I think ANYONE Obama picked would have not made EVERYONE happy but I do think Biden is a smart choice. He fills the #1 gap in Obama's resume (foreign policy), he's relatively clean as far as scandal and he seems to have the respect of world leaders. But Obama-Biden have a long way to go. Here's some suggestions:

1) Right away, Obama needs to promise/allude to the fact that he is going to give Hillary a PLUM cabinet post. I say let her take Condi's place. That should help soothe the people who hate that Hill was passed over for VP. Besides, BO really OWES her that, esp. if Hillary rallies her troops behind the ticket. Seriously.

And I understand why Obama didn't pick Hill--the Clintons are very devisive--people love them or hate them. And they have more baggage than a Mori Luggage store. So, in the end, I was not convinced that a Obama-Clinton ticket would have been a "sure thing." But, OB, dude, do the right thing. Pride won't win you the election. Hillary's voters will.

NOTE TO HILLARY: Tell Bill to SHUT HIS PIEHOLE or you will DUMP HIS ASS which will gain you more favor than his current surly state. He's not helping you, himself or the party by playing the petulant child. I thought Bill was smarter than he's acting. I mean.

2) Address the criticism upfront. Obama needs to say "Yeah, I picked Biden because of his record. I want this party to win! I want the Republicans to suck it! And, hey, I think it should show that I am pretty smart to do so!" Biden needs to say "Yeah, I said Obama wasn't ready but the man has run a tough, tight campaign and over its course, I have changed my mind. Anyway who can run a campaign like this can run this country." And the ticket needs to say "We are still about change--and united we will bring the best change because peeps, we cannot endure another four years of the S.O.S."

3) Prove to us, all of us who are sitting on the fence, that you mean it, Obama-Biden. It's not just about politics. You love this country and want to make it whole again. You have a PLAN to straighten it all out. Let us know it will be hard, but we CAN be a great nation again that is RESPECTED and PROSPEROUS and a TRUE WORLD LEADER.

And, Obama, you may want to rethink that flag thing. It's pissing some people off. Seriously.

So, there's my two cents for now. Hey, if anyone from Obama's camp is googling him daily and reads this, give me a call! I have LOTS more ideas where these came from!

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