Friday, August 29, 2008

A B-Minus Week. Seriously.

Jesus, Joseph and Mary, has it been a week! Wow. Let's just start at the beginning. On Monday, as you know, we took the hubs car in and $785 later, got it back. So, that started things off with a bang. D+ for the day.

Tuesday, it POURED rain all day (thanks, Faye!) and we FINALLY got our building permit (but not before I gave myself an ulcer and IBS worrying about it the night before) so things appeared to be on the upswing. Then, Tuesday night, I had a nice dinner with a friend and came home to watch Hillary Clinton tear it up at the DNC. I don't care what people say, I love me some Clinton, 'kay?? I did wind up getting in the bed late though, so B+ for the day.

Wednesday, I had to drive to ATL for a work meeting. I pretty much hate driving and if I ever win the lottery, the first thing I am doing is hiring a driver. Driving Miss Bunny, yes, ma'am! I did, however, on my travels get to go to Fresh Market where I indulged in some (quite less expensive than W-S) olive oils. Wednesday night, I was pooped but I did make dinner (though I forgot to take photos!) of a nice Pomodoro pasta--simply noodles, fresh TOMATOES and basil with my NEW and VERY GOOD olive oil. Then, it was Clinton Part 2 as Bubba took the stage at the DNC. Again, say what you will, but that is one charismatic mo-fo. I mean. Can't we repeal the only 8 years thing and re-elect Bill? Again, late to bed, so a B day.

Thursday, we had to take Savannah for blood curves. Let's just say she's still all over the board with that. Sigh. And a NEW surprise--Wednesday night, I was petting her and felt something weird and crusty on the corner of her eye. Upon closer inspection by the vet, seems the Pud has a cyst:

Yummy, right?? We have this salve to put on it which Savannah just LOVES us applying. She just tries to give us love bites the whole time! So, anyway, guess what? If it doesn't clear up on it's own, she will have to have SURGERY! Yeah! I bet that will be cheap. So please pray for the Pud's eye. On a positive note (yes, there is a TINY one) it's not serious as far as impairing her vision or anything. Let's see, I will give Thursday a C+. (See below for my commentary on Obama's speech).

Then, today, we took the girls for grooms. And it was payday. Unfortch, I also found out we are already like $3500 OVER budget for the remodel. Seems I stupidly did not ask for a written estimate from our siding contractor and developed our budget on his estimate which was way under because he apparently priced the job on a lesser cost siding that we were preparing to buy. And we added cedar accent. And just a whole bunch of shit. So, I am all freaked out and my heart hurts because I am so stressed out. But I have faith it will all work out. Really, I do. Tonight, was dinner out and grocery store where I only spent $53 (thank the Lord because I am SO in the hole for the week!). For Friday, I say a B-.

So overall, grade for the week: B-

What I'm Cooking:
Well, as you see above, it was out Tuesday, pasta Wednesday and out Friday. Thursday, however, I pulled one out of my butt, again to use up ingredients about to go bad:

Lettuce on the verge of slimy, mozzarella with the mold cut off, TOMATOES with bad spots cut off and some boxed shrimps, drizzled with olive oil, red wine vinegar and $10 salt, which makes EVERYTHING better! Ha! Pretty! And yummy!

After dinner, I decided to get busy and made a peach cobbler AND a vat of homemade TOMATO sauce which I stuck in the freezer. I hope it thaws out well later. I have really tried to use ALL THE DAMN TOMATOES! I hope in a few weeks I will be complaining about all my peas.

What I'm Listening To:
Right now, L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole.

What I'm Reading:
Still reading The Rest of Her Life by Laura Moriarty. SORRY! I was watching the DNC all week.

What's On My Mind
Politics. Ok, I started out a Hillary supporter. As a woman, I loved the idea of a female prez and I think she is an incredibly smart human, a great orator and motivator, and really cares about the middle class of this country. So, I was a little bummed when Obama pulled ahead and, honestly, I had not warmed to him very much. So my watching the DNC was in hopes I would be voting Democrat not just to be voting against Repubs, but because I believed in the candidate.

First, let me say that I have more respect than ever for Hillary Clinton. I cannot even imagine how much pride she had to swallow, followed by eating shit with a knife and fork, to do what she did Tuesday night. She put it all up for the party, peeps.

Secondly, Bill Clinton threw DOWN the gauntlet then picked it up and knocked W over the head. But if ANYONE has the RIGHT and ABILITY to call out W, it's Bubba. After all, W has 150% effed up everything B. did while in office. I would be PISSED if I was Bubba.

Thirdly, Obama did not disappoint. I turned off the tv last night happy and satisfied with the Dem nominee. He was forceful, articulate, smart, straightforward--how refreshing after 8 years of a moron. Seriously. I am just going to pray every day until November 4 that he can pull this out, or I truly believe we are all in a shit-pot of trouble.

Lastly, WORD to McFarty McCain: That VP STUNT today was so TRANSPARENT. What WERE you and your peeps thinkin', grandpa? You put an inexperienced little twit possibly one heartbeat away from the White House, and, God knows, that's about all the beats you have left. Though you obviously think otherwise, one vagina is NOT equal to another, you stupid old douche. One her VERY BEST DAY EVER, Miss Alaska would not even be able to come within 100 miles of Hillary. I mean. And you better be 'effin glad Hillary ISN'T the Dem VP because she would WIPE THE FLOOR with Little Miss BP Exec Wife. Seriously.

PS, check out mine and the hubs FAVORITE DNC speaker:

"I Cain't Do It!"

Ok, so, there's my political rant. I CANNOT WAIT until the debates. Ha! My next two months will be filled with politics and remodeling.

I will try to be back soon--lots going on this weekend--getting haircut tomorrow, yard work on Sunday (got to plants the broccoli!) and staining cabinets Monday. Other remodel prep. Clean the house. Sounds like lots of fun, no? Oh, and Aunt Flo should be showing up anytime now. Anywho, be good, be safe, and please say a prayer for me and for the Pud.

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